Strange things you need to do in the army

Those who have not served in the military or are soon to go, probably scratching their heads over the fact what exactly the soldiers forced to sew white undercollar to the collar, because nothing like the people on the "citizen" do not. In fact, the answer to this question is simple and is very important in practice. We will understand it and from the outset to all to understand that there is nothing in the armed forces is not done just so.

Strange things you need to do in the army

1. White undercollar

Strange things you need to do in the army

When it comes to the army, it is worth remembering that everything is on the one hand frighteningly simple, on the other - all is under a certain sense (in most cases). As for the white podvorotnichka, it is purely a question of hygiene soldier. "In the civilian world," people actually do not wear clothing with tight-fitting collar. Even in the offices of the shirt, most likely, they will be undone on the top button.

The army is not the case. The collar should always fit snugly to the neck. A well-known maxim reads: how much is not my neck - it is always dirty. Especially in the army, where the life of a soldier closely linked to physical work (as opposed to working in the office), and the sweat and dirt are the norm.

That is why it is important hygiene. Regularly changing the white collar is needed to ensure that the neck is not in contact with a dirty cloth and rigid forms. Collarless neck can be rubbed up blood, sweat and dirt very quickly become the cause of unpleasant sores. Note: contrary to first impressions, sewing podvorotnichka takes quite a bit of time, especially in a week or two of life.

2. Mowing at "zero" and shave

Strange things you need to do in the army

haircut at zero as it should be, obvious. This is a banal question of hygiene. Hardly anyone wants to be a "family home" for a colony of lice. In addition, take care of the hair in the army have neither the time nor the opportunity. Therefore, the easiest way to shave off their banal. It should be noted that the shear nalyso soldiers in every single army in the world.

The same goes for facial hair. During the Soviet period (and in many armies of the countries of the former USSR), the soldiers allowed to wear mustaches, but they should be well maintained in accordance with the statute. Most men prefer to shave them for life time because of all of that free time deficit.

Note: a "zero" in reality are cut only recruits. In the course of the service charter provides several types supershort haircut! Who said that the army is no place for fashion ?! And yes, they are all close to a zero haircut.

3. Move systems

Strange things you need to do in the army

We have nuclear missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, why do we need to go order? Movement systems - is an element of army discipline, which helps develop a sense of solidarity among the soldiers. The fact that the slender ranks of the square and is no longer used on the battlefield, does not mean that the soldiers do not need that same unity. It is for this reason that drill is preserved in every army in the world. She even engaged in some French Legion. Finally, the formation of movement - it is the safest and most practical way to move groups of people. For example, going to the dining room in the army carried out whole units. Simply the most convenient (for all) make it organized. Who of formation movement minimizes the risk that an individual will get in any trouble, for example, will fall under the wheels of the car.

Note that even children at school lead column.

4. The monotony of

Strange things you need to do in the army

"The army should be all" swearword "(excellent) and monotonous".

Monotony in the army need to solve several problems. Firstly, the widespread unification simplifies the control of large masses of people, but also provides the principle of "friend or foe". Secondly, the need to maintain this very uniformity helps to maintain discipline and unity of the soldier. Third, the "Conveyor" simplifies HOUSEHOLD people's lives during his service.

5. Painting grass

Strange things you need to do in the army

Back in the old Russian chronicles the disintegration of Kievan Rus' there is mention of how the invited princes in the service of the Vikings are on duty in Kiev and Novgorod from idleness and lack of military training taken booze, steal local girls and rape cows (or vice versa) for the locals eventually became simply kill "invited military experts." Of course, hardly conscripts from idleness these days immediately fouls, but on the whole people (including young people of military age in a closed men's team) from an overabundance of free time tend to begin to engage in any nonsense. That if they do not hurt someone, they injure themselves. A responsible for all (including criminal), not only would-be soldiers, but also their commanders.

From here and there in the army any "strange classes". Needless peculiar they are only for those parts and units, where a number of reasons command structure can not (or unwilling) to organize regular educational and economic process for the soldiers.