How to determine your tsvetotip? What are tsvetotip?

It is said that the idea of ​​the division of people into several tsvetotip invented Factorovich Maximilian, founder of the world famous cosmetics brand Max Factor. This undoubtedly ingenious invention. If you know the basic principles and criteria for the division, the definition tsvetotipa appearance can be done in just a couple of minutes. But after that it will be much easier to choose a color palette for makeup and clothes.

How to determine your tsvetotip? What are tsvetotip?

What to look for your tsvetotip?

Some people have long realized that some colors they will not fit, and others, on the contrary, make them much more attractive, and try to choose the right clothes for themselves, relying on your taste or the opinions of others. Others do not even think about what is right for them and what does not. After the selection of clothes they are guided by entirely different criteria, such as "Marco non-marking", "fashionable, unfashionable," "hudit or complete", so they are not so important to know your tsvetotip. Women, who are in their appearance with the responsibility, the question, of course, concerned. After all, there are a variety of colors and shades that are great and some people did not go to others. With the right selection of colors women can look even better, brighter and fresher. Conversely, incorrect color can spoil the impression of even the most beautiful model dresses, and even worse, can give a person a kind of dullness, which will add aged women. Despite the fact that talk of tsvetotip steel conducted recently, many women are always subconsciously feel that they belong to a particular group of people who are to face one or another color. If you think it's all about the hair color, you are mistaken. Of course, the color head of hair can play a significant role in this process, as the definition of tsvetotipa appearance, but this is not the only criterion. Everything is much more complicated. In addition, not all people are able to identify at a glance, they relate to a tsvetogruppe. It requires special skills.

How to determine your tsvetotip appearance? The easiest way to

Of course, any modern designer at a glance accurately determine your tsvetotip, but it can make you at home, learn a few rules. By the way, the knowledge on how to define your tsvetotip, are no less important for men. After all, they, unlike women, there is no possibility to use decorative cosmetics to adjust their appearance. So, the easiest way to "diagnose" your tsvetotip is proofing. To do this, you need to put on an open top without a shoulder or strip to the waist, remove jewelry, make-up wipe, remove hair from the face (it is better to tie a tight ponytail at the back) and stand in front of a large mirror in a well sunlit room with light walls. Direct hit Rays in the room will need to be deleted. It is necessary to have on hand a few (the more, the better) multi-colored scarves, shawls or cuts. Cover their hair, just pulled down over his forehead, and look in the mirror. Soon you will understand what colors suit you and which do not. The same method can be used to determine which of the shades of the same color as you are fit. So you figure out your warm or cold tsvetotip. Put your colors on one side, and the remaining clean away. Then you can on the instructions below, determine which of the four main concerns tsvetotip your appearance.

How to determine your tsvetotip? What are tsvetotip?

Main tsetotipy

As noted above, the definition of tsvetotipa appearance depends not only on the color of hair and eyes, but also on the color, that is a combination of basic skin pigment this person. Classification tsvetotip proposed "Max Factor" refers mainly to the Caucasian race. According to this classification, are 4 main groups: winter, summer, spring and autumn.

How to determine your tsvetotip hair?

Based on the color of hair, the following tsvetotip: light, dark, cold, warm, soft and clean. First, we divide into two groups of people with light and dark hair. By the light holders are medium and light-brown, light red, light brown hair, and blond. Dark hair are considered to be dark brown, brown, auburn, chocolate, dark brown, blue-black and black. All fair-haired people are tsvetotip "spring" or "summer", and dark-haired, respectively, to tsvetotip "Autumn" and "Winter". Now we know how to separate the light from the dark tsvetotip. Next you need to create 2 groups according to the principle of "warm-cold". It depends on the presence or absence of skin and hair golden (yellow) pigment. Sometimes it is very easy to identify, and gold glitter catches your eye, and in other cases the line between the ash and golden hues barely distinguishable, so you need to carefully follow the shine of hair in good light. If they are cast in gold, it is a warm tsvetotip, if silver - the cold.

Determination tsvetotipa skin color

Of course, a person can change the color of his face and body with the help of tanning, foundation or powder, but even in this case, the final result remains dependent on the original, that is bestowed by nature skin tone. Therefore, the color of the skin is one of the main criteria for determining tsvetotipa.

How to determine your tsvetotip? What are tsvetotip?

So you already know how to define your tsvetotip hair color now learn how to do it, depending on the skin tone and the color of freckles and moles. Peach skin color suggests warmth tsvetotip. It also includes a skin color ivory, champagne, bronze and gold. Freckles and moles are not at the same brown and reddish. But in the cold tsvetotip through the skin often translucent bluish blood vessels. Individuals generally are deprived of blush, the skin is snow-white, pink, bluish or olive hue. And freckles and moles have a grayish-brown color.

Determination tsvetotipa Metals

Understand which tsvetotipu treat you, you can also jewelry, rather, for the metal of which they are made. For example, warm to face tsvetotip gold, brass, copper and bronze and cold, on the contrary, suitable products from platinum, silver and steel. Surely you've noticed that some of the gold rings on the hands look elegant and expensive, while others - as something cheap and unpresentable.

tsvetotip the seasons

How to determine your tsvetotip and see which of them - warm or cold, dark or light - you think about, you know. Now it's time to find out who you are, "Winter", "Spring", "Summer" and "Autumn"?

"Spring" are those people who are warm and bright tsvetotip. Go to "fly" are bright and cold tsvetotip. A pair of "dark-warm" refers to "fall" and "dark-cold" - to the "winter."

So, if you are a "spring", then you have the light, even a little bit muffled Eye Color: watery blue, muted green, light gray, light brown. The iris is sometimes encountered blue or golden blotches. Hair, of course, also with bright golden shimmer, peach-colored skin, lips are pale pink, and eyebrows are close to the color of the hair.

For the "winter" is characterized by the following features: the eyes can be any color (green, bright blue, deep-brown and black), but they should be bright with piercing eyes; Hair color - black with silver shimmer (black, blue-black, dark chocolate) or light - platinum blonde; eyebrows in the case of dark hair should match the color of hair, and in platinum - have ashy hue. As for the skin, it is a very white, almost porcelain or dark olive or bluish tint.

How to determine your tsvetotip? What are tsvetotip?

"Autumn" correspond to the hair red, brown, copper and rich golden hues. Eyebrows and eyelashes are ryzhinku, the skin may be wheat, peach, bronze colors. Lip color is usually bright pink, and eyes the color of green, blue, gray-blue, greenish brown, gray-brown, and others.

And, finally, summer tsvetotip requires light to medium brown hair, ashen, but not a golden sheen, light ash blonde dim and dark brown hair, again with a silvery sheen. Eyebrows and eyelashes color close to the shade of hair. skin color - very bright (ivory, porcelain, light pink or light olive). The eyes can be either very bright or dark (brown, brown nut-and t. D.).

Subdued - pure

We have completely forgotten about another criteria for determining tsvetotipa. We are talking about a couple of "muffled (soft)," and "pure." They can only be determined by a color proof. This test is performed when there is doubt about the affiliation of tsvetotipa to a particular time of year. Net refers to the "spring" and "winter" and soft tsvetotip - to the "summer" and "autumn".


By the way, there is a category of people, which is peculiar contrast tsvetotip. They are the ones skin color, hair and eyes that do not correspond to any of the four main types of tsvetogrupp. And how to define your appearance tsvetotip people with such extraordinary features? It says about them that nature gave them triple contrast. not four such tsvetotip, and only three, "contrasting the summer", "contrasting winter", "contrasting the fall." As you can see, "contrasting spring" is not among them. Since tsvetotip determined mainly by three parameters - the hair, skin and eyes, if two of them correspond to one of the main tsvetotip, means a person refers to this type. People in this category designers recommend the use of three contrasting colors to create an image.

Your colorful wardrobe

So, knowing which of tsvetotip concerns your appearance, you can define the colors and shades, which must find a place in your wardrobe and pick up the palette of decorative colors for your make-up, that is the color of shadows, lipstick, foundation, powder and blush . So, let's see what colors and shades suitable for all kinds of tsvetotip.


How to determine your tsvetotip? What are tsvetotip?

This tsvetotipu to face the color of yellow dandelions, warm shades of green, for example, the color of young leaves, sky blue, turquoise, pink flowering gardens, in a word, all those delicate and fresh tones that are associated with the onset of springtime. Among the celebrities who are of this type of appearance, Anna Semenovich, Elena Korikova, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and others. In their wardrobes can find a place alongside caramel, pastel, light coral and orange, and beige shades. Pure white is better to avoid them, are more suitable milk-white or ivory color. They are contraindicated in black and gray.


Fly more suitable muted colors. The color of sun-bleached grass, the sky, shrouded in mist ... Summer tsvetotipu to face worn denim, similar in color to the summer sky. He also suitable cornflower blue shade of purple, lilac, blue and gray. To this type belong Hilton, Gvinet Peltrou, Xenia Sobchak, Princess Diana et al.

How to determine your tsvetotip? What are tsvetotip?


As this very time of year, this tsvetotip has a rich palette of colors. This wet bark of trees, and colorful autumn leaves and straw, and late berries and fruits. These colors give the autumn tsvetotipu luxurious and noble appearance. Wardrobe should be in red, golden, mustard, brown, burgundy, copper, corn yellow, garnet, marsh, olive and other similar shades. Gray and black are absolutely not fit this type. As for blue, then pick the right shade will not be easy. This can be a cross between blue and green, for example, celadon. By the autumn type include such divas as Alla Pugacheva, Dzhualiana Moore, Mylene Farmer and Julia Roberts.

How to determine your tsvetotip? What are tsvetotip?


In winter, more than ever you can find contrasts. Black trunks of trees or bright green spruce on the white carpet of snow. Dark blue shadows in the snow, red berries of mountain ash and hawthorn, blue-purple sky, pale blue, and sometimes blue-gray ice, the crimson sunset. People belonging to the winter tsvetotipu - bright personality. They never remain unnoticed in the crowd, so they are suitable flashy and bright colors and contrasts: black-red, white-black, ultramarine with lemon. They are also to face silver, gray-silver, scarlet, crimson, fuchsia, cornflower blue, deep emerald green and close to the black shades of blue, green, brown, purple and so on. D. By this tsvetotipu are Monica Bellucci, Penelope Cruz Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta Jones, and others.

How to determine your tsvetotip? What are tsvetotip?


Dear reader, we hope that by reading this article, you've already managed to define their tsvetotip. We will be very glad if this knowledge will help you to build your wardrobe, and in it find a place garments only those colors that are advantageous to accentuate your beauty and make your unique image.