Famous women who raised his hand to a partner

Talking about domestic violence, we usually have in mind the women who suffer from male aggressor. Home rapist should be in prison - and the point. What if we are talking about a woman who raises his hand to his partner? Our heroine They gave forth their fists in a relationship, but escaped punishment!

Famous women who raised his hand to a partner

Emma Roberts

27 years, actress

Famous women who raised his hand to a partner

In July 2013, Emma Roberts, daughter of actor Eric Roberts and the niece of Julia Roberts, was arrested in a hotel room in Montreal, where he stayed together with her boyfriend, actor Evan Peters. The hotel staff heard shouts in the room and the couple called the police.

Upon arrival, police saw Evan with a broken nose and multiple bruises, then immediately arrested Emma. The actress spent in the area for several hours, but Evan did not show to her friend the official claims, so that Emma was released.

Carmen Electra

The actress and model, 45 years old

Famous women who raised his hand to a partner

In 1998, Carmen was arrested for domestic violence over the basketball player Dennis Rodman, for which the actress married shortly before the fight. The man had scratched hand and torn shirt. Generally, all short-lived marriage of celebrities accompanied by clashes, insults and calls to the police. 6 months after the wedding couple divorced.

Hillary Clinton

70 years old, politician

Famous women who raised his hand to a partner

In the margins of the White House is rumored that once the former president Bill Clinton got it from his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton. Attendants claims that during quarrels Mrs. Clinton threw in consort books and ashtrays - and fell. Often on the president's face could be seen and traces of heavy slaps.

Kelly Brook

The actress, 38 years old

Famous women who raised his hand to a partner

The former boyfriend of British beauty, actor Jason Statham claimed that Kelly in a fit of anger pushed and hit him with his fist. The pair met in 1997 and 2004. Kelly threw for Statham Actor Billy Zane for whom going to marry, but broke off the engagement.

Tonya Harding

Skater, 47 years old

Famous women who raised his hand to a partner

In the world of figure skating American Tonya Harding became famous not only talent, but also for his cruelty. In January 1994, Tonya ordered the attack on her rival Nancy Kerrigan that due to the injury refused to participate in the US Open. But Tonya was not only ruthless competitors on the ice. Once she beat her boyfriend, Darren Silver electrician. Athlete to blood and bruises smashed the man's face, but this episode has remained unpunished. But for organizing attacks on rival Tonya Harding received three years probation, 500 hours of community service and a fine of $ 160,000. She was expelled from the Association figure skating champion, and deprived the US title.

Grace Hightower

The actress, 62 years old

Famous women who raised his hand to a partner

Since 1997, Grace married to actor Robert De Niro. couple relationship can hardly be called cloudless. Several times they parted, divorce and go back, do not hesitate to tell the press about each other's weaknesses: Grace spoke about the problems of drug De Niro, who accused his wife of explosive. According to the actor, his wife more than once raised a hand against him in a fit of jealousy. Grace did not hesitate to beat her husband in front of others. One witness to the beating De Niro became a musician Marc Anthony, with whom the couple vacationing on a yacht. Singer delicately silent.

However, the two are still together: they are united not only the total family, but also trouble. When in 2003 the actor prostate cancer was detected, Grace forgotten insults and played no role in the recovery of her husband.