Hair color for brown eyes

We are so constituted that the image that we gave nature, no matter how beautiful he was, not for us. Man craves change. He was not satisfied with its own personality, balanced skin and eye color. And we are taking to experiment with their own appearance. This is especially true of women, who are always sure that no limit to perfection. Sometimes such experiments succeed, and sometimes we bitterly regret the fact that they dare.

Usually, the first thing we are going to change in its appearance - it's hair color. So we'll be sure to repaint. Here, above all, do no harm. Choosing the wrong color, you can add to his age or lose all the inherent attractiveness.

Hair color for brown eyes

A professional approach

To find a middle ground and not to spoil his image, it is advisable to consult with a stylist. He can suggest the most suitable hair color for brown eyes and help to determine the hairstyle. If the approach to changing the image of a professional, it will accentuate your beauty, really appreciated.

Hair color for brown eyes, combined with dark skin suit caramel or honey. Owners of the eye that color experts advise to do highlights. But this is quite a difficult and painstaking work only by professional artists. By the way, bleached locks of girls and women with this type of appearance, too, will be to face.

Hair color for brown eyes


If you decide not to use the services of a hairdresser, remember that hair color for brown eyes is best to choose chestnut, walnut, golden or honey. Be sure to pay attention to the color shade of the eye, before buying the paint. Hair color for brown eyes deep shade of tea, you can choose a dark brown or chocolate.


By the way, brondirovanie for owners of the eye is also nice. It is today the most demanded staining technique for women with dark hair. The roots are painted in a darker tone than the main color of hair, and the natural and the amount added to the lighter strands. It gives the hair a naturally slightly burnt in the sun. Note that after this coloring curls need the most careful care. Hair color for hazel eyes you can choose sand, amber or golden orange. In short, to face so the ladies will be all shades of fiery red color. If you have dark eyes and light skin, you fit caramel, gold and light shades of chocolate. Which hair color is right for brown eyes

Hair color for brown eyes

First of all, pay attention to the fact that the color of dyed locks should blend in perfectly with your appearance. Otherwise, you'll look vulgar. Brown eyes give wide scope to experiment with their own appearance. Brown is versatile and can look harmonious with a variety of hair colors. However, brown-eyed girls undesirable painted in blue-black brunette or blonde. In the latter case, a similar staining likely to look unnatural, and you will be very difficult to pick up make-up, and in the first case, a coloring you grow old.