Moscow "bagel" or the story of the round house

• Moscow "bagel" or the story of the round houses

Today we go for a walk in Moscow, capital of Russia, and that our article is not unimportant, the capital of the Soviet Union. It was at this time in Moscow were built beyond belief original home. More precisely 2 houses in the whole of Moscow, and the entire Soviet Union.

Why this architecture does not gain popularity, what are the pros and cons of wearing a such originality? Why did the authorities not to implement the plan of building such houses in the amount of 5 pieces, and why five houses?

In 1972 the first house of unusual form of development of the architect and engineer Eugene Stamo Alexander Markelov was built. The house is situated in the area Ochakovo-Matveevskoe the west of Moscow, at Nezhinskaya street and has a circular shape, the common people - "Bagel." Residential building is designed for 913 apartments.


According to the idea of ​​architects, on the eve of the 80th year of the Olympics-80 in Moscow should have been displayed at least 5 of these houses, symbolizing the Olympic symbol of five rings. In fact the idea very interesting. Five giant rings, and it should be noted that one such ring - 155 meters in diameter, embody the Olympic Games, would necessarily interested in foreigners and it was very interesting ba "chip" of the USSR. Even considering a plan for the building of such houses across Moscow. However, as a result of the plan refused. This house was all planned. Huge yard, which were almost all shops, pharmacy, laundry, studio, and more. Architectural Thunder could be called a mini-city within a city.

Approaching 1980, the year the Olympic Games, and in Moscow just a year ago, construction of the second end of the same house, again nine storey building, 26 entrances, and has 936 apartments. The house is also set in the west of Moscow, near Ramenky at Dovzhenko street.


In these houses moved thousands waiting in the hope of a happy future in a new unique, in terms of architecture, the round house. Here we lived outstanding actors of theater and cinema - Honored Artist of Russia Galina Belyaeva, Honored Artist of the RSFSR Savely Kramarov and film director, screenwriter and poet Emile Lotyanu.

In these houses made films: "Courier", "Tragedy in the style of rock", "Stage of Gribov" and many issues of "wick", as well as round the house can be seen in the final frames of the famous Soviet movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears". One resident said: "In the autumn of 78-year, in the late evening requested the inclusion of lighting in the apartments, which overlook the courtyard. These circular panoramic shots of glowing windows you see in the final credits of the film. "


It is worth noting the way how the architects managed to achieve curvature of panel houses. The whole secret is that during the construction of prefabricated house has an error tolerance of six degrees, which made it possible to reach the ring. But why "Bagels" not gained popularity, and the five rings of the plans were disorganized? Everything is very simple. One of the most important task of the Soviet housing - it's practicality and low cost. Round House - expensive to maintain, bulky and very uncomfortable.

And the theory of the Olympic village is very vague, t. To. Finished houses are separated by too far to one could make the Olympic symbol, as well as a house located on the street Dovzhenko is located between two lakes and a creek, the railroad and the large highway. Thus to put the house next to the house on Dovzhenko's just not possible.

As I have said rings are constructed of typical panel houses, and who live in these homes, and there are many, are well aware of any defects in them: the gap between the panels, thin walls between neighbors, disgusting soundproofing. Due to the fact that the house round, and as many as 26 entrances, find an apartment - is extremely difficult, especially if you come to a guest who had never before have been. In the future, large comfortable yard began to resemble a football field, "heels" where it is not possible either to park or walk. The sound is heard in the courtyard of the apartment as all of the wells, particularly in the evening, when in the yard of someone's alarm is triggered that 936 families will be very unhappy.


Construction of prefabricated houses standard "mode", ie. E., Rectangular, not really shine with the quality and evenness of the walls, and the walls are offset by 6 degrees and with all the "quality" of the work and does goes beyond all limits of flatness, t. E . pokleit wallpaper on these walls, without exhausting training - a very time-consuming. To summarize: round the house - it is incomparably grand decoration of the city, but unfortunately they are poorly fit into the modern life of Moscow. Requirements for housing contemporary Muscovite, and not only Muscovites, significantly higher quality of construction of prefabricated houses, and especially higher quality of service.

On the panel housing construction of residential complexes can argue for a long time, but it is no secret what has been designed is such a plan, it is not expensive and practical. I believe that in the case of the symbol of the Olympics, Soviet architecture giant character needed to pay more attention to quality and comfort, so to say look to the future, to suggest what and how to provide that the plan "bagel" as a result of collapsed, and was not a "bagel" and it became a symbol of the might of the Soviet construction of residential quarters.

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