Swimsuit Banda: provocative classics

Name trendy swimwear gangs comes from the French word bandeau, which means "dressing" or "tape". This separate beach attire strapless, where the upper part resembles a regular bandage. Bandeau Swimsuit-emphasizes the benefit breast any form and is suitable for all types of female figures.

Swimsuit Banda: provocative classics

A brief excursion into the past

People at all times bathed in reservoirs, rivers, seas and lakes. The oldest women bathing attire was a combination of the usual bodice and panties. A little later it was invented fused swimsuits, which are securely hidden from prying eyes all the charms of the female body. They were presented to the branded shorts and long, tight-fitting trousers. 20 years of the last century have brought the fashion for a tan. All we sought to get slim, tanned body and did enjoy sunbathing. In everyday life includes knitted swimwear, well keep in shape. However, despite the wide range of styles, they still remained faithful to chastity, covering most of the female body.

It was only after 40 years on American beaches appeared shocked his provocative shaped separate beach attire - leotard-gang. Against the backdrop of modest bathing suits, he looked boldly and fresh, like a challenge to conservatism and routine fashion.

Swimsuit Banda: provocative classics

Advantages bando

In the world of fashion swimwear gangs are considered a modern classic, and provide a wonderful retro image. Almost all models are equipped with detachable straps and perfectly kept on the chest sewn through the sides of the bones. This is ideal for women who prefer a uniform golden tan. The lack of straps allows to defile without white stripes on the chest and back. Bandeau Swimsuit-fit and those whom nature endowed lush hips. He makes them visually slimmer. A model with drapes help to visually enlarge the miniature chest.

Fashion styles

Classical swimsuit model Banda - separate. At the same time of panties does not say almost anything (here allowed complete freedom of choice), for the lead role in this beach outfit playing top. We propose to discuss some species. The most common model of gangs - a concise upper hand in the form of a wide band, beautifully decorated fabrics. No less popular and twist-bando, resembling the figure eight. It is interesting to look "Bandini" models designed for modest girls. Leaf such a swimsuit top is reaching the waist. Designers developed and fused model. This furor has made news from top fashion houses - swimwear gangs "push-up" with a sewn, silicone or gel volume cups, perfectly correcting the shape of the breast.

Swimsuit Banda: provocative classics

to whom it is given to wear

Contrary to popular belief that the separate bathing suits given to wear a slim and high representatives of the fair sex, the gang is suitable for all types of figures. The main thing - to choose the right style.

Owners of ideal forms can opt for models with a minimum width of the dressing and shorts with a low waist. Balance of form and increase the volume of slim girl helps a swimsuit with decorative elements (ruches, drapery) and shorts-shorts. Ladies with small breasts ideal style "push-up". Owners of the elongated body and rather short legs recommended beach dress with a high waist - it helps to visually lengthen the leg and shorten the torso. Plump women, it is desirable to choose a solid-Bandeau Swimsuit - he will make a figure slimmer thighs and give a shapely form. As for colors, in this regard, it provided a wide range of fashionable women. The trend of classic black and white models, and rich, summer hues: orange, yellow, emerald green, blue, blue and red. In this case the top and bottom of the gown can fundamentally differ in color: for example, the bodice - solid, and bright patterns embellished panties.

Swimsuit Banda: provocative classics

Swimwear gangs - a choice of bold and confident women. Their cost ranges from 600 to 3000 rubles. However, if you have the skills of needlework, you can easily make a swimsuit gangs with their own hands. The simplicity and triviality cut - Leaf Headband conventional panties - will allow you to create a stunning model in just a few days.