Effective set of exercises for weight loss

Healthy lifestyle is a combination of good nutrition, proper rest and, of course, sport. Last, each of us chooses on the basis of the preferences and body condition. In this article, we will present a set of exercises for weight loss, which, when combined with proper nutrition will necessarily result. To perform the exercise you will need a dumbbell weighing about 2, 5-4 kg and a rubber band.

Plié with transmission

In this exercise, are utilized legs and shoulders. Take a dumbbell in your hand and pull it up to shoulder level. Foot, spread in different directions and stand with your feet slightly. Slowly squat while raising the dumbbell. When lifting the lower the arm to the original position. Do 8 repetitions and reload the dumbbell to the other side, but keep it at hip level. Again, do the 8 sit-ups and change the position. Such transfers shall be 7.

Effective set of exercises for weight loss

Squat stretch tape

Next set of exercises for weight loss involves muscles of the legs, buttocks and back. Feet shoulder-width rubber tape is held in both hands, which extend straight ahead. Pull the tape, then begins to squat and raise his hands to the sides. Try to do deep squats, exerting maximum effort. Do 8 reps, you can now take a starting position. A bit of a breath, start again, and so 8 times. Blow ribbon

Now the complex of exercises for weight loss involves the hands, chest and abs. For this purpose, move the tape back to the level of the shoulder blades. First, make a left hand, rising on the toes and foot turning to the right. Also expand into the same side of the left thigh and the entire body, and then you can return to the starting position. Repeat 15 times.

Effective set of exercises for weight loss

Thrust crosswise

Put your feet on the tape and take in hand dumbbell (weight is determined on the basis of their physical training). After this, hold the ends of the ribbon arms and lean forward. Turn your wrist so that the palms facing outward. Slowly pull the arms up and lower down. Enough 12 repetitions.

Tritsepsty duo

Our set of exercises for weight loss includes the training of the back muscles and triceps. You again need a tape, which is pressed to the floor of the left foot. The drooping hand take a dumbbell. Do not forget to keep the ends of the ribbon. Slowly move the hands forward until such time until they are parallel to the floor and lower back. Do 8 repetitions.

Effective set of exercises for weight loss

Aerobic exercise

For effective weight loss some weight training is not enough, resulting in the lesson plan and is desirable to include this kind of sports like running, cycling or fitness. Gradually, you will discover the culture of a healthy way of life, and you'll see what kind of exercise suitable for you.


None of the above exercise has no effect if your diet during training for weight loss is incorrect. Do not go to extremes - do not go hungry and do not overeat. Stick to a nutritious diet, excluding all "hazard".