Astounding things, built by nature

Hard to believe that these structures man is not making hands

Ask Indiana Jones, Lara Croft and Nathan Drake - Archeology is a fascinating discipline that allows us to find the hidden worlds and mysterious artifacts. But sometimes, it would seem, man-made structures are nothing more than a natural rock strangely shaped.

The Bosnian pyramid of

Astounding things, built by nature

In 2005, the amateur archaeologist Semir Osmanagik announced an incredible discovery - he found five huge pyramids in Bosnia. They looked like the famous Egyptian pyramids, but there were many more. Prior to this it was thought that in Europe there are no pyramids, but the Bosnian pyramids were the largest and the oldest buildings of its kind in the world.

A detailed study, researchers found clear evidence that the creation of unique objects of a hand man. Osmanagik thereby received considerable official support and hundreds of thousands of dollars to open the secrets of the past in Bosnia.

Astounding things, built by nature

How can such a huge ancient monuments would remain hidden to XXI-st century? The fact that they were so old that were covered with a thick layer of soil and vegetation that looked like ordinary mountains. Clearly, mankind has found a temple of ancient ... or just a mountain.

Osmanagik - amateur archaeologist. In addition to finding hidden pyramid, he is interested in the theory of a secret Nazi base in Antarctica and the preparation of human-to-day "cosmic vibrations", which were to raise us to a higher level of development in 2012, the year. He also believes in the unproven theory of ancient aliens. Surely, he has an interesting theory, and relatively well-known acts of terrorism and chemtrail. However, this does not explain that the mountains do look like man-made pyramid. They consist of rectangular blocks sharpened that misleads even professional archaeologists.

The answer is remarkably simple: the "building blocks" - it's just a weak sandstone, damaged the movement of tectonic plates. Because of this, and the illusion is created that the "pyramid" are made up of small blocks. Large stones and stronger as a result of crustal movements and divided into large "blocks". It's just a natural stone with cracks - this can be seen all over the world. 12 thousand years ago, a European man was only able to build a hut, as evidenced by numerous archaeological facts.

When the error became apparent, the Bosnian Government has withdrawn the funds allocated for research. Officials can not be faulted - all people, regardless of age and social status sometimes want to believe in a fairy tale.

As for the unusual shape of pyramids - well, nature really works wonders. Bosnian pyramids in fact - it's just a pointy hills.

Rockwall, Texas

Astounding things, built by nature

Rockwall - a city in Texas, known for the annual chili contest, but here we want to talk not about this: most known Rockwall neighborhood with an ancient stone wall. Who would have thought? During the founding of the city in the middle of the XIX-th century in these places it was found partially buried under the soil wall of mysterious origin, in which even seemingly guessed rooms and windows.

Further studies have shown that the mysterious wall was built 100 thousand years ago and was part of a giant fortress mysterious unknown civilization.

Astounding things, built by nature

Byron Hoon

Despite the enthusiasm of archaeologists - still, in America, I found a another ancient city! - quieter researchers found that this rock is composed mainly of sandstone, which completed the long cracks in the surrounding landscape. Over time, the heat and motion of the Earth cause horizontal gaps in the stone, making it look like a brick.

In 1920 Count Byron Khun wanted to connect the wall with the legends of the mines of King Solomon, and he almost succeeded, and in 1930 this place was almost made object for tourists. It would have happened, had not intervened villains geologists with their analyzes, which found that the ancient wall - just a natural formation.

Underwater city in Japan

Astounding things, built by nature

In 1987, divers discovered the coast of Japan a huge underwater city called Yonaguni. The city is a chaotic mix of pyramidal structures, stairs, walls, columns and even an amphitheater at a depth of 25 meters under water.

The experts found that the age of the city - about 12 thousand years. In this place we were sent numerous expeditions, and huge media interest focused on the discovery, due to the fact that in the case of confirmation of an artificial origin of the city it could rewrite the history of human civilization.

Astounding things, built by nature

However, there enthusiast failed. Although Yonaguni really looks like a full-fledged town with intact walls and squares, no supporting its man-made origin of the artifacts and was not found. In addition, if you look at this place from the surface of the water, not to swim among the rocks with diving, it would look not so mysterious. In defense of the idea that Yonaguni is a city acts writer Graham Hancock (Graham Hancock), who writes in the book mostly about ancient lost civilizations. However, he did not present any evidence in support of his many theories.

The person in Canada

Astounding things, built by nature

The possibility of satellite and air research has opened many doors for archaeologists - so they find new Egyptian pyramids and map the ancient settlements. In 2006, the year it also led to the surprising discovery made by Australian grandmother. It is unlikely that she was an expert in history, but the discovery has turned out interesting.

So what I'm found this woman? She studied mountains in Alberta, Canada, with the help of "Google Maps" and suddenly saw an eerie image of the rock, reminiscent of an Indian in traditional headdress ... and, apparently, in the headphones. Of course, one could not imagine that this could be a natural formation, so that other researchers world "Google Maps" for hours looking at maps in search of other Canadian "Indians."

Alberta face - nothing more than a bizarre manifestation of erosion, and let it unromantic, but "Headphone" does not indicate the existence of Canadian errant rock sculptors - it's just a road to the oil well. On land the mountain looks like a normal hill.

So we face a clear example of pareidolia - the ability to see some familiar images (in this case a person) in an abstract form. In the "Google Maps" even has special settings to find similar objects in the face: just press a button and the whole world is filled with giant faces. For example, in Russia:

Astounding things, built by nature

And the most famous face - on Mars:

Astounding things, built by nature

Ancient relics of aliens in Russia

Astounding things, built by nature

55 mind-blowing stuff, constructed nature of the mind-blowing things, built by nature. In 2012, Russian scientists claimed to have found ancient relics buried in the rocks. It seemed to be - a series of interlocking cogs and some gear mechanisms. The most unusual is that, according to studies, the age of the mysterious discovery was about 400 million years. The answer is obvious - the aliens!

Although the structure found really look like exploding watches, in fact, they are the remains of crinoids - animals that leave in the rocks, where lived, neat circular recesses.

It would seem that everything is clear. But in 2013, the year around the opening of disputes arose again: the fact that the media reported the discovery of "alien gear" found in Vladivostok in lumps of coal.

If we could at least for a moment, put aside the romantic theory of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, we see an alternative: it's just a piece of modern mining equipment. Or perhaps it is the iron pyrite - a mineral, sometimes taking a very unusual shape.