14 hours in Hong Kong

When we bought plane tickets to Vietnam, how many people, looking for the most favorable options. With the number of undecided pretty quickly, but then the fun began. It turned out that the cheapest way to fly with one change (but with two and three, contrary to expectations, even more expensive than those without). Had to choose: Emirates and 3, 5:00 in the Dubai airport (visa in the UAE - is not too easy and cheap, and 2 hours still can not get out) or Cathay Pacific and 9, 5:00 in Hong Kong (Hong Kong for up to 14 days visa is not required for the Russians, and you can go to the city without any problems).

Of course, we could not resist the temptation to kill two birds with one stone, and in the framework of a trip to visit additional countries, albeit hurriedly escape velocity. Flying with a connection in both ends, so get two days in Hong Kong. But the exit and entrance to the airport will take some time, so walking is certainly not on the 9, 5 hours and hours of 6-7 (according to the clock in the camera). First time - morning, day, second - day, evening.

14 hours in Hong Kong

Hong Kong staggering. The only thing that comes to mind in response to the question: "And as Hong Kong?" it "cosmos." In that sense, it's something so transcendent, that in order to describe the emotions that arise when leaving the city, there are no words. Yes, even obscene (you do not forget that I have not been to a distant foreign countries). So that there is the city! Stay at the airport is already enough for the experience: scale, usability, light ... It's so huge and modern transportation hub that runs between adjacent terminals special unmanned train, called the horizontal lift. We ran frightened into it without thinking. But this strange gesture did not help us to get lost. In Hong Kong the airport everything is logical and convenient to do that there in my opinion if they wanted to get lost is almost impossible, in vain, that the inscriptions on the infidel. And Hong Kong people themselves! They are said to our friend, so "nyashnye" what if "anime ran away" - a lot of unusual (because Asians are quite different), beautiful people. Enough to roll on the horizontal elevator, and other moving walkways, we sat on the Aeroexpress train and after 24 minutes a fabulous trip with fantastic views from the windows, and laid down on the ears speed appeared in the city. We were surrounded by dissolving in the sky skyscrapers - all these famous building with round windows and oblique angles, familiar to me from the pictures in architectural magazines. We just met the dawn in the sky, but because the streets were still deserted. Trying not to much to move away from the subway, so as not to miss the bus flight to Ho Chi Minh City, we went to explore the city. Surprised by a huge amount of quiet and cozy parks and squares - when you are surrounded by tall buildings of a hundred floors, any tree is perceived as magical oasis of civilization in the ocean. But here there are real green nooks where you can escape the bustle of the streets. As such, you can completely forget that you are in a huge bustling city: fragrant flowers, songbirds, cool fountains ... But we certainly would like to see the city from a height. We have forgotten that we have advised and did not know what to do to escape. So we decided to go all in your path to high buildings. Surprisingly, almost every building is easy to enter - no need to leak through the turnstiles and explain to the guards, just walk into it. And all the locks and cards - directly at the entrance to the offices. But not every building has an observation deck, or at least affordable, spacious lounge with large windows. We were unlucky and our walk on the roofs over jogs on poluzapertym fire escape and pokatushkami on nimble mirrored elevators. We tried to ask people (Hong Kong people speak English), but all of us together were sent to some close to the mountain. To it still had to be on something to go, and before the aircraft was out of time, so we decided not to risk it.

14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, you can walk tens of kilometers, going down to the ground - a huge number of buildings connected to hanging in the air passages, and on major roads to make a real "decoupling" for pedestrians (we are only machines do ). But communication pipes in older buildings - all outside (because heat). And bamboo scaffolding! In skyscrapers, of course, made of metal, but we have seen quite a high building, surrounded by bamboo forests. Surprisingly, in Vietnam we did not meet, while growing bamboo saw. It does not grow it there or something large enough? Or a jungle far away, and take it from them in the city is expensive?

14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong

But the most incredible thing I've ever seen in Hong Kong, is the light. Here it is not just another, as in the whole of Asia. Here, the stone forest of skyscrapers, often glass, creates an infinite number of reflections and reflections, and the light turns some theater. Here comes the narrow shaded street people, and his face is lit ...

14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong

For that I fell in love the day after Vietnam, for I loved Hong Kong - the narrow lanes of the Asian-rynochke. You walk down a wide avenue of glass skyscrapers, you can see a narrow gap between the houses, squeeze it almost sideways and come across bright umbrellas and awnings street vendors, and around the smoke smell alljuminievye pots and dishes unknown. Only in Hong Kong this contrast more sharply felt.

14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong

By the way, we have seen a huge number of all kinds of air-cured and dried reptiles and mushrooms, and so wanted to try them all, but did not dare to - did not know what to ask, and sometimes do not understand, wholesale or retail trade in them. But all ate the local soup is cheap and delicious. And on the way back to the airplane-discovery magazine I read about the national drink of coffee, tea. It seems to me that this wild stuff, but really wanted to try. It turned out very nice. Now I think how such repeat home. Brew coffee and green tea add milk? But how about the fact that the coffee should be brewed with boiling water, and green tea in front of boiling water is not recommended?

14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong

And you can not, of course, forget streetcars and trolley! They are mostly two-story. I was even frightened at first when swept by such a transport, particularly on bends.

14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong 14 hours in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - a beautiful city in which you want to return. Perhaps not even once. Only the one hand, I want to stay there a little longer, to more to see and thoroughly studied. And on the other, I am for these two visits so used to sprints in this town that does not know whether a different wish. As I said, Hong Kong is staggering. But the emotion lasts a short time. Usually, on the second day to a new place and you start to get used to it is perceived quite differently. The following days and did give some sense of comfort and already have one, "Wow!", Which is the first day of meets around every corner. I also do not want to forget this cosmic maelstrom of buildings, people, trams, solar birds ... I'd like to come to Hong Kong swoop, one day, stopping each time in a new place (on the subway, for example). Staggering and hurry on a plane ... This city fits this rate.