Buy or make jackets, knitting?

The relevance of knitted things

Knitted things are in every man's wardrobe. Many of us simply can not imagine their life without the garment. It is very comfortable and practical. It is not surprising that some acquire jackets, knitting, turning to the needle women, offering to make such a thing to order if they can not tie their own. These skilled workers are able to create absolutely any model of yarns of different composition. Manufacturing of clothing will allow to look beautiful and individually in every situation. After all, it is always fit in a single copy. This is the main difference between the clothing customization from buying things related to specialized factories.

Buy or make jackets, knitting?

Buy or link?

Jackets, knitting, it is impossible to find in stores. After all, they are created manually. All models paredlagaemye trade, were produced on special machines. If you still want to buy jackets, knitting, but the cost of manual work pay is not able, then it might be worth to cancel the purchase? The best option in this case would be handwritten pattern liked manufacture. After all, at school every girl is learning to knit. It comes in a mandatory course on labor education of students. Remember the principle of knitting the front and purl loops do not amount to much trouble. Consequently, to make the appropriate model, you can, too.

Buy or make jackets, knitting?

As we knit?

Before you type in the description of the recommended number of loops, tie a sample and wash. Once it dries, you can determine how your knitting density different from the author of the recommended specification. You may need to add a few loops or remove them superfluous. Corrected received data, can be manufactured jackets, knitted with needles, any desired size. If you have decided on their own to tie the jacket hook you in this scheme will definitely help. On it you can follow the sequence of manufacture of such products. Even without a lot of experience in the manufacture of clothing, it will be possible to relate a favorite jacket.

Where to begin?

But first it's worth to try to create the most basic model, is characterized by simplicity of form and performance. Do not immediately start to knit jacket in the technique of Irish lace or ribbon. This can be quite a challenge. Better practice in the manufacture of a simple model, gradually moving to more difficult elements. In this case, after a short time, it will be possible to link the jacket itself in the technique of Irish lace.

Buy or make jackets, knitting?

How to choose the material?

It is also very important to choose the right material composition. Focus should be primarily on personal preferences and the season for which he is fit. Jacket made of linen is ideal for the summer. In these clothes the body able to "breathe". At the same time protect the linen items from the cool summer breeze. The main thing is to choose a suitable for this pattern. Characteristics used yarn things will retain its shape well, even over a long period of wearing.