The mask of honey to face: all existing recipes

Honey is a great benefit to the human body when eating it. Beauty at all times and used it for preserving youth and beauty skin. Mask of honey has long been known for the face, it was used by our ancestors. Although they did not have the scientific evidence about the benefits of honey, but I still use it as a cosmetic for skin care, so in practice, convinced of its miraculous properties.

Honey - a unique product

Traditional cosmetics today returned to its former popularity. People no longer feel the excitement of synthetic cosmetics, try it in full. Natural organic means to use a much more effective and useful for skin care, because in them lies the main force of nature. Honey - a natural product, so it is a real treasure to preserve the beauty and health of the person. It is rich in natural antibiotics, polyphenols, enzymes, organic acids, minerals and vitamins. Mask of honey facial will give a normal skin elasticity and healthy glow. Oily skin is calm and remove inflammation. Dry skin, soften and moisturize.

The mask of honey to face: all existing recipes

The use of masks of honey. The history of the great Cleopatra

Egyptian queen Cleopatra took care of their beauty. One of the favorite choices of beauty treatments had a bath filled with milk in combination with honey. These ingredients have a beneficial effect on her skin.

Honey supports beauty, rejuvenates, promotes cell renewal, stimulates tissue regeneration, tones, relieves acne and different types of stimuli, has anti-inflammatory properties, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

All its medicinal properties, including the fact that the mask of honey facial gives a remarkable effect, the beautiful Cleopatra knew and often apply it in practice.

Masks of honey: indications for use

Honey mask depending on the ingredients are suitable for all skin types. It should abandon this procedure only if you are allergic to honey and there is a problem with dilated vessels. In all other cases, the mask of honey is indispensable universal tool and apply to all types of skin. If there is no desire or time to cook can simply mask of honey. He's great and without any additional ingredients.

Mask of honey facial is ideal for people who have problems with dry skin, her withering, acne, with tarnish and peeling. She chooses them easily because nourishes and regenerates skin cells.

Rules of honey masks

For correct use of face masks of honey you must consider a few things.


  1. It is to know your skin type. It is necessary to select additional ingredients.
  2. Make sure that there is no allergy to honey and other components included in the mask. The test is easy to do. a small part of the mask should be applied to the wrist and wait for 15 minutes, if the skin during this time are not flushed, so you can safely use it.
  3. Apply a mask of honey immediately after cooking.
  4. Honey do not need much heat because of the high temperature, it loses its beneficial properties.
  5. Before you apply the mask on the face of the problem, you need to steam it first. This is in order to reveal the pores.
  6. Keep the mask on your face for about 20 minutes, no more.
  7. In conclusion, it is necessary to wash off the mask with warm water.
The mask of honey to face: all existing recipes

Recipes honey facial masks

To resolve problems with the skin of the face do not rush to buy expensive funds in cosmetics stores. A positive effect can be achieved, and folk remedies, without any harm to the skin and with great savings. It is known that honey perfectly affects the skin as effectively cleans pores, supports the natural oil balance, holds moisture well in the cells, protects the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays and makes it silky. Recipes honey masks are diverse. Below, we describe all of their existing species.

The mask of honey and aspirin

Aspirin cleans the pores and is used as a scrub, safe otshelushivaya dead skin cells. Honey, in turn, penetrates the pores cleaned perfectly nourishes the skin and makes it supple.

Face mask "honey-aspirin" beautifully rejuvenates the skin. It not only prevents the appearance of fine lines, but also help in the fight against acne.

A method for preparing: one aspirin tablet must be filled with two teaspoons of water for further softening. The water is perfect for this. Then softened aspirin need to add a spoonful of honey and mix well. The mask should be kept between 5 and 7 minutes. Face mask "honey-aspirin" is applied, as a rule, once a week.

The mask of honey and soda

Ironically, soda a beneficial effect on the skin. It removes impurities and cleanses pores, ie protects against unwanted acne lesions on the face. Soda also able to kill bacteria and soothe irritated skin.

Face mask "honey-soda" used by women, not only for treatment but also for prevention. This mask thoroughly cleanses the face and helps get rid of skin rashes in the form of blackheads and pimples. It recommended for people with oily skin problematic person as soda dries.

A method for preparing: 100 grams of water to dissolve three tablespoons baking soda. The resulting liquid to pour one tablespoon of honey. With regular repetition of the procedure, namely, twice a week, the acne will disappear soon.

The mask of honey and glycerin

Women who are trying to maintain their appeal over time become a necessary anti-aging mask. Fortunately, there are folk remedies that can withstand age-related skin changes - mask. They have a complex effect on the skin, stimulates microcirculation, moisturize and nourish it intensively. For the most effective of these include glycerin. Face mask "honey-glycerine" also includes in its composition two tablespoons of water, two teaspoons of ground oatmeal. Honey and glycerin must be taken half a teaspoon.

The mask of honey and egg protein

In cosmetology eggs repeatedly proved their favor. Especially useful egg white. It contains vitamin B, which affects the skin and gives it a dried and tightening effect. Face masks with the addition of the protein are essential for the combined and oily skin.

The mask of honey to face: all existing recipes

For oily skin are often observed inflammatory processes, so to prepare the mask main ingredient should be egg protein, as it has a disinfecting effect. Furthermore, masks with a protein content commonly used for tightening the skin and smoothing of facial wrinkles around the eyes.

Protein mask can be distributed evenly over the entire surface of the face or only on problem areas such as the chin, cheeks and forehead.

Typically, one protein is needed to prepare a mask. It is only used in its raw form. To do this, divide the egg and gently separate the yolk from the protein. You can use the two proteins. The number of other components must also be doubled. The perfect complement to the squirrel will be honey.

Preparation The following masks. A tablespoon of honey should be mixed with egg white. Thoroughly clean face and apply a nourishing substance. Face mask "protein-med" helps to narrow pores and cleanse them, almost immediately removes redness and shine.

The mask of honey and egg yolk

Thanks to the rich mineral and vitamin content of yolk mask from him help dull, dry and irritable skin. They saturate the cells with nutrients and necessary moisture, it turns out the effect of a natural glow, they smooth wrinkles, make the skin soft and silky. Face mask "yolk-honey" is perfect for dry skin. A method for the preparation of: a spoonful of honey to mix with the yolk of one egg and add a few drops of olive oil.

The mask of honey and oatmeal

The mask of honey to face: all existing recipes

An important component for the preparation of scrubs and masks is oatmeal. Made of oatmeal mask can become a substitute for any cleansing gels and nourishing creams, even the most expensive shops scrub. Especially if it is a pair of a component such as honey, enriched and without various vitamins.

Masks made from the above ingredients, easy to manufacture and does not take a long time (literally to 5 minutes). Prior to use, it must be oatmeal in a coffee grinder to grind flour to the state. Face mask "honey-oatmeal" help get rid of peeling, unhealthy shade, wrinkles, dryness, pigmentation, blackheads and pimples.

Method simple. In a tablespoon of chopped oatmeal stir in a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of olive oil. This magnificent refreshing mask is suitable for different skin types.

The mask of honey and cinnamon

Cinnamon has unique aroma. This wonderful plant is rich in substances that effectively fight fading and skin aging.

The mask of honey to face: all existing recipes

Cinnamon gave us a generous East. It used to be very rare exotic plants is now available to the masses of consumers in the form of cinnamon sticks or powder. In cinnamon contains iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, manganese, many vitamins, vitamins A, K and R.

The ability to fight diseases of the skin and its age-related changes. Cinnamon, in fact, a natural antibacterial agent that effectively copes with rashes on the skin. Facials using cinnamon heal micro-cracks and sores, peeling win, inflammation and acne. Mask "cinnamon-honey" for the face has an easy recipe. For it will need a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of ground cinnamon.

The mask of honey and lemon

Such nutrient embodiment is suitable for the winter period, when the most noticeable lack of vitamins, the skin becomes pale and dry.

At home facial mask "honey-lemon" is made as follows. Two teaspoons of honey should take half a teaspoon of lemon juice. The resulting mass should be thoroughly mixed in a blender. Light neat movements necessary to put a mask on your face, avoiding the eye area.

The mask of honey to face: all existing recipes

Mask "honey-lemon" eliminates dark spots on the face, up to their complete removal. It creates the effect of rejuvenation, because it lightens the skin. Oily skin, this mask will calm, will help to smooth wrinkles. With it you can get a natural healthy complexion, and even in the winter.

The mask of honey and sour cream

This ingredient is sour, is very popular with many women. It is used for cosmetic purposes for quite some time, because it contains a lot of vitamins - PP, C, E, A, D and a plurality of trace elements such as copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, iodine, and others. All this together has beneficial effects on the skin. Sour cream is used for all skin types.

The mask of honey to face: all existing recipes

"Honey-cream" - face mask with such ingredients will be indispensable for people with dry skin. We recommend the following recipe. A spoonful of sour cream to mix with the same amount of honey. The mask will saturate and soften skin and make it silky and soft.

To date, the market of cosmetic products there is a wide range of different masks relating to goods for skin care, containing in its composition honey. So whether they are effective in reality? Should I pay for them? Most women have tried many means to face a variety of manufacturers, just disappointed. In this regard, the fashion began to return natural (home-made) products, because it really provides the desired result. Masks from natural ingredients with the addition of additional ingredients are easy to prepare at home, and their price is low. Create an image of a beautiful and confident women simply. It is necessary to care for their skin, because only then can we attain a flawless appearance. Masks on the basis of honey - it is a very effective and useful tools that are suitable for almost all of the fair sex.