They see in the mirror of our smaller brothers

• What they see in the mirror of our smaller brothers

Many pet owners believe that their pets can recognize themselves in a mirror. Probably, this ability is unique, related to the overall level of intelligence, and it is possible to acquire and develop.

They see in the mirror of our smaller brothers

Because animals can not tell us about their experiences, it is necessary to draw conclusions on their reactions to experiment. In order to determine whether the animal is able to find his own reflection in the mirror, usually used the Gallup test. Under anesthesia, the animal was stained such parts of the body that no mirrors are not visible. It does not notice. However, faced with the mirror begins to explore the painted space or tries to remove these stains. In this case, it can be argued that the animal identified what he saw himself.

Among mammals, the test went great apes: chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans, as well as dolphins and elephants. But even they did not immediately identify himself, first taking his reflection for a fellow. Only gradually, after several days of periodic attempts, they perceived it was seen as a reflection. By the way, people who have not previously seen the mirror, behave in the same way. Among the birds to recognize themselves in the mirror can magpies and crows. Moreover, they know how to find food, focusing on the way it is reflected. They possess a similar ability apes. They can learn how to do the exercises for hands only in a mirror reflection.

But most of the animals do not respond to the reflected or treats it as another specimen of its kind in an attempt to attack or to come into contact. On it, in particular, it is based the use of mirrors as a "toy" for parrots, caged singly.

landscape animals reflection in the mirror as first perceived as actually existing. For example, released in the room the bird might try to "fly" in the mirror. However, usually, flying close, she turns to the side, as it sees the inevitability of collision with other birds, "flying in the mirror." She learns very quickly that you can not get inside, and stops trying. However, this does not prove that the bird understands that the image in the mirror - it was her reflection. Similarly, winged accustomed to windows. Urban birds such as pigeons and sparrows, rarely faced with glass, which is not the wild.