Useful gifts for housewarming

Housewarming is one of those events that the newly minted owners of apartments celebrate in a big way. Usually on this day to invite friends and relatives, with whom you can sit in good company and to celebrate a successful purchase. At such a celebration is not accepted to come empty-handed, as it is considered bad form. At the same time, it is very difficult to find a gift, if you do not know about the needs of the owners of the apartment. Not to be trapped and not to give unnecessary things that will gather dust on the shelf, look at the list of cheap and original present, which may be present for a housewarming party.

Classic gifts

Useful gifts for housewarming

Before you go to the store, take into account the following factors: size of the property, the status of the apartment (bought or leased), the owners of the age of their preferences and marital status. After analyzing this information, you can choose to show. However, there are universal things that are appropriate in every situation. Among them:

1. pie or loaf

Useful gifts for housewarming

The cake symbolizes good luck and prosperity. / Photo:

Everyone is familiar with the Russian tradition to welcome guests with bread and salt. However, invited to the housewarming present owners can also delicious bread or loaf. Such a gift would be a great symbol of wealth and prosperity in the house.

2. Kitchenware

Useful gifts for housewarming

Wooden kitchen utensils are always in fashion. / Photo:

Usually new apartments practically no dishes, pans, pots and other kitchen devices. Therefore, such a gift will always be "in the subject." You can teach a baking dish, a set of mugs, a set of cutting boards, salad bowls and more. Not a bad option - glasses, wine glasses or shot glasses. Extra on the shelf, they just will not. You can also choose to store the good cutlery. However, if you stay on this option, be sure to ask the owners of a small coin in return. The fact that, according to the signs, give sharp and pointed objects can not be - it will lead to a quarrel. And if you "pay" for the gift, superstition can be circumvented.

3. Textile

Useful gifts for housewarming

Great gift - a tablecloth on the table neutral colors. / Photo:

Curtains, blankets, tablecloths, towels and other textile items as well fit into a new apartment. The most important thing - to pick up the products at the interior clearly that all was harmonious.

4. Kitchen Appliances

Useful gifts for housewarming

Small Appliances need any hostess. / Photo:

Technique of the mixer type, toaster, electric kettle is always needed in the house. In addition, the modern market always offers a number of interesting new products, so choose a good option is not difficult. Before you make a final choice, consider the owners' preferences. If they love the refreshing drink, then go to the store for coffee makers. If you like pastries - buy a blender.

5. Hours

Useful gifts for housewarming

Table clock will perform more decorative function. / Photo:

Of course, the watch is in any phone, but it is much nicer if the apartment is decorated with wall, floor or tabletop models. Firstly, they are discharged at the wrong time, as the smartphone, and, secondly, will be an excellent complement the interior.

6. Lighting

Useful gifts for housewarming

Table lamp will be an additional source of light. / Photo:

Beautiful chandelier, table lamp or lamps enable landlords to divide the room into zones, or to arrange a cozy corner for reading and relaxing. In any case, for whatever purposes are not used lighting fixtures, they are always relevant.

7. Furniture

Useful gifts for housewarming

Obuvnitsa help maintain order in the hallway. / Photo: If funds allow, we can choose as a present of a piece of furniture. Try to choose something very expensive and cumbersome, but it is no less necessary. For example, obuvnitsu, coffee table, bedside tables, pouf in the hallway.

8. Carpets

Useful gifts for housewarming

The carpets add comfort room and protect your feet from the cold winter. / Photo:

Not all people like to place in their homes carpets, as they always accumulates a lot of trash. Consider this point, before you go to the store. If your friends do not have anything against these products, do not hesitate to choose a small rug in the bathroom or a full carpet that will create comfort in any room.

9. Linens

Useful gifts for housewarming

Bedding must be chosen taking into account the size of the bed. / Photo:

Another universal gift that will suit both couples and lonely man - bed linen. The most important thing to know is what size bed in the bedroom and what colors dominate the room. With this information, you can pick up a good variant of clothes.

10. Certificate

Useful gifts for housewarming

The certificate will allow the new settler to purchase any product at his request. / Photo:

If you doubt the choice of a gift, then we launched a housewarming party certification of furniture or appliance store. In this case, the landlord himself will be able to choose the right thing for themselves.

Original gadgets gift

In today's stores you can find lots of interesting and multi-functional devices that will facilitate your fellow newcomers cleaning, cooking or washing. Among these original devices can be identified:

1. A robot cleaner

Useful gifts for housewarming

A robot cleaner is useful to owners who permanently lost at work. / Photo:

This option is indispensable in the event that the apartment has pets or owners are very busy people who do not have time for a full cleaning. The robot can self-clean the carpets and floors at a given time and in the said territory you. Most models available dry and wet cleaning.

2. Electric driers

Useful gifts for housewarming

Electric driers will quickly dry the liner and does not take up much space. / Photo:

If the apartment is small and there is no balcony, you need to take care of the acquisition device, which can accommodate compact and dry wet clothes. A good option - Electric driers. Choose a folding model, which will be after the operation to remove the pantry. Also pay attention to the fact that the device can put in order not only clothes, but also shoes.

3. Monitor air quality

Useful gifts for housewarming

Monitor air quality - a great option for couples with children. / Photo:

Such a device is particularly suitable for couples with young children. Monitor air quality will show the level of humidity, pollution and a number of other parameters.

4. multivarka

Useful gifts for housewarming

In multivarka can cook a variety of dishes. / Photo:

Versatile kitchen appliance that can simultaneously act and oven, and Aerogrill and deep fryer, and yogurt. Multivarka make the cooking process faster, more comfortable and convenient, and ready-made meals - delicious.

Gifts for interior and comfort

The so-called "cozy gifts" always appropriate. And sometimes they miss the mark so that they can initiate the formation of the new interior in the house. Successful decorative elements can be:

1. Lightbox

Useful gifts for housewarming

Lightbox decorate the interior and will be an additional source of light. / Photo:

Lightbox is a frame that is both light source. The device can be any shape, color and size, depending on your preference. As for the photos, which will be placed in a lightbox, it can be any of: a snapshot of the hosts, photos of animals, beautiful abstraction, and so on.

2. Blankets and pillows

Useful gifts for housewarming

Blankets and cushions add comfort and give warmth. / Photo:

There is nothing better on a cold winter evening than to sit in a chair, wrapped in a warm blanket and watch a movie with a hot cup of coffee in hand. To apartment owners were able to spend time like this winter, give them a soft blanket. Present can be supplemented with bright cushions, which will perform an excellent decor element and decorate parlor.

Tip: a lonely person or a pregnant girl like fun pillow-hugs. This gift both cute and comfortable.

3. The picture panels or

Useful gifts for housewarming

The painting to decorate the walls and complement the interior. / Photo:

Fill in the blank walls or panels can picture the apartment. Try to choose a neutral version with pictures of flowers, animals and landscapes. If your friends are fond of all of the ordinary, you can select an abstraction. A great option - a picture painted by hand. If you have artistic talent, then go for it. Gift made by your own, always appreciated much higher.

4. Electric Fireplace

Useful gifts for housewarming

Electric Fireplace - expensive, but a good gift. / Photo:

Fireplace - the one piece of furniture that can be even the most modest apartment converted into a cozy nest. It is completely fireproof, has a compact size and can be located anywhere along the wall.

5. The chair-sac

Armchair-bag will be an excellent complement reading corner. / Photo:

Similar chair or any other furniture frameless room adds comfort. Sitting in a "bag", you can relax, relax with your favorite book and tea, watch TV or play with friends in the console.