Dry skin of hands: Causes. Very dry skin, what to do?

So many familiar problem such as dry skin hands. What to do in this case? Peeling, wrinkled and "parchment" condition of the skin - this is not just a phenomenon, cause discomfort, but also a signal that should immediately start taking care of your hands. The first is to identify the causes of non-aesthetic manifestations and delivers discomfort. Dry skin of hands, cracks and other unpleasant symptoms are not just. Let's see what circumstances trigger this unpleasant picture?

Dry skin of hands: Causes

Vitamin deficiency, lack of care, dry air and other stress factors adversely affect the condition of our skin. As for the hands - they are, as a rule, in the first place reflects all these negative effects.

Dry skin of hands: Causes. Very dry skin, what to do?

The negatively affect hand washing with very hot water and aggressive agents sulfate. Dry skin can bother you after using the wrong shower gel or liquid soap.

Handle arms with moisturizing and nourishing cream preferably every time after contact with water. Regarding the choice of cream, it does not have to be expensive: there are very affordable and copes with his agent function. Understand cream suits you or not, you can just try it out.

diseases caused by dry skin

Unfortunately, dry your skin can be caused by certain diseases. Creams and masks in this case will be ineffective. If you have very dry skin of hands, you should consult with your doctor. Here are some possible reasons:

  • allergic reaction. This manifestation can be caused by anything - from wearing rings unsuitable for the alloy to have food. Dermatologist will identify the problem, but tests can say with certainty what causes such a reaction.
  • The fungal disease. Unfortunately, dry skin of hands, cracked and discomfort can be caused by a fungus. This option is particularly likely if the human foot afflicted with this disease.
  • Iron deficiency anemia. This disease has a negative impact on the state of the organism as a whole and including the skin.
  • Increased blood sugar. It's no secret that people with diabetes suffer from dry skin.
  • gastrointestinal diseases. If the body is unable to fully absorb minerals from the food, of course, there will be a lack of vitamins, and the poor condition of the epidermis does not take long. Dry skin of hands: Causes. Very dry skin, what to do?

Myths about dry skin

1. A good cream is enough to deal with this problem.

In fact, to solve any skin problems should be approached comprehensively. To completely get rid of the dryness of the skin and, as a consequence, prevent its aging, be sure to pay attention to your diet, as well as to apply different procedures for deep hydration of problem areas.

2. Moisturizing and nourishing hand cream only needed for dry skin.

It is not true. In fact, in any skin needs moisture. And the better care will be picked up, the more comfortable will feel, the longer your pen will look young.

3. Dry due only to the lack of water in the skin.

Actually this is not true. In addition to moisture, the skin surface must be sufficient fat secretion.

4. Dry - genetic predisposition.

It is not necessary. This unpleasant phenomenon may well be caused by a regular incorrect or inadequate care and lack of vitamins and trace elements.

Where to start?

In the first place, to remove the discomfort, it is necessary as soon as possible to use hand cream. After each contact with water and before each going out this manipulation should be carried out. If the situation has started, and you have very dry skin of hands, remember: the fatter and more nourishing cream is better.

Dry skin of hands: Causes. Very dry skin, what to do?

The problem of dryness be sure to fight from within. If excessive discomfort has been particularly busy for the winter-spring period, most likely reason is vitamin deficiency. Admission vitamin B complex will help improve the situation. In addition to the balanced multi-vitamin complex, you can supplement your diet with liquid vitamins solutions "youth." This retinol acetate, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin A and E) and vitamin D. oil solution of vitamins and beautifully enriched creams.

Note that, by combining multiple ingestion of vitamins, consult your doctor, so as not to make their overabundance in the body.

Natural mask for dry skin hands

At home, you can cope with dry skin of hands with the help of some products. For example, a great help vegetable sunflower oil. It should be slightly heated to a comfortable temperature. Then the hand should be kept in the oil for about 20 minutes, whereupon the remaining oil from the skin wipe cloth.

Significantly improve the condition of the skin with olive oil bath. To do this, pour tablespoon of oil in a small amount of warm boiled water for half an hour and hold hands in this composition.

Packs of mashed potatoes and a bath of broth perfectly soften the skin.

If taking care of yourself, you prefer natural remedies, you will love the mask for dry skin of the hands of oatmeal. Oatmeal - one of the few foods containing hyaluronic acid. The mush is added any oil, whereupon the mixture is applied to the hands.

Adding oil vitamins, honey and other additives will enhance the effect and a healing effect on skin. Perfectly helps application homemade mayonnaise, prepared on the basis of any vegetable oil and eggs.

Dry skin of hands: Causes. Very dry skin, what to do?

natural animal fats, such as a bear or badger, very rich in vitamins. After all, these animals hibernate, and prepares the body for emergency balanced and powerful complex of all the necessary trace elements of life.

If you have very dry skin of hands, it makes sense to extend the length of any procedure up to one hour.

Paraffin - deep hydration of the skin

Many people know how severe discomfort can cause dry skin hands. What to do in this case, you ask? Copes with dryness loved by many procedures - paraffin. Contrary to the opinion that it is purely a salon treatment, it is realistic to hold her own home. To do this, be sure to need a special cosmetic paraffin vapor cellophane bags, two towels and a waste container or other container. The rest of the accessories like a special bath and mittens, of course, facilitate the process and make it more pleasant, but without them you can easily do without.

Dry skin of hands: Causes. Very dry skin, what to do?

So, in the wrong container in a water bath melted paraffin entire pack. While a piece of our capacity is transformed into a homogeneous slurry, good for a few minutes sand the skin scrub hands. In this way you get rid of horny dead skin particles and allow nutrients to work harder during the procedure.

When the mass is completely melted, greasy smear hands favorite cream, then dip them in paraffin. Of course, before you immerse your hands entirely, try comfortable whether the composition temperature to avoid scalding. Hold your hands in paraffin for 10 seconds, then remove them, let the resulting plyonochku "grab" for a few seconds, then lower them to the again. These dives can be done up to 7 times. Before the last time slide your fingers together tightly, as a result you should have a very thick layer of wax. Then, on the hands should be put on bags and wrapped in a towel for 20-30 minutes. During this time the skin receives deep hydration and nutrition. Blood circulation and metabolic processes are accelerated, caused to the cream is absorbed rapidly. Sweat evolved in such "greenhouse" conditions is absorbed back, with all the toxins remain in paraffin. In addition to dry skin of hands will cease to bother you, this procedure allows for great care for cuticles and strengthen nails and accelerate their growth. At the end of plyonochku wax removed from the hand and released, and the remaining part remains in the container until the next time.

Laboratory facilities for the treatment of

In severe cases, dry skin on your hands cracked, bleeding wounds appear. In this case, you need to take special care about hand hygiene, disinfect these areas chlorhexidine or miramistinom, and the healing ointment to smear the wound. It can be pantenolosoderzhaschie drugs, "Solkoseril" or any other non-hormonal means.

Dry skin of hands: Causes. Very dry skin, what to do?

Extra care

Dry skin on the fingers and palms can be caused by the fact that you do not use protective gloves when working around the house. Make it a rule: they must be worn not only by using an explicit corrosive chemicals (for example, when cleaning the bowl, oven, bath). Whenever the daily work of the house, which involves contact with cleaning and detergent, it is desirable to wear such gloves.

Always wipe dry with your hands and do not let them dry on their own. But before going out in the sun do not forget to put on the exposed area of ​​dryness and aging sunscreen.

Dry skin of hands: Causes. Very dry skin, what to do?

Be sure to 2-3 times a week exfoliating hand scrub. Most often this should not be done, but moderate peeling never harm the skin. After this manipulation, always apply a nourishing cream.

What to do if there is an allergy to the hand cream?

Unfortunately, it happens quite often. If every time you experience allergies to hand cream, try a nourishing protective baby cream. Such tools for kids are quite inexpensive, and they are very good with its function and practically does not cause allergic reactions.

A small trick

In addition to the paraffin, at home you can do and less energy-consuming procedure. Just wrap your hands with your favorite cream in plastic bags for a period from 20 minutes to one hour.

And remember, the more hydrated your skin is, the younger, fresher and healthier it will look. Caring for themselves, paying attention to every detail, right down to the tips of the nails, you will look much younger than his years.