Water aerobics for weight loss - an easy way to become slim and beautiful!

Slim, beautiful, trim figure - the dream of all women! But at the current pace of life to achieve the ideal? Diet and exercise is too exhausting. What can you say about aqua aerobics? It has long been the people say that the water - that's life! And no wonder. Thanks to this kind of sports as water aerobics for weight loss, you can pull up your body get rid of cellulite and become optimistic, quiet, beautiful.

Water aerobics for weight loss - an easy way to become slim and beautiful!

Water aerobics - water world

Splash of water, heat - it actually soothes and relaxes. After a day of water aerobics for weight loss - it is exactly what you need! Firstly, the water creates an additional and substantial burden on all muscles of the body. This factor makes it easier to get rid of cellulite, stretch marks and, of course, excess fat. In addition, water helps to tighten the skin and make it more elastic and correct posture, to make it smooth and beautiful. Water exercises are shown to all - young people, children, the elderly. Water aerobics for children, the most popular, because it helps them to develop properly.

Water aerobics for weight loss - an easy way to become slim and beautiful!

Benefits of water aerobics and general recommendations First, if you live in a busy city, you any useful lessons in the water. This reduces the risk of heart disease, nervous system, lowers cholesterol, as well as cope with problems such as varicose veins (depending on the level), swelling of the legs, sciatica, back problems, recovery from fractures, stretching. Doctors are advised to engage in this sport for pregnant women, if there are no contraindications, as well as all those who cherish their health. Water aerobics is no worse than usual fitness, and even better! In the water you can use dumbbells, balls and other sporting fixtures. In addition, after the water you will be overwhelmed with feelings of happiness and lightness!

Aqua aerobics: contraindications

In each plus there is a minus, and even water sports has its contraindications. Akvaaerobika slimming, unfortunately, is not suitable for those who have expressed varicose veins, and pregnant women who have problems such as hydramnion, an increased tone of the uterus, or chronic respiratory diseases, danger of miscarriage. Water aerobics for weight loss - an easy way to become slim and beautiful!

Exercises in water - doing the right thing

So, the first exercise of this kind of sports as water aerobics to lose weight - running. This will strengthen not only your feet, but also the buttocks, arms. As the water rises high knees, and his hands move so, for example, as in normal walking or jogging. About twenty minutes drive so at a normal pace. The second exercise - breech. Strengthening the thigh and buttocks muscles, we get rid of cellulite. Hold fast to the rail, pull the leg back and then forward. The water should reach the level of the chest. Straighten your back and do the exercise for about ten minutes. The third exercise - for the back, press. Grasp firmly by the handles and turn the body to the side for about ten or fifteen minutes. The fourth exercise - for lower press. Turn your back to the side, grasp it hands, lift your legs horizontally and do the exercise "bike". Strengthen your muscles, stay healthy, because water aerobics for weight loss - it is something that will help you with that!