10 animals with the brightest color

The variety and beauty of the nature of the imagination. All animals are unique and very diverse. In some unusual and interesting animals eyes, others differ tiny size, and some fantastic beauty of the painting. Today we tell about the animals that have the bright colors.

Panterovy chameleon

10 animals with the brightest color

There is always a chameleon "colorful" mood.

Panterovy chameleon can change in a short time a huge number of colors, from rich red to bright green.

The ability of a chameleon changes color to help them escape from their enemies. Coloring varies depending on the brightness of light, temperature, and mood of animal.

Red Salmon

10 animals with the brightest color

Fish Sockeye changes its color during the spawning season.

Users are able to slightly change the hue of the skin, for example, if very confused, and the skin can become darker by exposure to the sun's rays. A sockeye may change its coloring beyond recognition.

The main color of sockeye salmon - blue or silver, but during spawning coloration becomes green or red.


10 animals with the brightest color

Poachers mass culls of birds of paradise because of their incredibly rich plumage.

"Paradise" birds called because of their incredibly beautiful appearance. Males have a very bright color, which helps them to attract females, except they use additional methods, such as dance and even change the shape of your body. To date, bird of paradise in danger of extinction, this is due to the fact that poachers hunt them because of the beautiful feathers.

Temminck's Tragopan

10 animals with the brightest color

Temminck's Tragopan - representative of pheasants has an attractive plumage. In Temminck's Tragopan fluffy bangs breast in the form of orange hearts and bright blue patches of skin around the eyes.

These beautiful birds are found in the forests of South Asia.

During courtship the male nahohlivaet plumage and crest. larynx bags are inflated so that the bulging "horns."

Herbal sea dragon

10 animals with the brightest color

The appearance of a sea dragon helps him to masquerade in the algae, and remain invisible to enemies.

The underwater world is not less bright and colorful than the ground. One of the most attractive inhabitants of the underwater world yavyatsya sea dragon. Sea dragons surprising that cares for the offspring male, while he bears about 250 eggs. The eggs have a bright pink color, such colors in nature for caviar is a rarity. Sam sea dragon looks like seaweed, so it merges them, disguised from the enemy.

Blue-footed booby

10 animals with the brightest color

The females prefer male boobies with blue-colored legs and neglected male, whose legs look blue-gray.

Every male wants to mate with the best female, so they have to draw attention to himself. Males are blue-footed boobies hit his chosen ones legs bright blue. If the male transmits the mating season, the colors of his legs became even more intense. Blue-footed boobies - a very beautiful birds, but they are not common, as are found in the Galapagos Islands and even on other islands with a tropical climate.


10 animals with the brightest color

Clownfish - colorful fish from the cartoons.

At first glance, clown fish looks very attractive, but her body is covered with thick mucus. This mucus is a fish-clown protective tool, because it repels predators. Color in bright clown fish - orange with white stripes.

Lesser flamingos

10 animals with the brightest color

Flamingo - unique birds with pink plumage.

Everyone knows that the pink flamingos acquired a color due to eating algae. That is, in this case, could not be better supported by a saying - "you - what you eat." The smallest member of the family is the small flamingos flamingos. These birds live in Africa, and are also found in certain parts of Asia.


10 animals with the brightest color

Sailboat - one of the fastest fish.

Glider has an interesting color with blue stripes. When sailing hunting, band begin, as it were burning. This is a red herring for the victim, which is confusing. Sailboat is not only the original coloring, but also the fact that it is one of the fastest swimmers among other fish - it can swim at a speed of about 100 kilometers per hour.

10. The monarch butterfly

10 animals with the brightest color

The monarch is the insect a symbol of many US states.

Monarch butterfly - it's a very beautiful butterfly, which is considered one of the most attractive among his own kind.

This butterfly has a variegated color, which protects it from predators, because they think they are dealing with a poisonous creature. The main feature of the Monarchs is that they are like birds annually migrate to the south.