Tsvetotip "Autumn": the main options

And where Neanderthals?

I must say that tsvetotip "autumn" in appearance people are not spread as widely as, for example, a classic for many European nations type "summer" or often Eastern appearance "winter." The fact that red or reddish hair, which is more inherent in "Autumn" women themselves are sufficiently rare, t. To. For the birth of "solar" children of the need to "fire" the gene was present in both parents. In our days on this planet there are about one percent of people with the hereditary qualities, so rooted in the past it was a natural tsvetotip "autumn", hair color which has got, according to scientists from the ... Neanderthals.


Why does not like the sun?

All holders of head of hair with natural reddish-red hues in light or dark hair can be suspect at a genetic connection with strong and fierce enough people from the past. Also from the inhabitants of the modern ice age tsvetotip "autumn", he may have gotten soft, fair skin, which is very poorly tolerate sunlight. It can be olive or yellow tinge, pinkish, peach, but always quickly burn in the sun. This type of foundation with a high sun protection factor is a must. Color tone can have a pronounced bluish or pinkish hue. The different subtypes of

Tsvetotip "autumn", in fact, includes a number of options that are attracted to the other three options appearance. For example, the classic version suggests that a woman's brown eyes and brown hair with a reddish tone. She is well-suited golden, bronze, dark green, caramel color, shades of rust in clothes. Makeup allows warm brown shade tones, peach rouge and a matte or brownish red lipstick.


Typical representatives of

If we look at Anastasia Stotskaya, we see a very different kind of "fall" - a bright, spring notes. Such women have a very rich red hair, blue or brown-yellow eyes and smooth peachy complexion. They will not look dull to bright red, watermelon, ink or coral color, which are suitable for both clothing and makeup.

Under the influence of "summer"

Tsvetotip "autumn" can also have an ash-blond hair and light green (light brown) eyes. Here in the clothes you need to stick to the mixed colors on the verge of two tsvetotip. Suitable light yellow-beige (grain color), light peach, pink or gray pistachio. Makeup should be very cautious in pink and brown colors, with feather lines.


Autumn or Winter?

For women with very dark hair without the express reddish tide is often difficult to determine its appearance option. Here you need to go for broke and just attach to his bright blue or pink color. If the background of the skin began to look earthy yellowish, then this is definitely not your shades. But if in a blouse the color of grapes, navy (dark) or yellow-red shades skin became noble porcelain, flat form, then you - dark tsvetotip 'autumn.' Makeup herein can be made using lilac, aubergine and classical golden brown. The most important thing - it should be easy and thoroughly applied.