10 horror stories about ghostly twins

According to legend, the twins - a supernatural duplicates of real people. They can appear in several ways: they can be seen corner of his eye, or meet on a deserted road, or seen standing over your shoulder at the reflection in the mirror. Sometimes a person can not see his counterpart, but it is seen by other people. Twin can even help a person in any of the affairs or to act as a surrogate body.

There are many explanations for the appearance of doubles. Over the centuries, mystics believed that they - supernatural beings: divine or copies of human or demonic. Meanwhile, scientists say that twins - not that other, as hallucinations or consequences of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. On them it is safe to say only two things: their appearance is often portends trouble, and many prominent historical figures claimed that the twins were persecuted.

1. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

10 horror stories about ghostly twins

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) was a famous German writer, poet and politician, greatly contributed to the development of literature. By listening to him and his opinion respected.

Goethe once depressed after a fight with a girl named Frederick rode along the path. Suddenly he was confronted with a mysterious man, riding on horseback to meet him. By Goethe said that he had seen this man is not the eyes, and "mind's eye", like himself, although Johann Wolfgang and people were wearing different clothes. Soon, the figure disappeared, and Goethe, who found the form of the mysterious traveler oddly comforting, had forgotten about the incident.

Eight years later, he was driving along the same path in the opposite direction, to meet again with Frederica. It was then that he realized that wearing the exact same clothes, in what was his double eight years ago.

It was not only double, which saw Goethe in another occasion, he saw his friend Friedrich walking down the street dressed in a bathrobe own Goethe. Puzzled, the writer went home and found Frederick there, dressed in the same gown that Goethe had seen a ghost - a friend of his came under rain and put on a dressing gown, while his clothes dried.

2. Catherine the Great

10 horror stories about ghostly twins

Catherine the Great, Empress, ruling Russia in the XVIII-th century, was strong and dangerous person. But it happened strange events - for example, she could see his ghostly counterpart, sitting on her throne.

One night, when Catherine was lying in bed, worried about the servants told her that he had just seen how she came to the throne room. Catherine decided to find out what was happening, and found in the throne room of his double, quietly sitting on a throne. Catherine immediately ordered the sentry to shoot an impostor.

History is silent on whether the bullets hurt somehow ghostly counterpart of the Empress, but soon after that the real Catherine died.

3. Percy Bysshe Shelley

10 horror stories about ghostly twins

Percy Bysshe Shelley was a brilliant poet, but remember him mainly as the husband of Mary Shelley, creator of "Frankenstein." Although one might assume that Mary, as a writer in the horror genre, much more likely to see double, saw it was Percy.

Shortly before his death in 1812 (ship, which traveled Percy drowned), he told Mary that many times met his counterpart. One of such meetings was particularly frightening: Percy went to the terrace and saw his double, who asked: "And how long will you still be happy?".

Ironically, witnessed the emergence of double Percy was their close friend Jane Williams - she often saw her at the window took Percy Street, a dead end, but he never returned. The real Percy at this time was always elsewhere.

4. Sir Frederick Carne Rush

10 horror stories about ghostly twins

In 1906, a member of the British Parliament, Sir Gilbert Parker participated in the debate, and he noticed that next to him sits another Member of Parliament, Sir Frederick Carne Rasch. This is very surprising, Sir Gilbert, as Sir Frederick at this time was seriously ill with influenza. Nevertheless, he politely greeted Sir Frederick, saying: "I hope you're feeling better." Carne Rasch did not react to this, he continued to just sit with a straight, grim expression on his face. When Sir Gilbert soon looked at him again, sitting empty. Baffled Sir Gilbert looked for Carne Rasch in the building, but no one saw that he was leaving. When he discussed the event with parliamentarians colleagues, it appears that others, too, have seen Carne Rasch.

When real Carne Rasch, actually was at that time at home in bed, I learned what had happened, he was very surprised. He really wanted to take part in the debate, believing that his spirit looked into the parliament. His household, however, were terrified and feared that the twin was a bad sign.

Soon it turned out that they were right: for a long time colleagues Carne Rasch at the meeting irritated him, poking him with your fingers to ensure that it is made of flesh and blood. In the end, he had to write some sarcastic letters to the local newspaper to apologize for the fact that he had not had the good sense to die to make room double, and the next time promised to behave more decently.

5. Queen Elizabeth I

10 horror stories about ghostly twins

Queen Elizabeth I (the years of reign - 1558-1603) was the last ruler of the Tudor dynasty. She was considered a charismatic, well-balanced and sensible monarch. She was one of those people, from which can not be expected that they may be faced with the paranormal.

She claimed that she had seen his double. According to Queen Elizabeth ghost lay motionless on his bed, almost like a corpse at a funeral. This is especially remember her, because such appearance, according to legend - a sign of impending death. Nevertheless, it would be easy to make people forget about this incident, if Elizabeth really soon died.

6. Mary of Jesus of Ágreda

10 horror stories about ghostly twins

Although the twins are usually considered as something sinister, there is evidence that sometimes a person can not only control them, but also to use as a kind of second body in an instant ability to move to any place. In XVII-century explorers and missionaries in the New World were surprised to find that many of the tribes in New Mexico already being Roman Catholic. In response to a question the Indians said that they were addressed to God the mysterious lady in blue, teach them everything and even gave them the crucifix and other religious objects.

After a thorough investigation of a number of priests could "see" Mary Agredskoy phenomenon, the young Spanish nuns in blue robes. She claimed that Christianity was "taught" her transferred to the Indians overseas. Maria never left his monastery, and only knew that the place where it happens, - a "wild lands". Nevertheless, her words were enough to convince the priests.

Initially the Inquisition belonged to Mary is very suspicious, it even accused of witchcraft, but then acquitted - perhaps because her story was too good to just abandon it.

Her ability was ascribed to divine origin. She became an international celebrity, the leader of his monastery and the author of books rambling about how she gained her ability. Nevertheless, throughout her life several times changed the view: sometimes she claimed that she was forced to say that she could easily move their spiritual copy to another continent is sometimes said that all of this - the truth.

Abraham Lincoln 7.

10 horror stories about ghostly twins

Abraham Lincoln openly declared his interest in the paranormal, at least privately. According to him, he had some experience in this sort of thing. The night after the first election, he found time to sleep and sat on the couch. Lying there, he happened to look in the mirror and saw her face. This would not be unusual if he did not notice that the two parties in the mirror.

Second Lincoln, pale and ghostly, looking at him in the mirror next to his own face. Startled, Lincoln rose from the sofa and double ... disappeared. He sat down again to see the double again. Lincoln was struck, but his wife, Mary, was horrified. She was convinced that the twin was a sure sign that Lincoln is re-elected for a second term (perhaps because the two Lincoln - this two terms), but will not survive this (because the second Lincoln looked like a dead man).

Lincoln continued to repeat the experiment on the couch every night at the same time. He was able to see double again, but then he stopped coming. Maybe he already donos his message, and Lincoln did not live to see the end of the second period.

8. George Tryon

10 horror stories about ghostly twins

June 22, 1893, the year did not a very good day for Vice-Admiral George Tryon. He commanded two columns of ships from the coast of Syria, and gave the command to turn columns noses together. This attempt to perform the majestic sea maneuver was a stupid mistake, since the first ships almost immediately rammed each other, and one of them, which was Tryon, sank. Tryon died knowing that he had just doomed 357 men to death. His last words were worthy and sad: "It's all my fault."

At the same time the wife Tryon staged at their home in London, a party for his friends. Suddenly, to the astonishment of the guests, Tryon appeared at the party. Silently, he went down the stairs, solemnly marched through the living room and opened the door to get out, and then suddenly disappeared. He was dressed in full uniform, as if commanded by revealing showcase of ships.

However, in this story, there are some inconsistencies: for example, someone says that Lady Tryon at that time was occupied by guests and did not see double, in others claim that she was one of the witnesses. However, the story is similar to horror stories about sailors whose counterparts informed the families of their deaths.

9. Guy de Maupassant

10 horror stories about ghostly twins

The French writer Guy de Maupassant, perhaps, described the closest experience of acquaintance with a double. Toward the end of his life, he is rumored to have regularly interacted with him. This creepy twin not only talked with the writer, but once sat down and began to dictate his story. De Maupassant claimed that one of his last stories was literally written by a ghost. The story dictated by the spirit de Maupassant, "Orla", tells the story of a man whose mind is slowly gives way to the evil spirit that uses the body. As if echoing the history of mental health Maupassant started to spoil shortly after the story was finished.

According to another version, the double story did not dictate, because disappeared immediately after the frightened de Maupassant called the servant. Nevertheless, a few months back double. He came into the writer's room, looking sadly at him, then I sat down and covered his face with his hands, as if in despair. Maupassant decided that double brought terrible news, and the writer's life from this day rolled into a ditch, and a year later he died in a madhouse.

10. Emily Sage

10 horror stories about ghostly twins

Sage Emily herself had never seen his double, but he had been seen by other people.

Sage worked at the elite schools for girls. It was a great teacher, but somehow determined to constantly change jobs: in the 16 years she changed it 19 times, and in 1845, the year became known cause.

Sage was allegedly the victim of the strange behavior of his double. Her ghostly twins first appeared during the lesson, and 13 schoolgirls have seen double stood side by side with Sage and with precision mirror copy all of its movement. The next time you double appeared behind her, when she was eating, and again began to repeat her movements. Sage did not pay absolutely no attention to the ghost, although others saw it quite clearly.

However, Sage is addicted to drinking and was sometimes almost unconscious when the twin appeared and made at the same time strange things. Sage later said he thought it was about them at the moment, and it is estimated that perhaps has some subconscious control over the double.

Soon counterpart had ceased to appear in the immediate vicinity of the "original". First he went to a full class of students and calmly sat down in a chair, while she was outside the Sage and worked in the garden. Those few who dare come to double, found that they could pass through it, but to the touch it resembled a thick cloth. Time went by, and the ghost became a regular guest of the school, and the girls began to worried parents to withdraw their children from school. Although Sage was an ideal employee, at the headmistress had no other choice but to dismiss her with a ghostly double.