What not to do and eat during Lent

• What not to do and eat during fasting

What not to do and eat during Lent

Lent is considered a major post in the Orthodox calendar, which is preparing to attack major religious holidays - Easter. Lent 2019 begins March 11 on Monday and lasts for 40 days, respectively, it will end on Saturday, April 27th. Since religious holidays - it is always a constraint, and not only in food but also in the most ordinary habits, says that it is impossible to do in the post.

What you can not eat during Lent

All 40 days is forbidden to eat:

  • products of animal origin (meat, fish, chicken, milk, eggs);
  • alcohol;
  • White bread, rolls, cakes;
  • sweets;
  • baking;
  • fast food;
  • mayonnaise.

Also, most of the 40-day fast can not cook in the butter, and limit consumption of fried foods. However, not all so sad. During Lent there are concessions. For example, you can eat fish, and Lazarus Saturday (before Palm Sunday) in the twelve great holidays (Annunciation and Palm Sunday).

In general, one can observe how a strict fast and lax. In the second case, you can eat fish or cook a meal on the oil. However, other products are still banned.

What not to do in the post

In addition to the dietary part of Lent, there is its spiritual component. Meaning of religious fasting is repentance, so you have to limit yourself to certain habits and lifestyle.

So, Lent is forbidden:

get married;

celebrate any holidays, because the post is forbidden to have fun, to visit places of entertainment, alcohol and so on. etc .;

lazy and ignore labor obligations;

spend a lot of time watching entertainment programs;

commit adultery;

succumb to negative emotions: aggression, anger, and envy;

quarrel with the people;

eat food of animal origin: meat, eggs, milk;

smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages (except wine at certain times and in moderation, it is desirable to dilute with water).

In addition, Lent is recommended to limit secular dialogue and visits to any "idle" events. So, if you observe a strict fast, do not go to the movies, attending festivals, concerts and parties.