How to shoot the film "Winter Cherry"

• How to shoot the film "Winter Cherry"

Film "Winter Cherry" for more than 30 years, and he not only does not lose its popularity, but also continues to gain new viewers: today removed a quarter of the melodrama. Few know that the basis of the plot is based a true story, the main characters were to play the other actors, and Elena Safonova and Vitaly Solomin repeated the fate of the characters.

How to shoot the film How to shoot the film

Instead of Vitali Solomin and Elena Safonova viewers could see Shakurov Sergey and Natalia Andreichenko

The fact that the story of a single mother, in love with a married man, based on real facts, first reported by Fedor Ra'zac, writer and film historian. He argued that the screenwriter Vladimir Valutskiy described the story of his own life: being married to a famous actress Alla Demidova, he fell in love with a young actress Hope Repin, and their secret affair lasted 14 years.

How to shoot the film

Hope and Vladimir Repin Valutskiy

This version was later confirmed itself Repin, which in 2012 released an autobiographical book, "All the better. A love story that became the basis for the film "Winter Cherry". The actress admitted that for Valutskiy she left her husband, but he threw his wife did not dare. When she began an affair with an Italian, he even proposed to her, but returned it back again. Nadezhda Repina but promised a major role in a film based on the stories of their lives. However, he denied the story autobiographical writer: "Until now, there's some incredible woman, declaring himself the prototype of the main character. And almost no plot, they suggested to me and dictate. It is not true. I in 1982 had a contract with the studio scenario, time was running out, and I came up with this story in one breath for two weeks. A typical picture of the life of a single woman with a child in love with a married man; love, betrayal, loneliness ... ".

How to shoot the film

Actresses, claim the role of Olga: Natalia Andreichenko, Elena Safonov and Tatyana Dogileva

On the role of Olga auditioned many actresses, among them Elena Safonov and Tatyana Dogileva. However, the main role of the approved Natalia Andreichenko. She successfully passed the photo and screen tests, it has been tailored suit, but on the appointed day she was not on shooting. As it turned out, she began a torrid romance with a foreigner, an actor and director Maximilian Schell, and at that moment she was not up to the shootings. Then the actress was removed from the role and started to urgently look for a replacement.

How to shoot the film

In fotoproby candidate №2 was Elena Safonova, she was called to the shooting, but the director was very disappointed on the first day. "When we met her, she was an ugly duckling: tired serolitsaya, smoked all the time. And we have it blossomed ", - says Igor Maslennikov. Hairstyle her character, which then mimicked half the female population of the USSR, there was a chance: young girl hairdresser inexperience made the actress masculine haircut. At first, everyone was shocked by her appearance, so the director had decided to shoot Safonov in a wig, but suddenly realized that this strange haircut - the perfect complement to the image of 30-year-old "kid" as he called her beloved heroine.

How to shoot the film

Elena Safonova not only disappointed the director in the future, but also forced him to rewrite the script: by temperamental Andreichenko Olga was scandalous and hysterical, and Safonov made a lyrical heroine, timid, forgiving and patient. As a result, the tone of the film has turned out quite different - her character evoked empathy and sympathy and the female half of the audience, and the male. What can be said about the main character -rezhisseru sent angry letters: why is it so denigrate the image of Soviet man showing his spineless and indecisive!

How to shoot the film

Vitali Solomin in the movie * * Winter Cherry 1985

On the main male role, too, it was initially approved by the other actor - had to shoot several episodes of Sergey Shakurov. But after Andreichenko did not come to the shooting and his partner was Safonov, he refused to participate in the film. The director recalled: "He played with Safonovoj one scene on a fishing trip, and then lashed out against Helena with misty motivation:" I do not feel its reflection, not my people. " I realized that the band does not work, although Shakurov we started shooting before the arrival Safonov. I had to find my magic wand, Vitaly Solomin, charming, "Dr. Watson". As befits a doctor, he performed the function of the ambulance for us. " Solomin Igor Maslennikov just before that worked on the filming of Sherlock Holmes, and the actor agreed to his rescue, unaware of the fact that this role would become his trademark. And from Shakurov in the film were ... bare feet - in the same scene with fishing.

How to shoot the film

Elena Safonov in the film * Winter Cherry * 1985

For many, the role of the actors in this film became fatal. Elena Safonova largely repeated the fate of the heroine: she, too, had a love affair with a married man, she was also a single mother, and then she just as Olga, married a foreigner and went abroad with him. By the way, the audience had the opportunity to see it on the screen to continue "Winter cherry" - where French actor Samuel Labarthe played neighbor hero Solomin, who came to visit him in his house in France. Their life together with Safonova did not work, and the actress returned to Russia. But their son, she had to leave her ex-husband - Under French law, a child born in their country, to adulthood had to stay there.

How to shoot the film

It was a lot to do with the character and Vitaly Solomin. As later admitted the widow of the actor during the filming of "Winter Cherry", he had a love affair with another woman, and for a long time Solomin, darted between them, unable to make the right choice. As a result, he stayed with his wife. Larisa Udovichenko also admitted that she close her character: just as it is, the actress was disappointed in men, and has long been lonely.