8 sea cruises, which can not be forgotten

On the second Monday of October (this year on October 14) in the United States celebrate Columbus Day. The story of the great discovery of the human woven small disappointment: the Spanish royal couple promised the first to see a new land, a generous reward. However, the sailor Rodrigo de Triana, which is two in the morning saw the island, the money did not get - Christopher Columbus said he saw the coast before.

Here is a selection of unusual cruises, which will be remembered not less voyage of Columbus and is unlikely to disappoint.

Huge ship with a planetarium on board the

8 sea cruises, which can not be forgotten

Queen Mary 2

A ticket from New York to Southampton (a port city in the south of the UK) - from $ 699 per person

Cruise Queen Mary 2 is named in honor of the legendary ship, which was launched in 1934. Like the first Queen Mary, it transports passengers across the Atlantic - from the east coast of the US to Britain.

Queen Mary 2 at the time of the launching of 12 January 2004 was the largest passenger ship (now that status belongs to the Allure of the Seas). Its length is 345 m, the width at the waterline - 41 m, height - 72 m.

This huge cruise ship can accommodate 2,620 passengers. On board - its own theater with 1,000 seats, six restaurants, two movie theaters, and even the only planetarium in the water. Here you can walk among shops - right on board are selling jewelery, exclusive designer clothing and more. In the gallery exhibited reproductions of famous artists of the XX century, such as Dali and Picasso. The gallery is placed clients Photos: Pictures do Staged footage or remove passengers during the holidays. During the cruise, you can even practice playing golf: on board there is a computer simulator. But tennis courts quite real. Among the entertainment, there are theater performances from the Royal Court Theatre. Afternoon playing a jazz band and a string quartet, in the evening - dancing. The journey lasts seven or eight days.

In the container ship from Sydney to Britain and back

8 sea cruises, which can not be forgotten

Freighter Expeditions

From Sydney to the UK and vice versa - from the 6100 Australian dollars ($ 5,800) per person

Australian company Freighter Cruise came up with the original service - 84-day trip to the container ship. Along the way are caught New Zealand, the Panama Canal, Jamaica, Philadelphia, Rotterdam, Dunkirk, Le Havre, New York, Tahiti, Fiji. Floating on this boat are advised to stock up on books and films, as well as make friends with the team - the ship is sailing for weeks on the open ocean, where catches phone and no internet. However, to find a way to have fun is still possible. On board there is a room with a TV set and a DVD-ROM drive, a library, a gym, swimming pool.

When booking a ticket for a ride on a merchant ship, but it is necessary to specify the type and time of parking it in the intermediate ports. Container trucks sometimes unloaded-loaded in less than a day.

At the North Pole on an icebreaker

8 sea cruises, which can not be forgotten

The icebreaker "50 Years of Victory"

From Murmansk to the North Pole and back - from $ 25 000

This ship is put into operation relatively recently - in 2007. It has become one of the largest nuclear-powered icebreakers in the world (its length - 159 meters).

During the 13-day cruise passengers do not just watch the harsh northern nature. Upon arrival at the North Pole they organize a picnic. For a fee ($ 250) are also raised customers in a balloon. Who may ascend into the air in a helicopter during a voyage to look like a ship breaks the ice. Along the way, the ship passes near the archipelago of Franz Josef Land. The site marked "Important !!!" wrote that book well in polar expedition better year and a half before departure. For one to three months of free cabins, as a rule, no longer exists.

Galapagos Tours

8 sea cruises, which can not be forgotten

The yacht Cachalote

Cruise to the islands - from $ 2700

30-meter yacht Cachalote 2002 runs on the Galapagos islands. On board - own naturalist who hold Darwin's footsteps - only 8 cabins with shower and air conditioning, in which only 16 people, and the team can be accommodated. All cabins are equipped with plasma TVs and a private safe.

Christmas in Antarctica

8 sea cruises, which can not be forgotten

Cruise aboard the icebreaker "Akademik Vavilov"

Cruise 8 days - from $ 7390 per person

"Akademik Vavilov" - a ship belonging to the Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It was built for scientific purposes in 1988, so the 117 meter vessel is equipped with a variety of research equipment. Today it is used as a cruise ship, and with an eye to foreign clients: working travel language - English. The program - spending the night on the shores of Antarctica and a festive barbecue under the bright sky of the polar day. On board also held lectures and classes on the history of Antarctic exploration, its climate and nature, as well as a fitness room and swimming pool. Tourists are offered a number of cruise options, including Christmas.

Become a sailor on the legendary "Kruzenshtern"

8 sea cruises, which can not be forgotten

Sailboat "Kruzenshtern" From 630 euros per person

Sailboat "Kruzenshtern" was launched in Germany in 1926. At the end of the war, he went to the Soviet Union, where he overhauled and became a research vessel. Since 1991, the "Kruzenshtern" - a training sailing ship of the Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy. Every year, it goes around the world trips and sailing more than 400 students. In addition, the "Kruzenshtern" is involved in sailing regattas and serves as a cruise ship.

Bored during the cruise is not necessary - all the passengers waiting for the life of the sailor: rush jobs with the rise of the mast, watch at the helm, washing decks. For reservations are three routes (with a stop in other ports): Kaliningrad - Hamburg - Fleece - Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad - Helsinki - Rostock - Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad - Barcelona - Toulon - Rostock - Kaliningrad.

In the mail boat

8 sea cruises, which can not be forgotten

Royal Mail Ship St. Helena

From Cape Town to St Helena - from $ 4713

One of the last two operating royal mail ship floats to the place of the last of Napoleon's imprisonment on Saint Helena. Ship The Royal Mail Ship St Helena was built in 1989. Its crew of 57 people, 155 passengers taken on board. The way to the island of Cape Town takes about six days. Full tour with a visit to the tomb of Napoleon, Ascension Island (there is a military base RAF and wild beaches) costs from $ 4713.

In tow

8 sea cruises, which can not be forgotten

Westwind Jugboat Adventures

Cost of the tour - from the 4195 Canadian dollars

Tug Boat Built in 1941 takes on board 12 passengers. Advanced age is not an obstacle - the ship restored, and cabins will be pleasantly surprised by comfort and coziness. Swimming runs along the Pacific coast of Canada with stops in numerous fjords and estuaries.

As a cultural program - catching crabs walking on the coastal forests, picnics on the beach and, of course, fishing. In the following year to join the team tug professor of anthropology, which tells passengers about the life of the local Native American tribes.