Ten unsuccessful gifts on New Year's Eve

Every year the same thing: all are hoping for a real holiday, and all a bad mood when they are given once a souvenir as a symbol of the year. Now we tell, it does not turn into an evil Snow White.

Ten unsuccessful gifts on New Year's Eve


Senseless and ruthless waste paper: firstly, the calendar is not necessary, because it is in your phone. Secondly, those who need a wall calendar, buy their own one, which, in their taste, beautiful and easy to use. Third, the calendar still have presented to you. And, fourthly, the best way to turn any room into a parody of the registry of the city polyclinic - hang a calendar with a symbol of the year. In general, do not give it.

The beautiful but tasteless Christmas sweets

Sweet gift - a piece convenient, inexpensive, in any case, useful, well, kind of like you do not come empty-handed. And even those who do not like sweets, with such a gift is usually humble themselves: well lie yourself candy, do not ask, you can apply to tea, still all holidays - endless visitors. All this is true, of course, if it is a box of chocolates. But the special New Year's Present - painted cookies, gingerbread houses, sweet Christmas toys - usually expensive and inedible. Do not give them, if you do not want from the present otschipnuli piece, twisted and thrown in the trash.

Cosmetics and hygiene

About "the Hedgehog, you would have bathed!" Joked not only lazy, yes. And, besides, there is nothing easier than to not guess the smell, the type of vehicle or a shade, when it comes to decorative cosmetics, which you give to a friend. If you really want, better to present the certificate to the store.


Belts, wallets, gloves (and socks for cute, yes) - a very strange gifts: on the one hand, things seem to be useful to the other - nothing loud screams for you: "Yes, how do I know that you give? ! "This is the first. And the second: nothing is easier than to guess again, and throw away the wrong accessory is much more complicated than the tasteless cake: the thing is useful! Let lie down. Porazdrazhaet!

Gifts made with their own hands

Before the New Year, any network edition publishes articles and workshops on the theme "How to make a cool gift with their own hands." You know what? To entertain you, not to you in fact he began to sculpt a gift of something horrible. If you do not master hendmeyda not earn a living by selling their products, such a gift - not your story. No, really: to relate to someone cool hat - yes, it's great if knitting - your long-term interests (okay, let them not a profession). In other cases, just the "gift with their own hands" for preschool and primary school age.

Christmas Gifts subjects

Yes, the very symbol of the year, and even Christmas decorations (exception - a gift to the collector of Christmas toys, but then the toy should be rare, unusual or antique Chinese stamping is not suitable), candles, snow balls and plates, painted winter landscape. Values ​​in all this exactly zero, and thanks giver will be on the same level.

Funny Gifts

Not the fact that you were born in the years when the gifts, jokes were really valuable: the last time this happened, the commercials in 1995, when the shops with souvenirs like just opened. However, even if they could please mostly children. And keep in mind: worse underpants as elephant can only be perpetuated souvenirs with them jokes Eugene Vaganovicha. Throw byaku!

Things that are useful in everyday life

Exceptions to this rule: you give a gift, consulting the Wish list; you give a gift is very close to man, knowing that he would be glad to see him. In other cases, you just multiply the amount of trash in someone else's apartment. No, really: the next time you find yourself at the store household goods, try to hold in your hand, "not a" conventional pan - most, in your opinion, it is inconvenient. And imagine that each of your morning omelet starts with things that annoys you. Introduced? Now imagine a person who is able to correctly guess which of the pans on the shelves of countless exactly "your". Smekaesh?


And you'll never guess again: Vase not fit into the interior, glasses suitable for red wine, and the owners of the house drink only brut (and this you did not report), the picture will want to throw darts, so it does not coincide with their sense of beauty. Just do not. And no photo frames!

A gift that disappoint

The worst in the world a gift. If your head suddenly bright idea to visit "And do think I surprise!", It is better to throw it away. Or, in extreme cases, to supplement the main surprise gift. However, there is a caveat: First, you have to say that it is waiting for this gift, and secondly, you should be able to buy it. In general, if someone is waiting for you to a new iPhone, and the money you have just chocolate - it is not deceived expectations. But if suddenly you are promised some people live kitten, and going to present a set of "Lego" - this is the worst gift in the world. Better the rest of the list crowd to donate, but the kitten at that - a must!