Anthology "Kenzo": fragrance - from floral ikebana to travel to the islands

"Kenzo": fragrance, classic


The first fragrance, Kenzo glorified name, was released in 1987. He called Kenzo de Kenzo, today it can be found under the name of Ca Sent Beau. He was inspired by the way the lush, but tamed by man a bouquet of flowers. The new fragrance is easier to the original, but still makes a stunning impression: a thick, rich, multi-faceted, he now leaves no one indifferent, causing a headache or crazy adoration. In any case, it was impossible to deny that the tart at the same time a fresh floral-green Kenzo de Kenzo become a classic, so it has two essential for this quality: bright catchy way and harmony, inspire respect, even from those who do not like these smells . And so it happened. Today Ca Sent Beau - a classic flavor that surprises everyone who is familiar with modern, light and fresh creations "Kenzo". I must say that the brand "Kenzo" had the opportunity to cooperate with many famous perfumers, each of which, of course, has its own characteristics, and therefore the image of the perfume "Kenzo" is rather ambiguous. However, you can highlight something in common that characterizes women's perfume "Kenzo" in general - they are always bright, sophisticated, original, and at the same time very fashionable, fresh and stylish. As once Kenzo Takada was able to surprise the world with ethnic motifs, giving them a high gloss fashion, and today women's perfume "Kenzo" surprising mixture of natural and glossy glamor. They evoke the Japanese garden, where harmony, as if created by nature itself, in fact, accomplished fine art gardener. "Kenzo": fragrance, flower


Recall the popular series of Flower by Kenzo, advertising images which for many years has become the face of the brand: the fiery poppies on a background of the urban landscape. Here it is - the union of man and nature! Graphically maki creations seem abstract artist, while artificial, completely man-made landscape, lost in the haze, looks cheerful, natural and warm. First perfume "Kenzo" in this series have been released in 2000. The aroma made a very mixed impression. It is not surprising, because it happens with all the really extraordinary things - take it easy, not all novelty. However, to get used to the flavor did not take long - he quickly acquired cult status and marked the beginning of a series in which 15 striking compositions included today. Recent perfume "Kenzo" in the series, released in 2013 - a Flower in the Air, air, light interpretation of the original fragrance, but maintaining its piquancy and poignancy.

"Kenzo": fragrance, rare


There were also failures. Although failure in relation to the "Kenzo" - this is not quite the right word. Put it this way: there were flavors that the manufacturer decided not to release more than once. For example, King Kong Kenzo, released in 1978, still at the beginning of the perfume brand activities. He still makes a strong impression on the judges, who did not take the time to look for rare ekzmeplyarov already. Bright, luxurious, original, unique, one-piece, intriguing - it requires a truly broad views of perfume and effort to understand it. At the same time, no one would dare deny him an unusual beauty. "Kenzo": fragrance for love

Kenzo "Amour" perfume came out in 2006. Love in understanding "Kenzo" has a sweet floral East is very warm and enveloping fragrance. The most delicious from the category of delicious. Of course, in the spirit of "Kenzo" This fragrance is full of surprises, and may behave unexpectedly. A total of six flavors that range, the last of which - Amour my Love - came out in 2013. He did not look like a first composition series - yes, it is an exotic, floral, but very fresh, juicy, bristling with. Other fragrances of this line: Amour Florale, Amour ILOVEU, Indian Holy, Amour Le Perfume also attract inner warmth, but are so vivid differences, they can not be confused.

"Kenzo": fragrance - a journey


One of the most recent collections devoted to travel around the island. And again we see flashy and contemporary images in the most flavor, and in the title, and in the design of the bottle. 10:10 am in Sicilia, 5:40 pm in Madagascar, 7:15 am in Bali - how many flavors to this brings us to a specific location, and even at a particular time? Too many lovers began to buy the perfume "Kenzo" solely because of the name and the bottle, not even trying flavor itself! And, of course, disappointed. Not all "Bali" is associated with vanilla and "Sicily" - with ponderous base of vetiver and cedar. But there were many of those who find themselves in these flavors. As always, these smells cause ambiguous reaction, a desire to listen and understand what is the focus here, as always, they produce a bright, rich, disturbing images, which can not be so easy to dismiss. "Crazy" perfume "Kenzo" for women

Recent new perfume "Kenzo" - this Madly Kenzo Oud and another "crazy" - Madly Kiss'n Fly. And he and the other went out a limited edition fragrance. They are nothing like the first Madly Kenzo, released in 2011, except that the same bottle in the form of drops. It is difficult to say what effect will produce new compositions, but is unlikely to change the brand itself. Madly Kenzo - it "Kenzo" twice. Always original, causing either delight or rejection, causing the judge categorically, love or hate, strange, absurd, but incredibly beautiful, it remains a strong desire to try it and make up their own minds.