Breathing exercises and your health

Something about yoga

Ancient Indian sages developed a system that makes extensive use of breathing exercises. Yoga also involves meditation execution, strengthening the body, energy and the development of bio-field. But in this article we will touch only

Breathing exercises and your health

breathing exercises from the system. According to Indian yogis, human life is not measured in years. Every person is meted out not the number of years, and the number of breaths. This opinion was certainly not without logic. After all, without the breath is absolutely impossible life. Air consumption - is perhaps the basic needs of the human body. Without food a person can die within six to eight weeks, in the absence of water, he will live a week and without the ability to breathe in just a few minutes, he will cease to exist. Of oxygen supply depends without exception all of the body systems. However, few just to breathe the air consuming. It is important to be able to do it right. Perhaps the last sentence sounds a bit ridiculous, but most people breathe a surfactant, which is why the body is not completely free from carbon dioxide and toxins. And it may well give rise to a number of diseases.

some rules

Breathing exercises and your health

Good health and balance can give breathing exercises. Thanks to them, your lungs will be properly ventilated, improve the body's supply of oxygen and due to this - the work of the brain overall health. Also, breathing exercises help to get out of the negative emotional states. Note that the body should be relaxed in the starting position. Strongly recommended breathing exercises at the time of strong fatigue in case of overheating or overcooling of your body. You must be ready for them physically and mentally. Talasana

Breathing exercises and your health

So give some breathing exercises. Stand erect on his toes, raising his arms in an arc. Making slow deep breaths, stretch upward. You should feel your lungs are completely filled with air. At the highest point of the palm and connect the bit hold your breath. Slowly lower. Slowly exhale. Repeat the cycle several times. This exercise is called "Talasana", translated from Hindi - "palm tree". It strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, neck and lower back.

cleansing breath

This exercise representatives of a number of professions that require often strain their lungs (teachers, speakers, singers and actors) certainly deem very useful. It soothes and strengthens some organs. So take a full breath. The air should fill your lungs. Squeeze the lips, while not inflating the cheeks, as if you want to whistle. With the power exhale a little air. Stop for a few seconds. Again exhale with force some air. Again stop for a few seconds. Repeat this for as long as not exhale all the air. Exercise acts refreshingly, can relieve fatigue. It's worth practicing until you can perform it naturally and easily.

Strengthening of the vocal cords

Breathing exercises pursue multiple objectives. In particular, some of them help to develop the power to vote. Take a deep breath. Do this as slowly as possible, but with force. Then hold your breath. Stop for a few seconds. At a time with a force exhale all the air from the lungs. Do this through the open mouth. Then follow the cleansing breath. How to do this, see above.

types of breathing

Talking about how people consume the air, not to mention this topic. There are four basic types of breathing: full, lower, middle and upper. The second characteristic of men. When they breathe, the stomach like a pulsing. The latter type is mainly common in women. Their breathing is carried out the upper part of the lungs. Each of these should work. Do it best early in the morning. Underwear

Lie down on the hard bed or floor. Your whole body (head, torso, legs) should be in a straight line. Bent arms, one hand lay on his stomach, the other - on the chest. Relax completely. Taking a deep breath, while the belly bulge. At this time the lower parts of the lungs are filled with air. The hand that you lie on your stomach, controls breathing. The second hand is stationary. Exhale - belly goes down.


Take the same starting position. Gently exhale. Then begin to expand the rib cage to the side and forward. In this case, the hand lying on the chest, should feel the movement.


Starting position unchanged. When you inhale lifts the upper part of your chest.

full breath

To him, you can start, having mastered all the above types. When you inhale you slowly bulging belly, then - middle and upper chest.


The way we consume air, is important. From this it depends on the health and the length of your life. Do not forget that there is breathing exercises. The exercises listed above, follow every morning, and then feel the effects.