Why do I get stretch marks on the thighs, and how to remove them?

Stretch marks on the thighs - the problem faced by many women today. For some reason there is a defect of the skin? How to get rid of stretch marks? The answers to these questions can be found in the article.

Why do I get stretch marks on the thighs, and how to remove them?

Why do I get stretch marks on the thighs?

If the body of sharp changes (changes in the hormonal system, weight gain, pregnancy), the skin does not always have time to grow in the right places. Its inner layers are broken, thereby forming the longitudinal or transverse strips. A blood from a ruptured blood vessels attached wounds red-violet hue. All this can only disappear with time.

In medicine, common to use another name for stretch - stretch marks. Subcutaneous layers increase, helping to restore the integrity of the coating. If no action is taken, it will soon appear white stretch marks on the thighs.

Why do I get stretch marks on the thighs, and how to remove them?

The problem is not even that they are more visible. Simply they are more difficult to remove.

Stretch Marks on the hips - their causes:

  • hormonal disruptions in the body;
  • a sharp weight gain (5 kg or more);
  • Pregnancy
  • adolescent maturation.

Is it possible to get rid of old stretch marks?

White stretch marks indicating that they were for a long time. We'll have to work hard to get rid of them. First you need to revise your diet, adding a more seafood and fish, vegetables and herbs, nuts and fruits. Drink plenty of water. Do not do without special procedures - peeling, body wraps, massages and wraps. In the most complex and advanced cases it makes sense to turn to the beautician and even a plastic surgeon.

Getting rid of stretch marks folk ways

Fresh stretch marks on the thighs can be removed on their own. There are many

Why do I get stretch marks on the thighs, and how to remove them?

popular recipes, time-tested. We tell you about some of them.

Home Scrub

Special blend will help to make the skin more elastic and significantly reduce the number of stretch marks on it. For visible results you need a week to rub thighs cooked scrub. Technology is as follows: peel the orange, mix it with ground coffee, sea salt, olive oil or sour cream. To rub the scrub in the shower steamed skin until light redness. The duration of this procedure is 10 minutes.

essential oils

You want to increase the elasticity of the skin and eliminate stretch marks and fresh? Wonderful assistants in this business are the essential oils. Today, they can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Recipe №1 - mix of hazelnut oil, oranges, wheat germ and the rosemary. The resulting tool you need every day to put on the hips zone by performing vertical movements from the knees to the stomach.

Recipe №2 - mix mandarin oil (2 drops), Neroli (3 drops) and lavender (3 drops). Try to keep the specified proportions. To reduce old stretch marks should be added, and wheat germ oil. Mixture every day to rub into the skin of the thighs after taking a warm bath.

Miracle Cream

Expensive tools are not always effective. Eliminate stretch marks on the thighs can and regular cream, home-cooked. The most important ingredient - the mummy. For the preparation of a miracle cream just 1 g of this material. Mummy can buy tablets. So, dissolve it in a spoonful of water, then add in a tube of baby cream. The resulting mixture should be applied daily to the place of formation of stretch marks. Visible results appear in 2-3 weeks.

Why do I get stretch marks on the thighs, and how to remove them?

How to remove stretch marks on the thighs: domestic procedures

Changes in diet and the application of essential oils on the skin is insufficient to fully get rid of stretch marks. Without any special procedure, you will not achieve good results in the short term. What can we do at home? We offer several options.


This procedure will help to improve skin tone and elasticity. To enhance the blood circulation in problem areas is sufficient to perform light tingling. Before starting the procedure, can be applied to the skin of a mixture of essential oils or special cream.


Here you can use any cosmetic products having in their composition collagen,

Why do I get stretch marks on the thighs, and how to remove them?

elastin or cocoa butter. Apply selected cream or gel on your thighs, zamatyvaem them with cling film, lay down in bed and wrapped up with a warm blanket. Duration of procedure - 30-40 minutes. Then we take a shower.

Use of special means

Today, in stores and pharmacies can be found creams to get rid of stretch marks in the abdomen and thighs. Their value varies in the range from 100 to 1500 rubles. Many buyers are not scared at all price, and a huge variety of tools that promise to eliminate unpleasant stretch marks on the thighs. Photos of girls before and after use of such creams are often placed directly on the packaging. Should I believe it? First of all, you have to study the composition of the gel or cream. If it includes essential oils (at least 2-3 types), lactic acid, natural plant components or extract from soybeans, this means you can safely purchase.

Beauty treatments

If you cope with stretch marks does not work, it makes sense to turn to a professional beautician. Procedures that he would appoint, will depend on the general condition of your body, as well as the quantity and quality of existing stretch marks. The main methods of dealing with stretch marks:

  1. Aromatherapy (refined vegetable oils are used).
  2. hot and cold wraps. As ingredients Why do I get stretch marks on the thighs, and how to remove them?

    used medicinal herbs, essential oils and algae. Is applied to the body and wrapped with a special blend termoodeyalom. Duration wrapping 1 hr.

  3. Thalassotherapy. This method involves receiving a bath with the addition of marine mud, silt and mineral salts. During this procedure, the skin gets the necessary nutrition. Beauticians recommend thalassotherapy those who wish to get rid of stretch marks and cellulite. For visible results you need to pass a course consisting of 10-15 procedures.
  4. ozone-oxygen method. It allows you to make the scars less visible in just a few sessions. Another positive effect of ozone-oxygen exposure is accelerating metabolism in the epidermis.
  5. A chemical peel. In this case it is possible to eliminate the crudest and old stretch marks. The result lasts long enough.
  6. vacuum massage. He performed a special apparatus having a suction effect. This type of massage is effective only in the struggle with fresh stretch marks.
  7. Laser resurfacing. The skin becomes smooth, fresh stretch marks disappear and old stretch marks on the thighs become less noticeable.


Now you know how to remove stretch marks on the thighs. If you prefer to close now to solve this problem, you will soon forget the unpleasant pink and white stripes on the skin.