How to get rid of oily sheen on his face advice beauticians

How often many of us are faced with the problem of shiny skin! It seems only recently washed, and his face has again this unpleasant sheen. This phenomenon can only talk about one thing - you have oily skin.

How to get rid of oily sheen on his face advice beauticians

On the one hand, it is to some extent well. This dermis much longer remains young. At least, if it is compared with dry skin. But on the other hand, the increased efficiency of the sebaceous glands is able to deliver a very unpleasant feeling. What to do? How to get rid of oily sheen on your face?

Determine the type of skin

Whether or not you have oily skin? Or do you simply suspicious persons and try to find the disadvantages? I know this is very simple, is enough to analyze the look of your face. Here are the most common signs of a oily skin:

  1. On the face you often notice the black spots or blackheads.
  2. In the frontal area, as well as on the nose and chin, you can see the enlarged pores.
  3. Your makeup disappears from the face.
  4. And, of course, shine, appearing already in just a couple of hours after washing.

If it is similar to what you see in the mirror every day, then you have really oily skin.

What are sebaceous glands?

Before wondering how to get rid of oily sheen on the face, it would be nice to learn about the reasons for its occurrence.

The fact is that throughout our skin sebaceous glands are located. The only exceptions are the soles and palms. In some places they are in large numbers. For example, scalp, back, chin and forehead.

How to get rid of oily sheen on his face advice beauticians

When the sebaceous glands are working properly, it is unlikely that you have a question about how to get rid of the oily sheen on the face. In this case, sebum is produced in optimal quantities and does not cause any inconvenience. In fact, it is indispensable for our body because it prevents moisture loss and protects the skin.

Where does shine?

But there are other situations. Glands produce fat in large amounts. That's when we're trying to figure out how to get rid of oily sheen on your face forever. Why is this happening? What affects the sebaceous glands?

Experts say that the reason for the increased production of fat and, as a result, bad luster may be several factors:

  • For example, the individual characteristics, the same genetic predisposition.
  • Increased activity of sebaceous glands may be associated with internal diseases.
  • Improper care. our skin suffers the most from it. Coarse cleaning, deforming the epithelium, or overdrying the skin as a result of the intensive use of alcohol-containing agents.
  • There is another reason - hormonal disorders. For example, during pregnancy or during lactation. Growing organism or menopause also lead to an imbalance of hormones. It is important to establish the cause of the failure.

Restless hormones

Particularly hormonal imbalances characteristic of men.

How to get rid of oily sheen on your face? Reviews dermatologists reveal to us the secrets of physiology. The culprit sleek face can be called androgen. This male hormone stimulates an increase in sebaceous glands. Sebotsit (namely the so-called sebaceous glands in professional medical language) accumulates a sebum, and then breaks down and throws it.

Perhaps the problem in another hormone - testosterone. The peak of his production between the ages of 16 to 35. Then, men's skin becomes drier.

Down shine!

Many of us try to find out how to get rid of oily sheen on your face throughout the day.

How to get rid of oily sheen on his face advice beauticians

Modern cosmetics offer such an opportunity, but they do not solve the problem. Only an integrated care will help you.

Still, let's see to what tricks are sometimes used by women.

Masking defects

It would seem that the easiest way - to hide the shine under the layer of makeup. But it has several drawbacks.

  • First, the sebum can still tread through the makeup. In this case, you get the effect of dirty skin.
  • Second, the sebum does not find exit to the outside and thus clog the pores. It is already facing a lot of trouble. For example, the appearance of acne and inflammation.

It is better to use special cosmetics, which has marked "matt". It has a light texture. There is also a powder created specifically for oily skin. They include starches, clays, polymers. But then again stable result they will not give.

If so you just need to look your best today, and you do not know how to get rid of oily sheen on the face during the day, use the special matting napkins. They are inexpensive, and offer a tangible effect. However, short-term.

What is the charm of these napkins!

Indeed, this is one of the best achievements of cosmetology at the moment. They are a kind of first aid. Just do not confuse them with ordinary paper or wipes.

These products come in several forms, on which depends their purpose.

  • Linen quickly absorbed the sweat and excess oil, leaving a natural makeup.
  • C absorbents or powder. These substances absorb at some time sebum, preventing the occurrence of gloss.
  • Polymer. Resemble a thin tracing and perfectly absorb fat. In this case, the makeup does not wash. The maximum that can stay on them - a little bit of foundation.

Our skin is in our hands,

These means are good, but give a temporary respite. Getting rid of greasy with guarantees for a long time? The answer is simple: it is necessary to take good care of your skin.

How to get rid of oily sheen on his face advice beauticians

Your task - to reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands and narrow pores. Stick to the basic rules, and your problem will be solved.

  • need to wash in the morning and evening. It is desirable to cool water. It is possible to add the lemon juice. Very well to washing with soap and salt. It's enough to moisten a cotton swab and lather it. Sprinkle with salt. Spending in the face should be carefully without damaging the skin. When the film dries, it should be washed off.
  • It is better to abandon nourishing creams. They can be replaced with special grease gels.
  • Excellent help scrub with salicylic acid. It not only exfoliates dead skin cells, but also penetrates a positive effect on the sebaceous glands. In general, peels and scrubs should not be abused. After all, their frequent use makes the skin vulnerable to all kinds of infections. Once a week would be sufficient. And one more thing: choose Exfoliating on mud or fruit-based.
  • Pay attention to the clay. Especially good with her mask. It perfectly absorbs sebum and do not traumatize the skin. Just choose the clay without all kinds of perfumes.

Beauty Secrets of Mother Nature

You do not know how to get rid of the oily sheen on the face of folk remedies? Now we fix this annoying little thing. Pantry generous nature on gifts for us.

How to get rid of oily sheen on his face advice beauticians
  • The purchase facial wash, you can easily replace serum or sour milk.
  • Also, for this purpose you can use a decoction of nettle and linden, yarrow and calendula. You notice yourself that the person ceases to shine.
  • Try a mask from the pulp of a cucumber or tomato. You can also use rolled oats soaked in milk.

All of these tools are easy to prepare and use, but the result is stunning.

Men's secrets

Our supermen harder, decorative cosmetics can not hide flaws. How to get rid of the oily sheen on the face of men?

Need to adhere to 3 rules:

  • Purification.
  • Humidification.
  • Power. How to get rid of oily sheen on his face advice beauticians

Today enough male cosmetics, able to solve this problem. She has a special mark - "for men". Especially tormented men acne. If you do not want to go to a beauty salon, you should at least look into the pharmacy. There's a huge number of lotions and creams that are struggling with acne.

It is time to do themselves and repel oily shine!