Celebrities who have visited in jail

These celebrities have spent time in prison and shared their impressions about the not the best days of his life. Lindsay Lohan, Kiefer Sutherland and others told what they were doing in the area.

Celebrities who have visited in jail

Martha Stewart

TV presenter, 79 years old

Celebrities who have visited in jail

In the financial fraud in 2000, Martha Stewart held in a federal prison for five months. All this time she had spent on the arts and crafts. She had to do everything - from jams to ceramic set. "I had about five months to make the whole nursery and all the Christmas scene" - shared in March.

But life behind bars does not seem honey. Stewart called it a terrible time, but stressed that a bad time gives rise to good people. "It just makes you better, but I lost a fortune, and it's not the most pleasant" - shared in March in an interview.

Lil Wayne

The rapper, 35 years old

Celebrities who have visited in jail

In 2010, the musician spent eight months in prison for possession of weapons and drugs. During his stay in prison, he kept a diary, which was later turned into a memoir titled Gone 'Til November ( "Gone till November"). In the book, Wayne tells everything from visits to a psychiatrist and ending fights with prisoners. Also in jail Lil Wayne call recorded his part recitative for Drake's songs. "It was like this: my manager told me that I must be in the remix Drake. I asked how? And he replied: "We'll do it on the phone." I had better to do while I was there. After I wrote a rap on the phone, I was worried. It was the first time I was not in the studio and have not heard the song before it comes out, "- says Wayne.

Lil Kim

Rap artist, 43 years old

Celebrities who have visited in jail

Lil Kim hid facts about the shootout in 2001, which was attended by manager of D-Roc and bodyguard Gutta. For this, she spent six months in prison, but managed to find a bright side to this experience. "When I got there, I slept so well in the first three weeks. Before that, I worked non-stop, trying to finish the album, doing promo and not resting. When I got to the prison, then he collapsed on the bed, "- shared the star in 2011.

Kim added that the new place it met the beautiful girls who are still her friends.

Lindsay Lohan

The actress, 31 years old

Celebrities who have visited in jail

The endless legal drama Lindsay Lohan was a nightmare for the star. However, even in the darkest moments of the actress managed to find something good. In 2014, it recalled about 14 days on the Jonathan Ross show Lindsay that she spent in solitary confinement for drunk driving. "The strangest thing for me was the fact that at last in my life there was a silence. I was so scared, realizing they do not need anyone to answer, something to do, "- said Lohan. The actress admitted that two weeks of isolation was very much.

Kiefer Sutherland

The actor, 51 years old

Celebrities who have visited in jail

In December 2007, Kiefer was sentenced to 48 days imprisonment. Prior to that, he had been arrested for drunk driving. Humor helped actor overcome this period.

"I was definitely aware of where I was. I remember, on the second or third day, I was in the shower and ... I really dropped the soap. I remember how despised this soap, looked around and left. I ended up taking a shower, "- said Sutherland.

Paris Hilton

It-girl, 37 years old

Celebrities who have visited in jail

When Paris Hilton was in prison for drunken driving, she resigned herself to that fact. In an interview with radio host Ryan Seacrest socialite told stories about fan mail supporting prisoners. Paris stressed that experienced by those letters a lot of emotions. She is convinced that God has sent her to prison for a reason.

"My life was really fast. When I got there and saw life from all sides, I had compassion on many things. I'm so grateful for everything that I have, even just a pillow at night, food or anything else. I understand that the media used me to make fun of. I worry about this. I want to use their fame for the best purposes. "

Robert Downey Jr.

The actor, 52 years old

Celebrities who have visited in jail

Robert Downey Jr. was imprisoned because of a serious drug and alcohol use. In 1996, the actor was given three years probation for drunken driving, possession of heroin and was sent to the forced treatment. However, a year later, Robert was not on tests to detect drugs in the body, and was imprisoned for six months. Problems with the law continued until 2003, but the actor was treated and is not going to go back to the past: "It was a full life from the time I was into drugs. Now I do not drink. I'm allergic to alcohol and drugs. And looking, I without handcuffs ", - said Robert. But the time behind bars to tell the actor does not like. However, in an interview, he said the following: "When after you close the cell door, count, you're in the safest place on earth, protected from intruders. There is nothing that could harm you - except for the scoundrel-jailer. "