Love story pair skaters

Love on the ice is not uncommon in the world of figure skating. And passions are hotter than in series in this cool sport! We remembered the bright couple that bind (and associates) not only the will to win, but also feelings.

Love story pair skaters

Ilya Averbukh and Irina Lobacheva

They were married from 1995 to 2007

Love story pair skaters

Ilya and Irina were married in 1995 after three years of the novel. Skaters met since 1992, when teamed up. Then Irina was not set to the novel. She already had a bad experience with the first partner Alexei Pospelov, and it concluded that the relationship interfere with the sport. However, feelings prevailed, and soon Irina and Ilya began to live together. By the way, after that athletic career couples went up the hill - Irina concerns were not justified. On account Averbukh and Lobachevoj - Olympic silver, gold, world and European championships.

In 2004, the skaters had a son, Martin, but the couple divorced three years later.

Irina confessed that the reason was the work. Ilya seized "gold rush". He wanted to earn more and more, and time for the family to do. Lobachyova almost did not see her husband, the relationship turned into a "marriage on the phone." Divorce has become a difficult period in the life of Irene. Due to the stress she suffered a miscarriage.

Oksana Domnina and Roman Kostomarov

Married in 2014

Love story pair skaters

Oksana Domnina and Roman Kostomarov together in official tournaments are not played. Roman reached sporting success paired with Tatiana Navka and Oksana won not one victory in a pair of Maxim Shabalin.

Skaters began dating in 2005, when both were at the peak of his sports career, but the couple did not want to mix work and personal life. In relations athletes were difficult times. In 2013, the couple, who already has grown year-old daughter Anastasia, broke up. Domnina fell in love with a partner on the show "Ice Age", actor Vladimir Yaglych, and did not hide an office romance. Kostomarov was very upset and tried to keep the gap Oksana. Skater made on the hand tattoo "Love - crucifixion" ( "Love is - crucifix"), but it is not saved from breaking up.

However, the novel Domnina and Yaglych did not last long, and the skater returned to Kostomarov. Oksana and Roman got married and later got married. In 2016 the couple had a second child - a son, Ilya.

Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov

Married in 2015

Love story pair skaters

Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov, Sochi Olympic champions in 2014, started skating together in the 2010/2011 season of the year and announced the end to his sports career at the beginning of 2018. At the same time, Tatiana and Maxim were a couple, but in a new status - as husband and wife. However, at the beginning of their joint sporting way, each of them had other relationships. Volosozhar acted in a couple and lived together with Stanislav Morozov. When Morozov retired, Volosozhar continued to act in tandem with Maxim Trankovym. Morozov has coached his wife and, as it turned out, her future husband.

In 2012, after a successful performance at the world championships in Nice skaters kissed unexpectedly spectators and themselves - emotions have done their job. In 2015, the couple were married, and in 2017 Tatiana and Maxim daughter Angelica.

Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland

Together since 2005

Love story pair skaters

The British Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland not officially married, but the couple have been together for 13 years, not only on the ice, but also in life. Their relationship began in 2005 when Penny and Nicholas began performing together in the junior category. Each of the partners was only 16 years old. According to Nicholas, love helps them to achieve success in sports that athletes not confirmed a single medal. Kums and Buckland - multiple champions of Britain, on account of their joint three Olympics. At the last Games in Pyeongchang pair took only 11th place. In the two years before that Penny had a serious knee injury which jeopardized her career. The pair missed all of last season, and their participation in the Games was in doubt, however, Penny was able to meet, and even this result was for the skaters success.

Zachary Donohue and Olivia Smart + Adria Diaz and Madison Hubbell

Complicated story with a happy ending

Love story pair skaters

The history of relations skaters Zachary Donohue, Olivia Smart, Adria Diaz and Madison Hubbell like a romantic comedy about how couples swap partners - and all was well.

Donohue speaks with Hubbell and lives with Smart, a partner of Diaz on the ice. And Diaz meets Hubbell.

This intricate love story began in 2011 when Zachary Donohue Madison Hubbell and together began to represent the US in ice dancing. The newly minted partners almost immediately started dating, and their relationship lasted two and a half years. But romance interfere with skaters achieve victory, so the couple decided to limit ourselves to working relationships.

Love story pair skaters

In 2015, at the World Cup Zachary met with Olivia Smart - Briton serving for Spain. According to Donohue, he and Olivia fell in love at first sight. Shortly partner Olivia began courting former partner Zachary, and she reciprocated. While on the ice lovers turn into rivals, it does not interfere with anyone's relationship - either sporty or romantic. Now the two couples live in Montreal and friendly families.

Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev

They were married from 1975 to 1985

Love story pair skaters

Irina Rodnina - the most successful figure skater in the history of Soviet pair skating. She has three Olympic gold medals, ten victories at the world championships, eleven - at the European Championships, six - on the national championship. Two Olympic gold medals she won three in a pair with Alexander Zaitsev, who in 1975 became the husband of athletes.

Irina began her career in tandem with Alexei Ulanov - they debuted in 1966. There were rumors of a romance, but between Irina and Alexei did not have any feelings. Ulanov was in love with another skater Lyudmila Smirnova, which later married. According to rumors, Ulanov wanted to ride in a pair with a favorite, and because of this communication Rodnina and Ulanov became strained. They are in conflict, quarrel ... It's amazing how in such a situation the pair went on to win and tear ovation. Rodnina and Ulanov won the Olympics-72 in Sapporo, and then there was a tragedy ... At the World Championships in Calgary Lancers dropped Rodnina. Skater concussion.

Rodnina thought about leaving the big sport, but the coach picked her new partner - Alexander Zaitsev. And already in 1973 Rodnina and Zaitsev went around a couple of Ulan-Smirnov at the European Championships in Cologne, taking first place. Rodnina and Zaitsev became legendary couple. The Bank of Russia even issued commemorative coins with the image of skaters. They finished the career in 1980, unbeaten, and their marriage lasted until 1985.

Eugene Tarasov and Vladimir Morozov

Together since 2014

Love story pair skaters

The Grand Prix '18 / '19 in figure skating, which now goes to the channels Eurosport and Eurosport 2 Gold, Yevgeny Tarasov and Vladimir Morozov confidently hold first place among sports pairs. "Ryzhikov," as they call them fans - among the favorites at major tournaments. Couple stands together since 2012, and although both partners, in their own words, sport in the first place, in the season '14 / '15 between the two began a romantic relationship. This does not worsen the results of performances. Mutual love, according to Eugene, helps to anticipate the movement of each partner, and as a result to win. However, recently there are rumors that the outside of the rink between Eugenia and Vladimir are not going smoothly. Fans worried that Instagram has become less common photo. However, this is only speculation.