Useful functions of smartphones

• Useful functions smartphones

Useful functions of smartphones

The most unexpected functions of a smartphone.

Today, many people just do not let out of the hands of your smartphone. Mobile Technology has become an integral part of everyday life. Ironically, at the same time in the world, most people are not aware of all the possibilities of your device. And it is in vain! After all, every smartphone can do really interesting, useful and even unexpected things.

1. Map reality

Useful functions of smartphones

Useful stuff for drivers.

If you often drive at night or in adverse weather conditions, it is necessary to acquire Hudway application for your smartphone that allows to project an image directly onto the windshield. Very convenient, more importantly, to adjust the size as it should.

2. Reading bar codes

Useful functions of smartphones

When you walk into the store, take with a smartphone.

RedLaser app to match help in reading the barcode of any goods in the store. The principle is exactly the same as the reading of QR-codes. For example, it is possible to obtain data about the characteristics of a product in the store.

3. Smartphone + binoculars

Useful functions of smartphones

All of a sudden a useful life hacking.

Few people know that the smartphone works perfectly with binoculars and a telescope. Enough to bring the lens to a viewing lens and you will see much larger image.

4. Measurement of heart rate

Useful functions of smartphones

It will help to know the frequency of the heartbeat.

There are many useful applications for your smartphone. For example, the creators of Instant Heart Rate say they can with the help of the camera of the gadget to measure the performance of human heart. It suffices to bring the finger chamber.

5. Scanning and digitizing of

Useful functions of smartphones

Application to work with old photos.

There is a need to digitize old lenses lying around in the closet? What about apps HELMUT Film Scanner (there are analogues). The utility allows you to quickly and accurately make the work of digitization.

6. Recognition fonts and not only

Useful functions of smartphones

Applications for travel.

The camera of the smartphone can become a lot smarter. For example, Amazon's Flow app will allow to recognize whole objects on the street. Google Lens feature of Google Assistant will help in recognizing the restaurants, but WhatTheFont app will tell you what kind of font in front of you.

7. Photo during video shooting

Useful functions of smartphones

The quality, however, is so-so.

The iPhone allows you to take photos directly during video shooting. To do this, just press the shutter button, which is located next to the video. The only "but" is that the quality of this picture leaves much to be desired.

And still: camera along the line

Change anything you want.

There are many useful applications for smart phones, which "teach" smartphone to make accurate distance measurements on the photographs using a special line. One of these tools is the Ruler. A particularly useful application is for artists and architects.