National Hockey League. Stanley Cup

Hockey in the world of sport is one of the first places on the number of spectators. Not surprisingly, it's an exciting game for real men.

Hockey sport in the world

Many people devote their lives hockey. A lot of disputes arise between experts and journalists regarding this sport, as it is very ambiguous.

National Hockey League. Stanley Cup

When there are points of contention, the decision rests with the judge. However, after the match has already evaluated his actions and everything that happened in the arena. Hockey is interesting is the fact that there are always arguments and different points of view on the same episode.

Generally speaking, this is a very emotional sport, because during the match there is a temporary removal, fights and fouls. Also playing are often replaced by five. Very interesting to watch hockey, when there are two of the strongest site managers of both teams. Being actively controlled to the first error, the audience watched a beautiful combination of high-speed and outputs from the gate. Interesting hockey moments of this sport is gaining respect and interest to him.

The National Hockey League

All hockey fans in the world know that the most prestigious World League is considered the NHL (National Hockey League). It was organized before anyone else. Now it is a major league of world hockey. NHL - the dream of every professional hockey player, which can not always become reality.

National Hockey League. Stanley Cup

It is considered the standard of hockey leagues. In the championship participate teams from two countries - Canada and the United States of America. Since 2000, the National Hockey League are involved thirty teams. Throughout the season they spend matches with each other, fighting for the main prize - the Stanley Cup. Lift it over your head wants to any professional hockey player, because then we can say that his career was a success. Therefore, many athletes are so eager to get into the NHL. Stanley Cup is their main sport purpose.

Playoffs Stanley Cup

Playoffs Stanley Cup is played in the Shootout mode. That is the team that beat the opponent to the next round, while the loser is eliminated from the fight for the trophy.

National Hockey League. Stanley Cup

The fight between the two teams goes to four victories in a series of games. If by the end of the match on the scoreboard displayed tied score, the judge appoints overtime. Honors the playoffs from the regular season is that the extra time is played like a normal period, ie the last twenty minutes. At the same time, extra time is given only five minutes in the regular season. But in both cases abandoned the puck to the point of putting a match. Of course, the winner is the team whose player has caused a stir, into the net. Athletes losers are eliminated from the tournament.

Interestingly, the higher ranked team in the regular season, the more games on home arena she will play. That's why players try so hard to achieve the best results, to thus facilitate their fight for the prize.

The first Stanley Cup winners

History Trophy continues to this day. Teams are tough fight for to lift the cup over his head. The first to win the Stanley Cup, were hockey players of "Montreal AAA" team. This happened in 1983. While the strongest league of the world is considered to be a Canadian.

Over the years the Stanley Cup trophy remains the best of all time. After receiving it, the team can deservedly be called the best in the world, as did a great way to victory and put a lot of effort, beating all rivals.

National Hockey League. Stanley Cup

In 1984 was played the first playoff game of the Stanley Cup. In the final there were "Montreal AAA" and "Oshawa Generals." Victory in the match with the score 3: 1 won the first hockey team. Thus, the "Montreal AAA" for the second time in a row won the trophy and was regarded as the strongest hockey team in the world.

Stanley Cup today

To date in the fight against sixteen participating teams, which at the end of the regular season have shown the best results. They are fighting for the trophy in the elimination mode. As in the old days, a series of games is conducted to four victories, and only after that the participants go through to the next round. The team that wins all the opponents on your way, win the prestigious trophy and can rightly be called the best in the world.

The Russian Cup winner

In 1994, it was clear that at least one of the Russian hockey players to win the prestigious trophy in the final playoff game of the Stanley Cup. The fact is that if there are two teams, each of which had at least one citizen of our country. According to the results of a series of games won by the team, in which there were once four Russian hockey player. They became the first citizens of Russia, won this prize. These athletes will remain forever in the history of hockey. Alexander Karpovtsev, Sergei Nemchinov, Alex Kovalev and Sergei Zubov - is Russia's first Stanley Cup winners.