For information on how to increase breast cancer: important information

It is believed that the lush and tightened his chest - a sign of femininity and beauty. Unfortunately, not all nature has awarded the magnificent bust, so many are wondering how to increase the breasts. Modern surgery successfully solves this problem, but that not every woman wants to deal with surgery. How to do without silicone and other possibilities of medicine and without weight gain?

How to increase the breasts naturally?

For information on how to increase breast cancer: important information

The answer is simple: the result is achieved using a special set of exercises. Thanks to him (in addition to achieving the main goal), you will strengthen muscles, improve skin tone and posture. Breast enlargement exercises, according to reviews of women, really real.

From words - to the point

- Lying on your back, put a foot on the floor. Take the dumbbell weight of 1 kg. Throwing elbows to the sides, raise the dumbbells up, then omit the chest.

For information on how to increase breast cancer: important information

- Lying on his stomach (preferably on a bench sport) with legs outstretched take dumbbells and simultaneously raise his hands to the sides straight, then we lower them to the floor. - Put feet shoulder-width apart. Increase the weight of dumbbells to two kilograms. In one hand we take inventory, the other holding the chair. Hand with dumbbells alternately goes down, then pressed to her chest. Elbow retracted.

- Lying on your back (on a bench sport) bent knees put on the floor. Take the dumbbells 2 kg. We turned them over his head, bending your elbows.

- Stand straight, holding dumbbells weighing 2 kg. Pulling the arms forward, palms up. Bend the elbows and pull the shoulders. Important: The hands should be in a horizontal position.

- Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, hold dumbbells in his hands. Pull straight hands to his chest and doing "scissors".

- Stand straight, resting his hands on the wall. Bend your elbows. At the bend in the elbow breed side and back. In parallel to sag, reaching for breasts to the wall.

For information on how to increase breast cancer: important information

Following the schedule, it is possible to achieve the desired

Perform a set of exercises worth 3-4 times a week, repeating 5-6 times each action. Showing the tenacity and perseverance, after a while you will see the result. For best effect simultaneously with exercises to massage the breast. In addition to increasing the bust, it supports the youth of the skin, cleanses pores, stabilizes blood circulation, increases the tone of the tissues, improving the appearance of the breast. Preventing stagnation, such procedures are the prevention of various diseases. How to increase breast cancer with the help of massage? How it works and what you need to do?

Massage increases blood flow to mammary glands, so they increase in volume. Sam massage is rubbing and stroking. It starts (and ends) procedure it with strokes (one minute on each breast). Use a light touch and massaging his knuckles. Everything is done smoothly and gently. Session Duration - about 4 minutes. This daily massage will solve the problem of how to increase the breasts. Not to have doubts about the correctness of his technique, it is necessary to consult with experts.