Woman of the Year - 2013: Ranking Forbes Woman

Forbes Woman is an annual women's rankings. Its participants - women from different countries and industries. Their actions in 2013 deserve special mention, and probably will remain in history for one year. We deliberately did not "give away" a woman's place in order from first to tenth, and arranged their names in alphabetical order. Only one exception in alphabetical row - German Angela Merkel, which in the end of December was released the most famous Russian prisoner Mikhail Khodorkovsky.


Woman of the Year - 2013: Ranking Forbes Woman

Country: Germany

Title: German Chancellor

Age: 59 years

Marital status: Married

"Iron Lady" of the European Union, on whose shoulders rests the responsibility for the stability of the euro; the first woman in history to the post of German chancellor, also re-elected for the third time; the fourth consecutive leader of the ranking of the most influential women in the world. This list of achievements Merkel overlaps another fact: the past two and a half years she was behind the scenes negotiations with the Kremlin to release Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The result - in December 2013 the former owner of Yukos went from the Russian colony in Karelia and on the private Superjet flew to Germany. But Merkel was awarded the title of the main fighter for the freedom of political prisoners in Russia.

Mary Barra

Woman of the Year - 2013: Ranking Forbes Woman

Country: United States

Position: CEO of General Motors

Age: 51Cemeynoe status: Married, two children

In recent years, GM dramatic events have occurred. In July 2009, the company announced and experienced bankruptcy, in exchange for financial aid came under the control of the US government and was reorganized. Detroit city itself - once the city of one million, is largely dependent on the economic situation of GM, - in 2013, also declared bankruptcy, in connection with which the trade unions have sailed into GM executives. Who does not like a woman in such a situation to entrust management of the company? Mary Barra, who has worked before these events at GM 33 years old, went around the other three candidates (male, of course) for this post. She became the first woman at the head of one of the largest automotive companies in the world.

Angelina Jolie

Woman of the Year - 2013: Ranking Forbes Woman

Country: United States

Position: actress, director

Age: 38Cemeynoe status: Married, six children

World movie star and mother of six Angelina Jolie has openly declared that voluntarily removed myself both breasts due to a genetic predisposition to cancer. The fact that the mother actress Marcheline Bertrand died of cancer at the age of 56 years. Doctors did not find any cancer Jolie, but calculated that the probability of the development is 87%. Jolie decided to protect himself and his family, by agreeing to the operation. In his column in the New York Times, she wrote that now her children are not afraid to lose it due to cancer. Her common-law husband, Brad Pitt supported the decision Jolie and organized together with her foundation to combat cancer Marcheline Debra and Raleigh Foundation.

Janet Yellen

Woman of the Year - 2013: Ranking Forbes Woman

Country: United States

Position: Chairman of the US Federal Reserve

Age: 67Cemeynoe status: married, son

As head of the Fed's Yellen predicted four years ago, but she refused, citing his age (then it was 63 years old). In October 2013 Barack Obama once again made her candidacy, and at the beginning of 2014. Janet enter the same office and become the first woman chairman of the Federal Reserve. Her academic background is impressive: not only studied with Nobel Prize winners James Tobin and Joseph Stiglitz, but also is the wife of another Nobel laureate George Akerlof, the founder of a trend in economic science. It has established itself as the best forecaster among the Federal Reserve for the period 2009-2012 in the overall standings by three main parameters - inflation, unemployment, economic growth.

Kate Middleton

Woman of the Year - 2013: Ranking Forbes Woman

Country: United Kingdom

Position: the wife of the Duke of Cambridge, William

Age: 31Cemeynoe status: married, son In July 2013, Kate Middleton has given birth to a boy - George Alexander Louis - Britain's heir to the throne, as well as fifteen independent states. During labor, Kate refused anesthesia. Moreover, the young mother later abandoned and the nurse was saying that all they care about the kid with Prince William take over. Happiness British and added the fact that the production and sale of products with the symbol of the young family will enrich their country at $ 380 million.

Elena Mizulina

Woman of the Year - 2013: Ranking Forbes Woman

Country: Russia

Position: State Duma deputy

Age: 59Cemeynoe status: Married, two children

The head of the Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children Elena Mizulina became widely known as the initiator of a number of controversial bills. Perhaps the greatest popularity it received a draft banning propaganda of homosexuality. Consideration and adoption of the law caused heated debate in Russia, as well as sharp criticism from Western countries and international human rights organizations. A number of US politicians have even called to boycott the Olympic Games in Sochi in this regard. By the way, while a hot hand Mizulina were not only Russian leaders of the gay movement, but also the animated TV channel "2X2".

Also thanks Mizulina in June 2013 the State Duma adopted a law banning foreign same-sex couples to adopt Russian children. In addition to battles with LGBT activists Mizulina actively involved in other projects: a tax on divorce, as well as the fight against surrogacy and those who use profanity on the Internet.

Svetlana Mironyuk

Woman of the Year - 2013: Ranking Forbes Woman

Country: Russia

Position: last chief editor of RIA Novosti

Age: 46Cemeynoe status: Married, three children

The elimination of the oldest news agency RIA Novosti (it was founded in 1941) came as a surprise not only for its numerous staff, but also for the instructor for. When we parted with the team Myronyuk not held back tears and admitted that the pain perceived by the fact that it is there that ends a 72-year history of the company. As chief editor of RIA Myronyuk served a record 10 years. And during that time, in its opinion, the Agency has become the best means of mass media in Russia. The public at this time widely discussed the fact that the activities of offspring Myronyuk over the past 10 years the state nearly $ 1 billion spent.

Elvira Nabiullina

Woman of the Year - 2013: Ranking Forbes Woman

Country: Russia

Position: Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia

Age: 50Cemeynoe status: married, has a son

In the summer of 2013, former Economy Minister Elvira Nabiullina headed the financial regulator - the Central Bank of Russia. Of the 190 global central banks in the world, only 12 are headed by women, is 6, 3% of the total number of heads of such departments. And among the countries participating in G7 Nabiullina in general she became the only woman - the chairman of the central bank. So far, among the major central banks (the Fed, the Bank of England, Bank of France, the Reichsbank / Bundesbank, ECB) like there was no precedent. Over the next six months of work in the CB 27 Nabiullina Russian banks lost their licenses (her predecessor Sergey Ignatiev does not respond so much per year), in the Central Bank began layoffs, as well as the official symbol of the ruble has been approved - crossed the letter "P".

Lyudmila Putina

Woman of the Year - 2013: Ranking Forbes Woman

Country: Russia

Position: Former First Lady

Age: 56Cemeynoe status: divorced, two children

In 2013, Vladimir and Lyudmila Putin were to celebrate the "pearl" wedding (30 years of marriage), but announced divorce. Television interview the couple Putin after the ballet "Esmeralda" started with an innocent story about the impressions of the work, and ended with a sensational recognition in parting. "Our marriage is finished because, indeed, the fact that we almost do not see each other. Vladimir Vladimirovich is completely immersed in the work. Our children have grown up. They live separate lives. In general, it so happened that we each has its own life. And I really do not like publicity. And flights are difficult for me. And we hardly see each other, "- confirmed Lyudmila Putina. As the wife of division of joint property, it has been reported. On this occasion, the public only joking about the "half-Russian."


Woman of the Year - 2013: Ranking Forbes Woman

Country: Ukraine

Position: musician, TV presenter, producer

Age: 40Cemeynoe Status:

The winner of "Eurovision-2004" Ruslana this year became the main opposition heroine Maidan. During spirited opposition riot police, volunteer activities and hours of questioning by the police, she was awarded the Order of "intellectual courage". Ruslana even promised to publicly burn themselves in protest. "I'll be honest, I can burn at this Maidan, if not there will be changes," - said the singer protesters. Ruslan demanded the resignation of the current government that Ukraine has the opportunity to integrate into Europe.