Kids hairstyles for New Year. Hairstyles for girls New Year

Any mummy in anticipation of the holidays reflects on what the hairstyle to create his beautiful little daughter. After all, New Year's holidays - is not just a New Year's Eve, but pop stars, Christmas trees, Christmas. It is at least a couple of occasions, so you should choose the most beautiful hairstyle for the little princess. Hairstyles for New Year's require special attention, and the little fashionista must keep up with the moms. As a rule, the girls create their own especially solemn and sophisticated holidays or as concise and perfect laying lying. Hairstyles for girls New Year are both simple and highly complex. Let's consider a simple and clear options for any mother could take them to the note.

Kids hairstyles for New Year. Hairstyles for girls New Year

Likes adolescent girls, it will look great on little fashionistas, but first and foremost, choosing hairstyles for children on New Year should start from the girl's hair length. Butch does not mean much choice. If your hair is long or medium, it is much easier to choose a hairstyle girls. On New Year's, these works of hairdressing can be supplemented with different thematic decorations. hair accessories with Christmas paraphernalia can be found in many spetsialzirovannyh stores and even supermarkets.

Hairstyles for New Year from the braids and other tangles

Well, what a girl without braids? On the feast of the weaving is quite relevant even for adult women. The girl, instead of the usual two or pigtails, mom can nakreativit unusual patterns and delicate networks. tangles options are so varied that stagger the imagination. You can by the "dinosaur" (ie pripletonnoy to head pigtails) vyplesti intricate patterns, heart and everything on that fancy enough. Optionally dopletat pigtail to the bottom, you can fix it at the right level, and everything below will be dissolved.

Kids hairstyles for New Year. Hairstyles for girls New Year

To create a grand, ornate and surround effect after the haircut is ready, you can gently pull on each link pigtails. Thus, you get a delicate and unusual festive look.

Of course, the easiest option - a pair braids woven into a beautiful festive ribbons, or even a Christmas tinsel.

Curls for the little Rapunzel

Curly hair, especially beautiful flowing locks from mid-length to ends are all girls and little girls with such hairstyles are of particular affection. You can create curls on her hair loose, and even such a simple hairstyle will look great. It can be complicated hairstyle, pinned up a few strands up, or fix all the hair at the top, leaving a few curls near the face. Here, as in any hairstyle, everything depends on the imagination. Of course, keep in mind that the girl in the face. This can be supplemented by stacking decorative clips, bows, crabs and other ornaments.

Of course, the hairstyle with curls artificially created to do the child only at medium or long hair. Also important question of how to curl your hair girl, so as not to damage the delicate baby hair. Easier and safer way to do this in curlers. In order to get a wonderful curls and lasted a long time, you should wind the hair at night. To baby comfortable sleep, curlers should take a soft or even twist the hair on curlers improvised-bintik. Curling on curling is much easier and takes less time, but the thermal effects is not highly recommended for children's hair. Once curls are ready, you can lightly sprinkle them with hairspray.

The beam can also look festive

Despite the fact that in a bun hair is considered to be a model of strict hairstyle, this kind of styling can be very fun and festive beat. Garnish with a bunch of different Christmas attributes and beautiful ribbons, such an image you make a royal ceremonial or playful. In order to collect hair looked thicker, you can use a special roll for them or to wind strands of the so-called heagami.

Kids hairstyles for New Year. Hairstyles for girls New Year

Such hairstyles gathered for the New Year is very convenient, because during the holiday hair will not interfere with the child, and the hairstyle does not ruffle. Beam simply assemble and decorate that allows any mom to deal with its creation.

to What are the hairstyles in the New Year, you can create a short or unruly hair,

Remarkably, if the girl's thick and long hair. But what to think, if the child short, sparse or highly curly hair? In that case, as there are many options.

The hair down to his shoulders as possible, plaiting pigtail to the head, perform a variety of patterns. This length allows more manifest skill in weaving braids.

Strong natural curls can be a little tame tool for curly hair and put on a smart bezel. Generally not use styling products in small quantities. Ideally, if this will be a special children's facilities.

Kids hairstyles for New Year. Hairstyles for girls New Year

Even the most unruly hair can be decorated with beautiful barrettes, bows and other accessories. Short hairstyles for New Year can also decorate various glittering crabs, bows on stealth or even a miniature hat barrette. Modern range allows you to choose jewelry for every occasion and taste. And, of course, any girl would be happy if my mother inflict her on Hairspray with glitter. This finishing touch will focus on what hairstyle is created for a special occasion, and the child will long remember the feeling of fairy tales and holiday.


Another option hairstyles for New Year are a variety of tails. After all, they can be not only everyday. Tail or more tails curled with tips acquire a festive look. Hairstyles of the tails on New Year's convenient in that the hair will not interfere with the child during the game, and Mommy will cope with the creation of such an image very quickly.

Demonstrating imagination, from the tails also can weave interesting patterns on the head. This will require a lot of gum. First tied the first small lock. Then taken adjacent, connected to the previous tail and ties. So you can priplesti all the hair to the head or the desired part of the braid, leaving a portion of the length of the dissolved.

Hairstyles diadem with

And finally, a win-win and the most that neither is a solemn option - this jewel tiara hairstyles. This miniature crown turns any, even the shortest hair in the festive laying little queen.

Kids hairstyles for New Year. Hairstyles for girls New Year

Tiaras are absolutely all the girls. It is important to find a suitable crown. It should be easy to the child feel comfortable during the holiday, and it is sure to be securely attached to the hairstyle, because children are very active. Fortunately, manufacturers take into account this point, and offer us the tiaras for the girls on the crest, barrette or else with recesses for stealth. Kids hairstyles for New Year often look solemn and splendid than that of adult women. In the merit of mothers, who, through their skillful hands and creativity create gorgeous hairstyles daughters.