10 most expensive signings

If you believe the old English proverb, can harm humans sticks and stones, but not the words. However, the words still have one unpleasant property: written by a famous person, they can be extremely expensive. Sometimes a piece of paper on which hastily scrawled a few letters, is truly priceless.

Below are the 10 most expensive signings since the ink of the invention.

William Shakespeare

10 most expensive signings

Price: from £ 3 million (about $ 4, 65 million)

For many century historians, literary critics and ordinary readers struggling with the so-called "Shakespearean question": because the biography of the playwright is very vague, his identity remains a mystery. If you believe the inventors of bold theories, under the pseudonym "Shakespeare" might be hiding poet Christopher Marlowe, Count Edward de Vere, the philosopher Francis Bacon and even the Scottish Queen Mary Stuart. In light of this, the authenticity of Shakespeare autographs must be in doubt. Nevertheless, each of the six known today bizarre the signatures Shakespeare on official documents such as a mortgage on real estate, valued at a fabulous price. Since Shakespeare's autographs are of great scientific interest, wait for them to appear on the auction is unlikely to.

John Lennon

10 most expensive signings

Price: $ 525 000

Album Double Fantasy, written by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1980, waiting for a commercial success - primarily because soon after the release of the musician was shot by Mark Chapman. As one of the evidence that established the fault of Chapman, the investigation used a copy of Double Fantasy, which Lennon signed at the request of the killer. The disc was found in a flower tub next to the house where the former Beatle lived with his wife. However, this evidence was subsequently withdrawn and repeatedly outbid wealthy fans Lennon. Now the record is signed by the disposal of the auction Moments In Time. His staff report that the new price for the auction of at least one and a half times higher than the previous record set in 2003.

Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe

10 most expensive signings

Price: $ 191,200

Marriage of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio lasted less than a year and has been terminated, including her husband, because of violent jealousy. Loud divorce put on the ears of the whole of America: unconditional minions of fortune, the iconic baseball player and the most desirable woman mid XX century, many seemed the perfect couple. Their attempt to restore relations in the early 1960s was greeted with jubilation. A symbol of the reunification of the alleged actress and athlete became baseball, where they left their signatures. Valuable artifact was sold in 2006 at an auction Heritage Auction Galleries. There is another double ball autographed by the former spouses, but it appears the real name of Marilyn Monroe - Norma Jean, so its price was only about $ 50,000.

Albert Einstein

10 most expensive signings

Price: $ 74,324

One of the most famous portraits in the history of mankind was made by an employee of the news agency United Press International Arthur Sasse in 1951 at Princeton University, where Albert Einstein was celebrating his 72th birthday. Sass suggested scientist smile at the camera, and that his tongue. After the photo was printed, the Nobel Prize winner, presented it to his friend, Howard Smith, after making her inscription: "You will like this gesture, because it is addressed to all mankind. Citizen can afford something that would never dare policies. Your loyal and grateful listener, A. Einstein. " Smith was a successful television and radio journalist, and his transfer liked scientist.

Jimi Hendrix

10 most expensive signings

Price: £ 41,000 ($ 63,550)

Among collectors of things that have a particular relevance to Jimi Hendrix, is not considered uncommon online shops and auctions are literally teeming with yellowed by time, tickets for his performances, playbills, posters and concert programm. The price of these items usually do not exceed $ 1,500. Autographs Hendrix are much more expensive, but also considered a hot commodity, especially in recent years when there was a change of paradigms music, rock and derivatives yielded the palm electronics championship. Although the authority of the legendary guitar virtuoso remains unquestioned, the holders of its signing in a hurry to part with them, for fear that a new generation of artists can overthrow the old ideals.

Jesse James

10 most expensive signings

Price: $ 51,240

In the second half of the XIX century in the cities of the American South at every corner sported a photograph of a young man with a high forehead and cold eyes - criminal Jesse James. His name resounded on all US price on his head has been assigned substantial reward: James and his gang hunted robbery - robbing banks and trains. In modern popular culture bandit is considered to be a positive character, and many still believe that the stolen money from the rich, he gave to the poor, in fact all the profits divided among robbers gang members. Not surprisingly, the only known picture of James historians with his dashing stroke has been sold for a considerable sum in 2011. For comparison: in 1882, post-mortem photo of James sold for $ 2-3.

John F. Kennedy

10 most expensive signings

Price: $ 38,837

November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy arrived in Dallas as part of his election campaign. The President and his wife settled in the upscale hotel "Texas". Going to the next formal event, Kennedy met in the hallway maid named Jen White, who, shy, handed him the latest issue of the local newspaper The Dallas Morning News requested an autograph. Kennedy willingly signed across his own pictures, printed on the front page. A few hours later he was killed. A real rarity, by chance happened to be in the hands of a modest maid, after almost 50 years, was bought by the famous art collector Joseph Maddalena, who admitted that for an autograph Kennedy would not regret any money.

James Dean

10 most expensive signings

Price: £ 12,500 ($ 19,375)

James Dean - one of the most controversial figures in the history of cinema. Before still debate about what caused his posthumous popularity Stunning: whether a great talent, or by the fact of early tragic death. The personality cult of James Dean continues to this day: for him to shoot a documentary, writing books, and the current mods mercilessly exploited his image. Not surprisingly, the autographs, which are generously distributed actor in life, are in great demand - and not primarily among moviegoers with the experience, and among the many fans. At auctions periodically appear personal items James Dean. So, Jeans, in which he starred in the movie "Giant", was sold for $ 35,850 in 2006.

Princess Diana

10 most expensive signings

Price: £ 8,000 ($ 12,400)

Not only a representative of the government boasts of the people's love, comparable to that which was used by Princess Diana. The woman, whose image was not marred by any divorce or questionable circumstances of death, took third place in the ranking of one hundred greatest Britons, second only to Winston Churchill and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Official meetings with the participation of Lady Di always ended ritual autograph session: even being dead tired, she tried each pay at least a few seconds of your time. Once a year, on Valentine's Day Diana signed postcards for single representatives of the staff of the royal possessions. Valentine addressed to the waiter, George, was subsequently put up for sale.

Neil Armstrong

10 most expensive signings

Cost: $ 11 900Cmert Neil Armstrong in 2012 was the largest loss. But prices for items associated with the person of the first man to set foot on the moon, it is naturally grown. This primarily affected autographs that Armstrong stopped giving in 1994 - after he learned that they are actively traded. Astronaut deeply angered that his sincere desire to please fans unwittingly gave rise to the whole business. And not always honest: the most enterprising forged signatures Armstrong and sold them as genuine without a twinge of conscience. But if you had a fake could only recognize the experienced collector, but now it is under the power and mere mortals - thanks to the book by Anthony Pitstsitoly "Looking for Neil Armstrong's autograph."