The drug "Botox". Contraindications, advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Youth Injections have become quite popular procedure among those who want to resist the time. They are considered to be more effective and gentle (as opposed to surgery) tool in the fight against wrinkles. Much debate is conducted on the drug injections such as "Botox". Contraindications have any procedures and injections of beauty - is no exception.

The drug

Those who decided to remove wrinkles with their help, you should get more information on the preparation itself, undergo a medical examination, as well as to seek the services of a medical facility. It must be done so that a simple and safe procedure did not lead to negative consequences.

As for the drug "Botox"?

Contraindications - that's the first thing you need to always pay attention. After all, what one person effectively to another can be deadly. Botulinum toxin, a drug on the basis of which is "Dysport" (Dysport), "Botox" (Botox), "Lantoks" (Lantox) and "Kseomin" (Xeomin), it is the strongest poison. His entry into the body causing severe toxic damage. Medicaments based on a botulinum toxin to block neuromuscular transmission and used in ophthalmology, proctology, as well as in cosmetics to achieve the desired aesthetic effect.

The drug

Injection drug "Botox", contraindications for which are neuromuscular disorders is not recommended while taking antibiotics, anticoagulants, and hormones. People suffering from neurological and somatic diseases, should postpone injections beauty in times of acute ailments.

In what area a person doing the injection "Botox"

Contra, which does limit the use of this tool, it is necessary to take into account. Otherwise it may happen that instead of a face without expression lines get a terrible grimace. The injection temporarily paralyzes the muscles, thus does not appear crow's feet around the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead and nose. The skin around the lips preparation is administered in cases of asymmetrical shapes as well as to increase the volume. In areas where as a result of age-related changes skin sags, means "Botox" has no effect. His direction - it wrinkles. Injections give a greater visual effect with other programs for rejuvenation. If you want to get rid of the habit of frowning or excessive emotionality pronounced on your face, you can try injection drug "Botox". Contraindications to the use of such opportunities - the desire to do it on a monthly basis and do not let the muscles relax, causing them to atrophy.

The drug

How much?

"Botox" - is the most popular drug botulinum toxin. Price procedure generated based on the necessary amount of money units. The difference between the "Botox" and "Dysport" drugs that have different concentrations. This means that to achieve the results you need a different quantity. Their relationship can be represented as follows: 2, 5 units of the drug "Dysport" to 1 unit of money "Botox". Lips, the price of which is measured similarly cut away fewer units (as opposed to a bridge). The right amount is calculated individually for each zone. It depends on the depth of wrinkles and the required volume.