In Russia, for officials to legalize expensive gifts

• legalize expensive gifts

In Russia, for officials

Russian officials believe in New Year's miracle, and it almost happened: the Russian government submitted to the State Duma a package of anti-corruption laws, which deal including expensive gifts. Previously, we recall, expensive gift of three thousand rubles was considered an outlaw. Now everything can change, and to receive gifts would be nice again and, most importantly, legally. Well well well, right?

In Russia, for officials to legalize expensive gifts

As we know, the list of permitted gifts that can make officers is contained in amendments to the federal law "On Combating Corruption". Mainly there is written, that the gift can not be more expensive than three thousand rubles (575-th article of the Civil Code). However, as they say, nothing lasts forever, and that this article officials intend to change.

The main points on which attention should be paid, can be formulated as:

1. Permission to give flowers as well as stationery, but without the precious metal and with the logo of the donor-companies.

This means that the deputy, received as a gift a pen engraved with the company "Barnyard", will have to chew it first and send for examination - if the brilliance of gilding quality forged will, a gift can be taken. Otherwise, it should be returned.

In Russia, for officials to legalize expensive gifts

2. Permission is granted to any valuable gift from the employer.

Here in general I felt a catch, as the official rank above can bribe the officer rank of younger, gave him the keys to a brand new car. No, of course we did on hints. But it is theoretically possible for the necessary signatures for the sake of good kickbacks from third parties and for the sake of the magic word "tender". 3. Permission is granted to any valuable gift from a third party company, if not prohibited by the internal rules of the department.

Agree, at least it's beautiful. Left to the bureaucrats to regulate the cost and number of gifts for themselves.

In Russia, for officials to legalize expensive gifts

In addition, the official (in the case of adoption of the amendments) will continue to be allowed to receive per diem, as well as tickets and boarding fees from the host during business trips. And, let's be honest, we all know these magic circuits when for the sake of a successful person transactions, making decisions, carry on business in Dubai (well, not in the sanatorium "Birch" in Bryansk, in the end).

Moreover - in the new amendments also stipulate that some gifts officials can redeem. This applies to gifts received during official events. And we see how MPs run on the forum's organizing committee and ask them to break a check for a new gadget, the resulting presentation. However, there will be gifts that have not received a ransom - this stationery with diamonds or precious metals. But, as we remember from the first, first examination, then the findings and sanctions. Although the stand, who will be behind this track?