18 disgusting food ingredients

News of such sickening ingredients like pink slime and ammonia (more about them later) made us wonder what other surprises lurk in the food we eat? We asked about food safety, and also asked him to food industry experts, and it was found that all types of materials that you would not put the volunteer in your mouth, are cleaned and processed into food. Here are some of them ... read at your own risk!

This does not mean that they are not safe to eat. Management of food control and Drug Administration and other organizations spend a lot of time and energy to make sure that you do not eat substances that pose a threat to your life. But the idea that something seems "simply wrong" is often not taken into account.

Here is a list of food ingredients, which occupy a high position in the ranking of hideousness indicator.

1. Meat mechanically separated

18 disgusting food ingredients

What it is: mechanically deboned meat is what remains after the meat adjacent to chicken or pork bones, passed through sitopodobnoe construction using high pressure. "It looks like paste or dough, - says staff attorney Scientific Food Safety Center Sarah A. Klein. - You are so comminuted pieces of bone, cartilage and other parts that, ultimately, they will eventually turn into a paste. "

Because of the risk of bovine spongiform encephalopathy in cattle (BSE), or mad cow disease, beef mechanically deboned meat is no longer permitted for human consumption.

Indicator hideousness: high.

2. Gelatin

18 disgusting food ingredients

What is it: Vegetarians, get ready, you'll be shocked! The same substance that makes jellies and other products based on gelatin wiggle produce collagen - a protein produced is usually from animal skin. Source varies depending on the type of food, says Ph.D., associate professor of animal sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Andrew L. Milkovskii (Andrew L. Milkowsi). In the desserts, e.g., added primarily gelatin from porcine skin.

Where he can meet you: Gelatin, which is a thickening agent, can also be found in the frozen cereals, yogurt, pastries, as well as some kinds of sour cream (check the label).

Indicator hideousness: high for vegetarians, low for everyone else.

3. Carbon monoxide

18 disgusting food ingredients

What it is: In the houses of carbon monoxide detectors installed for the following reason: This odorless gas is deadly. But the same stuff that comes out of the tailpipe of your car is used in the packaging of beef and some types of fish, such as tilapia or tuna. "It helps keep them fresh color, - said the deputy director of the organization Food & Water Watch Patty Lovera."

Where you can meet him: Carbon monoxide is pumped in a plastic bag after the air will be pumped to prevent the oxidation process, which can turn pink meat in brown. "The process is considered safe for humans, although it is no longer used as widely - said Lovera. - Consumers object to the processing capabilities to mask the spoilage of meat. "

hideousness factor: medium.

4. Shellac

18 disgusting food ingredients

What it is: Sweet Lovers, close your eyes: a beautiful, glossy goodies like pills expensive. It is often coated with shellac - a sticky substance derived from the secretions of female lacquer mealybug, an insect native to Thailand.

Where you can find it: Shellac cover drops, toffee and other candies with a solid gloss finish. On the package it may be listed as "confectionery glaze." So sweet, but such abominable. hideousness factor: Low.

5. download salt water

18 disgusting food ingredients

What it is: In the ocean, the salt water is what is necessary, and injected into the food? Believe me! Too much salt can increase blood pressure and cause other health problems, so the less it is, the better. But in practice, this method is used: the manufacturer introduces salt and other ingredients in the raw meat (usually chicken) to improve the taste and increase the weight of the meat, before selling it.

Where you can find it: in the packaged meat, but you'd better avoid it! Check the fine print on the packaging and composition. Meat, which is introduced in salt water, flavored, may be said to 10% solution or 15% chicken broth. Normal chicken contains from about 40 to 70 mg of sodium in 4 portions, while the pumped water may contain 5 or more times the amount, or 300 mg and higher.

Hideousness factor: High, for health reasons.

6. Viruses

18 disgusting food ingredients

What is it: Is not viruses are the cause of our illnesses? Well, yes, but bacteriophages - tiny bacteria-killing viruses - really help us bacteria lime. First approved for use in food in 2006, baktereofagi contaminate food, infecting microbes, not the person says Milkovskii.

Where you can find it: Manufacturers sprayed them in ready-to-eat meat and delicatessen products, which are sold in sealed plastic containers. Food baktereofagi there are 2 types: those who are struggling with E. coli, and other fighting with bacteria of the genus Listeria (only the latter is used for food, while the first - for the spraying of cattle.) Check the list of components for the presence of the words "pre-treatment bacteriophages ".

Hideousness rate: Low.

7. Ammonia

18 disgusting food ingredients

What it is: Ammonia is a strong-smelling chemical found in household products, but it is also used as a gas that kills bacteria in low-grade fatty beef tenderloin.

"Cut (meat animal) subject to formation of a greater amount of bacteria therein, - Lawvere explained. - Ammonia is used in the treatment process as a step in the destruction of bacteria. "

Where you can find it: This dubious practice began around 2001, and the final product - sometimes called pink slime - is used as a filler for ground beef.

Indicator hideousness: high.

8. Pink slime

18 disgusting food ingredients

What it is: Pink slime is the product obtained from pieces of meat, adherent to the fat, which are separated by melting fat and spin in a centrifuge.

Result - pinkish substance called lean finely textured beef, which gaseous ammonia is treated to destroy the microbes, and then added to the ground beef as a filler. In a large number of ground beef: in terms of money - 10 billion pounds per year.

Where you can find it: The last wave of discontent with this mixture raised by companies such as Wendy (Wendy's) and McDonald's (McDonald's), reported that their hamburgers do not contain pink slime, and are supermarkets like Safeway and Wegmans, declared that no longer will it sell. Schools participating in the National School Lunch Program, now have the opportunity to order beef without it, according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Indicator hideousness: high.

9. Bisphenol A

18 disgusting food ingredients

What it is: although the chemical bisphenol A, or of BPA, has been removed from most hard plastics (including baby bottles and mugs-neprolivaek), it can still be found in some of the insulating layer of containers, said Lovera. Where you can find it: it can be especially problematic with these canned products like tomatoes, said Lovera. We are talking about the fact that this substance seeps into the food.

BPA is associated with the brain, behavior and prostate problems, especially in embryos and children.

Indicator hideousness: high.

10. Castoreum

18 disgusting food ingredients

What it is: ready. This flavor composition, extracted from castor bag odorous gland male or female beaver, which is located next to the anus. According Milkovskii, this stuff is quite expensive (think, that most likely will have to do to get it), and is more common in perfumes than in natural foods.

Where you can find it: Although the name of this ingredient sounds absolutely disgusting, the Office for the quality control of food and drugs (FDA) states that in general it is recognized as safe. You will not find it on the labels of any food product, because it usually indicates just how natural flavoring. That's right, castoreum Natural - Natural abomination.

Indicator hideousness: the average.

11. The sodium benzoate

18 disgusting food ingredients

What is it: Have you ever felt tingling in my throat, taking a sip of soda or juice? It may be sodium benzoate. This is a common preservative, it is also recognized by the Office for the quality control of food products and pharmaceuticals generally safe, t. E. It should not be hazardous. That does not mean that you should not avoid it: a study published in 2007 in The Lancet, showed that a mixture of sodium benzoate and food coloring has been associated with hyperactive behavior in children, although it was hard to tell, dyes or preservatives are to blame.

Where did you find: soft drinks and other carbonated beverages, fruit juices and jams, salads, condiments and pickles. Indicator hideousness: the average.

12. Antibiotics

18 disgusting food ingredients

What it is: People take antibiotics to kill the germs. Livestock received antibiotics because growing bigger and faster - and thus more profitable.

Where you can find them: the main concern is the overuse of antibiotics in livestock production, a growing problem is resistance to antibiotics, said Lovera. Researchers are concerned about antibiotic resistance in bacteria in the external environment and animal products.

However, foodborne illness can result in bacterial resistance to antibiotics foods, given the ban on the export of turkey in 2011 (resistant salmonella), as well as the 2012 ban on the export of ground beef (and Salmonella).

Indicator hideousness: high.

13. Silica

18 disgusting food ingredients

What is the silicon dioxide is something that gets in your swimsuit and hair on the beach. What is affectionately known as sand, it is also found in foods. It is used in many products as an agent that provides fluidity and, in part, because he performs useful work, absorbing a small amount of moisture, which can cause the formation of lumps in some products, says Milkovskii. Ingestion of a small amount of sand on the banks never not harm you, and, presumably, will not hurt and at the dinner table.

Where you can find it: in the salt, soups, coffee and cream.

Index: Low.

14. Carmine

18 disgusting food ingredients

What it is: Yes, again insects. In your food. When it comes to food, the insects are not only suitable for a gloss. For coloring, they are also good, especially the red. Carmine - red food dye, which is produced by the digestion of cochineal - insects, which are a kind of beetles. It has been reported that the insect-based dye can cause serious allergic reactions in some people, including potentially life-threatening anaphylactic reactions, so now the Office for the quality control of food and medicines requires that the ingredients are clearly listed on the labels of food products and cosmetics.

Where you can find it: carmine can be found in ice cream, Skittles, Good n 'Plenty, lemonade and grapefruit juice.

Hideousness figure: tall, if you are a vegetarian, the average for all others.

15. Propylene glycol

18 disgusting food ingredients

What it is: This chemical is found in antifreeze (antifreeze), it's true. But as Milkovskii says, is "very, very safe material." In fact, it is much safer than its relative, ethylene glycol, which is especially toxic for dogs.

Propylene glycol has lubricity, which helps in the production of spices, not to mention condoms. And if you need a good mix some food ingredients, the substance is exactly what you need. "You will notice that substances that do not mix well in water, readily soluble in propylene glycol, - says Milkovskii".

Where you can find it: soft drinks, salads and beer

Indicator hideousness: the average.

16. Cellulose

18 disgusting food ingredients

What is cellulose obtained mostly from wood pulp and cotton, used in the manufacture of paper and sometimes added to food.

Where you can find it: cellulose is added to the grated cheese, to prevent it from sticking together, and it can be detected in ice cream. Find it, of course, and corn. "Cellulose is a completely harmless material - says Milkovski. - People can not digest it. "

Hideousness rate: Low.

17. Carrageenan

18 disgusting food ingredients

What it is: You eat seaweed? If you answered no, then get ready for a surprise, because carrageenan is everywhere. Extracted from seaweed, is a carrageenan gel used as a thickener and emulsifier.

Where you can find it: it can be put into the raw chicken or other meat to retain water as well as in dairy products such as cottage cheese and ice cream. Chocolate milk often contains carrageenan, in order to prevent separation of the cocoa with milk.

Indicator hideousness: low

18. The liquid smoke

18 disgusting food ingredients

What it is: We worry about smoke and eating too much smoked barbecue. We are also interested in that in general such liquid smoke? Liquid smoke produced by burning sawdust and fixation components in water or a vegetable oil, Milkovskii explained.

Where you can find it: this product can be purchased and added to sauces and other foods to give them, as you may have guessed, smoke flavor. If you're used to cook on an open fire, and it is not always possible, the liquid smoke is specially designed for you; manufacturers, of course, do not miss this sight. Liquid smoke is also added to foods for the barbecue, baked beans, sausages, bacon and dried beef, among other things.