8 puzzles to train your brain

• 8 puzzles to train your brain

Do you want to puzzle your friends or get your gray matter a little work? Then try to guess the following amusing puzzles. (Answers are at the end, but mind you do not peek!)

8 puzzles to train your brain

1. Count to three

If you have three, then you have three. If you have two, you have two. But if you have only one, you have none. What is it?

2. Who am I?

I can be fast, and in a moment - dead. I - a mixture of stone, shell and bone. If I became a man, I would have made people dream of. I am a member of a million particles through streams, seas and oceans. Who am I?

3. The game of numbers

When 99 more than the 100?

4. The property

The man went to the hotel by car. As soon as he reached the hotel, it is declared bankrupt. Why?

5. Hint: it's not your husband

If my name is pronounced, then I disappear. Who or what am I?

6. The doctor and the boy

Boy goes on the road with the doctor. The boy is the son of a doctor, but the doctor is not the father of this boy. Who is the doctor?

7. Indecisive inventor

The man who invented it, did not want to have it for themselves. The person who buys it, buy it for yourself. The person to whom it is necessary, does not know about it. What is it?

8. Over the years, under the age of

In 2000, the writer was 50 years, and in 2010 he knocked 40 years. How is this possible?


8 puzzles to train your brain

1) Choice

2) Sand

3) Microwave - if you set it to "99", it will run for 1 minute and 39 seconds, but if you set it to "100", it will run for 1 minute

4) The man playing "Monopoly", but he falls real estate, for which he can not pay the rent

5) Silence

6) Dr. - mother

7) The coffin

8) The writer lived in the BC era, rather than in our era.