Bruce Lee training: techniques and methods

Almost every person has his own idol, some do not want to just imitate him and even surpass in some way. If we talk about athletes, in this case, a good example is a must for everyone. Some are eager to play football like Maradona, others - in basketball, Michael Jordan, and others repeat the training of Bruce Lee, to become strong and powerful as he was. It should immediately be noted that in the latter case, only to overcoming pain and their capabilities, you can achieve at least some more or less worthy of success.

Of course, Bruce Lee - an outstanding athlete and a consummate master of martial arts. Despite the fact that this man is known not only as a fighter, but also as a writer, teacher and even a thinker, this time will be touched upon, it is related to his achievements in the sport.

Bruce Lee training: techniques and methods

Why it

No one will not arise doubt that training Bruce Lee became the basis for his phenomenal physical fitness. He had no equal in the martial arts thanks to an everyday exhausting sports and improve their body.

Thus, for several decades, many of his followers unsuccessfully trying to achieve exactly the same height as their idol. Failures due to the fact that in the pursuit of perfection, they tied for first place physical component, but forget about the preparation of the mental body and the necessary knowledge of methods and techniques of exercise.

Bruce Lee: exercise (photo, description of the procedure)

In any sport, it is important equipment. Training methods of Bruce Lee is not aimed at increasing muscle size, in principle, by the very noticeable athlete. Instead, he preferred the big muscles more durable and strong. Technique training Bruce Lee based on the full impact of all the free time and effort. Only in this way we can achieve the results that will be an example to all followers. Emphasis was placed precisely on training the abdominal muscles, running and isometric work, of course, we can not forget about some of the classic bodybuilding exercises. At the same time strength training Bruce Lee are based on a lot of repetition in order to increase endurance.

Abdominal muscles to Bruce Lee were the most important among all. He believed that without a strong and hardy muskulaturnogo corset athlete will not be able to sustain a long and intense battle.

Due to the fact that Bruce is constantly experimenting with your body during training and worked to the limit, his muscles called "marble". This was made possible thanks to precise technique of isometric exercises. Their meaning is quite simple and is the highest voltage that muscle for a certain period of time. As for the Bruce, he has this gap reached 12 seconds.

Bruce Lee training: techniques and methods

Isometric exercises

This is actually a very simple exercise in itself, but surprisingly effective with respect to its actions. The most important thing that you can do them absolutely, without any additional shells, but if any, they will be even more successful.

These exercises can be done anywhere and at any time. For example, if you go somewhere in public transport, it is possible to carry out training right there. Rather than just hold on to the handrail, and bored, you can try to push it to the top and at the peak of tension in the muscles lock them in this position for as long as possible.

Isometric exercises can be done at home, and in the hall. For example, if the bar to hang a huge amount of pancakes, it was impossible to tear off the floor, try to do it, but do not overdo it, and at the peak voltage freeze for 5-12 seconds.

It is through such exercises can significantly improve the condition of their muscles. Ideally it would be nice to have a bar with the possibility of changing the height of the shell, but also in the absence of such, using the savvy, you can find a replacement.

Bruce Lee training: techniques and methods

to force Exercises

Training Bruce Lee on the strength was mainly in working with free weights, they were:

  • bench press;
  • the press;
  • squats;
  • turns to the pole on their shoulders;
  • the curl.

Also, do not forget your favorite Bruce Lee exercise: jumping rope, swimming and long-distance running.

Bruce Lee training: techniques and methods

Bruce Lee training program

Biographical Literature of this athlete, among other things, has left after his death, and a lot of interesting information on the exercises. Bruce Lee training program was as follows:

  • run;
  • sparring;
  • alternating training;
  • "perpetual motion machine";
  • discipline.

As for running, it is known that the athlete gave him special attention, like all similar cardio. For the week Bruce Lee was scheduled to be sure 6 runs.

After jogging and a little warm-up it comes to sparring. In order to avoid injury, Bruce used protective equipment, and it is quite natural. First held driving range on a special wooden dummy, as well as bags, which were filled with beans. Already only after this it came to free sparring. Bruce Lee believed that the only way to achieve excellence in their strokes and technique.

The constant alternation of training is the way to success. It is therefore necessary to pay attention not only to sparring or strength training, but also engaged in the body holistically, developing together and agility, and flexibility. Every day for two hours he devoted practicing different strokes, until they were polished to a phenomenal degree.

It is necessary to constantly move forward. Bruce Lee never stopped on achieved and constantly improved, not only physically, but also intellectually. Among their daily training, he found time to read a variety of interesting books concerning self-development of the mind and soul. Discipline should be around, especially when it comes to sports. By this should involve not only the mandatory implementation of the training schedule, but also those cases when there is no desired projectile or equipment is necessary to replace it with something improvised. So, Bruce himself sometimes for several hours trying to move from his seat tree, performing all the same isometric exercises.

Bruce Lee training: techniques and methods

Strength training

Now we need to move from theory to practice, and specific exercises through which he achieved in his later years that still can not repeat one. Bruce Lee's workout with a bar included in a complex power of exercises:

  • press rod standing - 8 repetitions of 2 approaches;
  • bench for biceps - 8 repetitions for 2 sets;
  • squats with a load - 12 reps of 2 sets;
  • the slopes with a barbell - 8 repetitions for 2 sets;
  • bench press on a bench - 6 reps for 2 sets;
  • skid rod for the head in the supine position - 8 repetitions for 2 sets.


Bench barbell standing

Before performing each exercise, you must first warm up the muscles. After the preparation you need to sit in front of the bar, to dissolve the hands shoulder-width apart and take for it. Next, squeeze one jerk barbell on his chest while straightening the knees, being in a standing position. Once leveled off, just push it up at arm's length. After fastening the weight over your head, it is necessary to do all the moves in reverse and return to its original position.

Bench biceps

The exercises are aimed at the development of the biceps, by which Bruce had phenomenal power and hand speed, every time were shown during a fight. Grief is necessary to clasp hands shoulder-width apart, palms facing forward. Force alone biceps necessary to squeeze the bar to the top of the chest lock the weight, and then return to its original position. Break between sets should be minimal. Squats with a load of

During strength training squats played a special role for Bruce. Among all kinds of the most popular is considered a classic exercise in the correct version. Post must be kept behind standing, feet shoulder width apart. This position is necessary to sink slowly down and immediately rise. Non-stop and stop tearing off the floor.

Inclinations with the rod

Before describing the exercises it is worth noting the most important moment. During such training himself Bruce Lee once injured. This situation occurred in 1970, when he took a weight equal to his, and began to do this exercise, after which the fourth sacral nerve injury and had severe back pain. As he later said Bruce, an error occurred due to lack of warm-up before training.

Post must be kept behind in the standing position, feet shoulder width apart. Slowly lean forwards, to an angle of 90 degrees and then return to the original position.

bench press on a bench

Bruce were terrific developed pectoral muscles, but in all of his records was mentioned only the classic bench press on a bench. In this case, it's simple: exhale on effort.

The skid rod for a head lying

In a prone position on a training bench hands undertake the bar shoulder width apart and pushes it up. We fix this situation. Next, gently lowered her head until such time as it reaches the floor. In order not to injure the tendons, it is necessary to keep your elbows in half-bent position. Then return the bar to the original position.

Bruce Lee training: techniques and methods

Iron press

One of the strongest abdominal muscles possessed was Bruce Lee. Training press has always been the basis for it. Despite the fact that this exercise is simple enough, it is very effective.

You must lie on an inclined bench and stretch the muscles. Then you need to perform the lifting body, until it is in vertical position, and it is not recommended to put the foot on the floor, it is best to keep them slightly raised. Thus, it would be like "boat". You can increase the load by raising the body from a different angle. Incidentally, it is possible to swing both the upper and lower press according to the same method. Bruce Lee training based on multiple repetitions and minimal rest between sets, no more than what the body needs.


Really hit all the physical form, which had Bruce Lee. Training and nutrition are closely related, and in order to achieve results, it is necessary to choose the right products. Only due to severe dieting athlete did not have a single drop of excess fat. At the same time training of Bruce Lee it was very exhausting. So that they have benefited and have the strength to them, it was necessary to constantly feed the body. Surprisingly, during the growth of 171 cm athlete weighed only 61 kilograms, of which there were not a single gram of excess fat. This is all thanks to some rules, which he adhered.

Bruce Lee training: techniques and methods

Power Laws of Bruce Lee

No empty calories

By this expression refers to those products that do not carry to the body no good, but only the calories: bread, pastries, etc. Instead, Bruce proposed to use wild rice and oatmeal...

There is little, but often

The total amount of food intended for the entire day, you need to break a few minimal steps.

Honey and Ginseng

Bruce is always ready themselves energy drinks based on them. This is confirmed and his colleagues on the sets of films.


Like many people from the East, Bruce loved the tea and drink it all the time, using different varieties.

A balanced diet

Of course, without the right diet would not be such an outcome. It is necessary to constantly maintain the stability of such proportions:

  • carbohydrates - 50-60%;
  • proteins - 20-30%;
  • fat - 10-20%.

This combination is optimal not only for health, but also for gaining lean muscle.

The sports supplements

Naturally, during the life of Bruce Lee was not yet ready to sports supplements, but all the same people, with expertise in such fine things, able to create something like that. It is known that Bruce himself (who, incidentally, lived in California) to create for himself a special protein shakes homemade, which includes milk powder and brewer's yeast. At the same time it says that he was not averse to the first and at that time additives such as minerals and multivitamins. Only by working on a complex, it is possible to achieve high results. All in your hands.