Static and dynamic exercise. Static exercises for belly slimming

About relief cubes press dreaming all or nearly all, but often in vain. Work in the gym to wear for some reason did not lead to the desired result. Where are the bricks, if the press is swinging on a daily basis? Alas, it is not so simple. A weight training then you will not manage, it takes more and the maximum to eliminate the abdomen hated body fat (in the sports slang - "to dry").

Unfortunately remove fat locally (m. E. In a certain area) is impossible. Fat layer is present all over the body, and it is removed in the process of weight loss is also relatively evenly, its percentage of "melt" at the same time and on the abdomen and chest, and thighs. So only remove fat from the abdomen is not possible.

On the thighs and buttocks is usually the biggest layer of fat, so that attention should be paid and exercises for these areas to proportionally reduce the whole body fat layer. In addition, the abdominal muscles to prevent sagging in need of tightening. Thus, the full range of abdominal weight loss measures, we will bring you to several consecutive steps.

Static and dynamic exercise. Static exercises for belly slimming

First of all - Stretching

As you know, the muscles need to not only cut, but also stretching. During stretching occurs mikrorazryv muscle fibers, and after the completion of training - their recovery, which adds muscle volume and elasticity. This is the main factor in the growth of muscles and pressurization. Without stretching the abdomen will not achieve weight loss, because in the course of it every muscle contracts in a natural way when you return to the starting position.

How to stretch the abdominal muscles? There are many different exercises, for example, from yoga. One of them - the dog pose, standing muzzle upwards. You stand on the straightened hands and toes with a deflection waist, back straight and the same straight legs. Standing so, you will feel as strongly stretched abdominal muscles. Perform a rack for at least a minute, but for the best effect - longer. Such stretching can begin and end each workout to the press.

Static and dynamic exercise. Static exercises for belly slimming

Then - static voltage

tensing exercise is very important. Their task - creating stress on the abdominal muscles, causing them to be strengthened and developed. The only way to the trained flat stomach - the alternation of different types of loads.

What do we mean by static stress? Press during such exercise intensity running, and your task - to keep it that as long as possible. An example of the effective exercise of this type can serve strap posture. In appearance it is quite simple and uncomplicated, but in fact has a powerful effect.

To perform the exercise you need to stand on the floor or on the elbows outstretched arms. In this case they are perpendicular to the floor and straight leg rely on your toes. Shoulders - in line with the hands or elbows. Taz is smooth, without protrusions and sagging.

The easiest way to stand with outstretched arms, elbows - difficult, if you raise one leg - the load is further increased. And the most difficult option - to stand, lifting one hand and the opposite leg.

Below, we talk more about the static exercises.

Static and dynamic exercise. Static exercises for belly slimming

The third stage - the dynamic voltage

This is a separate group of exercises in which muscles tense and relax repeatedly. Any training required to include such exercises on the bottom, top and side of the press. The development is only one of the muscle groups will not give the desired effect.

Upper press train familiar twists, alternating tempo and pitch. Lower - much more difficult to influence, it requires a lengthy and diverse effort. But if you do not act upon it exercises, you can not dream of a flat stomach. Flabby stomach twists to clean feet. To do this, lying on his back, lift your feet up and stretch their hands to the socks. In this case, the voltage is almost all the abdominal muscles.

You can complicate the task, dropping slightly feet. Take the starting position - feet at the same time at an angle of 45 ° to the floor. Performing twisting the feet, at the same time to lift them up. The stronger the press, the greater the load it can set the lowering of the legs and lower.

Static and dynamic exercise. Static exercises for belly slimming


Other dynamic exercises

Side press train in a similar manner, starting position is the same. Legs outstretched, tilting them left and right. It is desirable that the back and shoulders were fixed on the floor, and keep straight legs and lower as low as possible.

Another good exercise is to train the muscles of the side - to lift the legs and torso, lying on its side. If you just does not work, you can help yourself to climb left hand on the floor.

A classic is an exercise with fitball, exercise lower abs. The simplest version of it - pull the knees bent legs under him and then straighten back.

Finally, an excellent example of the dynamic exercises, in which the stronger stomach and back and internal organs are massaged, can serve as a classic "scissors". Make their hands and feet, lying on the floor on his stomach. To keep your balance, your abdominal muscles will simply have to effectively tighten.

Static and dynamic exercise. Static exercises for belly slimming

Static exercises for slimming the abdomen

But back to the static exercises. Why them? Practice shows that to achieve the desired effect is almost impossible without them. Many people needlessly neglected this type of load, and in this article we would like to elaborate it on static exercises. Static exercise affect the body is not as dynamic. The mechanism of these two types of stress are very different. What is the difference? When we do static exercises, all the parts of our body outwardly immobile, yet the muscles and tendons at the moment busy.

What is their main task? Static exercises distribute the body's energy in the right direction. Their importance can not be overestimated, for example, under stress. And they are especially useful for those who have to work with for a long time to sit still. You can deal with them completely invisible to others - gymnastics this side is not visible to anyone, and outsiders do not guess that at this moment you are doing static exercises, the power of which - in the start-up and maintenance of the body's deep internal processes.

Static and dynamic exercise. Static exercises for belly slimming

Purpose and examples of static exercises

Health is impossible without peace and inner balance. It is important to be able to concentrate in order to be able to monitor the performance of the joints and muscles, and to organize the work of the whole body.

How is static exercise? Let's say you take a stop in a prone position, squeeze exactly half and freeze in that position. Or start a squat, holding dumbbells in his hands. Making poluprised freezes on a certain number of seconds. Or pulling on the bar, pause, clutching her knees to her chest. Each of these actions - static exercise.

What do we know about the types of muscles

In almost any exercise different muscles are subjected to different loads. As if we We perform both static and dynamic exercises. muscles of the body, too, there are two different types - white and red. They differ not only in color. In red muscle - more stamina, they suffer without much fatigue relatively long load. White muscle fibers have the ability to rapidly reduce, so a person, for example, is able to develop a high speed run. But they are also able to relatively quickly get tired and accumulate lactic acid, which leads to painful sensations.

The human body has to have different functions, so his muscles and differ in the composition of the fibers. At long loads (eg marathon) run mainly red muscles get their energy aerobically, it is because the fat in the body begins to burn.

Static and dynamic exercise. Static exercises for belly slimming

The complex static exercises - what is the meaning

When we exercise, a thickening of the muscle fibers occurs, as their number is not increased. Strength training are as inflated muscles, ie, cross-sections of fibers. If the purpose of employment - increase endurance, to be included in the training program for red static exercise the muscles that will increase the number of capillaries around them and, consequently, a greater supply of oxygen to the bloodstream.

However, keep in mind that too much effort lead to the fact that the capillaries can be pinched and oxygen flow to the muscle stops, which automatically increases the load on the heart.

The best option - to perform static exercises to lose weight at half capacity, in conjunction with the extensions it will give the opportunity to support the body in shape and get rid of excess fat.

static gymnastics Exercises for the red and white muscle

Before the start of the main lessons to the mandatory standard warming body workout.

Exercises to develop red muscle fibers are based on using your own body weight. As examples of such complexes can use any power Asana yoga or multiple existing lists of this type of gymnastics. Performing static exercises for the abdomen, hang a few seconds until the burning sensation in the muscles. After stopping and minute break can move on to the next exercise, which runs just a short time and at half strength. Development of white muscle fibers contribute to exercise to overcome external resistance. Example: pushing his hands against the wall, a few seconds "slide" it, while breathing should be rhythmic and smooth.

Static exercises for slimming the stomach (their other name - isometric), among other things, well strengthen the tendons and ligaments, thus increasing overall strength. This, incidentally, does not add kilograms - silhouette of the figure is only improving.