Tattoo "Yin-Yang": types and value

The tradition of decorating the body figure has its origins in ancient Indian tribes. Over time, the performance of the technology has changed, the materials used, the drawings themselves and their values. In the modern world of tattoo - a fashion trend that wins more and more people every year. Among the most common patterns is particularly notable tattoo "Yin-Yang", the symbolism of which came from ancient Chinese mythology.

A few words about the history of

Initially the body jewelery used various means at hand. It could be red or white clay, charcoal, fruits and berries intense color. Drawing on the body was created in order to attract most attention, trying to stand out from the rest of the people. Ancient shamans use ritual painting to scare away evil spirits, protect against the evil eye and the machinations of enemies. tribal leaders graced the skin distinctive signs, are characterized by their special position and rank.


However, the colorful drawings quickly loses appeal, or simply washed away. To secure undershirt painting, drawing or cut in the skin prick to the remaining characters scars retained contours. Subsequently, this technology began to add dyes, which rubbed into open wounds. After healing remained intense color of the scar, the prototype of today's tattoos.

The meaning of symbols

An important role is played in tattooing value stuffed characters. Each character has its promise for a man who has chosen pectoral drawing. Tattoo "Yin-Yang", the value of which has always been around for centuries, symbolizing the masculine and the feminine. Two opposite elements, embodying the black and white, are a sign of unity. Classic symbols embodiment is a circle composed of two spheres in the form of droplets, and connecting a complementary integrally. In every area including the largest point of the opposite color, which symbolizes the beginning, the creation, the origins of life. Black and white drops can be compared with two opposites, which as a result create a coherent whole.


The real meaning of the tattoo, "Yin-Yang" can differ slightly from the contemporary interpretations, but in general, characterized by two opposing forces, which can not exist separately. Often the figure identified with the human desire to go through life, overcoming the black and white stripes, with the advantage of taking as gifts, and the blows of fate. Holders of character differ strength of character and willpower.

Tattoo for women

Every owner of a tattoo brings in its creation its own significance and deep meaning in addition to the basic symbolism. The beautiful half of humanity is often performs tattoo "Yin-Yang", on the arm, back, or upper arm. Regardless of the location for the women this figure has the following characteristics:

  • an understanding of life;
  • a philosophical outlook on life;
  • mental harmony and balance;
  • tranquility, peace, family comfort;
  • Charm.

The woman, who decided to decorate your body such symbols, usually with a deep understanding applies to every living moment. She is ready to learn the secrets of the universe, to find positive emotions even in difficult situations.

"yin-yang" in men

For members of the male population also tend to adorn themselves with tattoos, "Yin-Yang" on the arm, shoulder, wrist, lower part of the neck. The value of the symbolic figure is similar to the female interpretation. The man, the owner of the tattoo, tends to edification, harmony and peace of mind. He humbly accepts hard life situations, has a philosophical turn of mind, find a rational explanation for what is happening.


When the female half in most cases selects the symbol "yin-yang" of state of mind and value for men is often beautiful and spectacular picture. However, despite this, the character is very popular, and every person who has decided to pin it on his body, gives the "Yin-Yang" by its value and power.


With the advent of fashion trends of the classic image of the character is rarely used for tattoos. It is considered one of the older versions. Popularity acquires symbols, supplemented by other images that more accurately characterizes a person. The original sphere in the form of droplets is now replaced all sorts of expressions of opposites, most often it is fire and water.


Tattoo "Yin-Yang" dragon can often be found in people who have a strong, strong-willed character. According to Chinese symbolism of the dragon image means strength, perseverance, courage, boldness and courage. Complement the popular sign can be other animals, for example, the owl will talk about the wisdom, the representatives of the cat family - a cunning and tenderness. Circle, herpes scope symbolizes an infinity sign because it is often performed in the form of solar rays disc characterizing rest, family harmony and well-being. Lovers often make separate tattoos, make up one whole. As opposites are using colors, sunrise and sunset, day and night. Modern trends can be presented in the form of halves of the heart that characterize kindred spirits associated strong sense.

Koi Fish

Another popular replacement of the traditional symbolism can be found in the performance of two koi. Fish "Yin-Yang" - a tattoo in the form of male and female representatives of the underwater world. Floating together they constitute a harmonious picture symbolizing integrally. For greater clarity, each fish individually portrayed with a certain set of opposites. This may be a difference in the colors, the structure of the fins, painted calf.


The circular motion, which is displayed koi, means faith in the strong link between the different in appearance and nature of things. The symbolism in the form of fish, in most cases, women applied to the chest or upper arm. Often, this kind of tattoo do representatives of the zodiac sign of Pisces, combining the values ​​of the horoscope with Chinese mythology of ancient times.