10 impartial NASA secrets that no one guesses

10 impartial NASA secrets that no one guesses

Conspiracy theorists around the world speculate on the many proposed national management secrets Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA. Over its 60-year history of obeying the government agency was accused of rigging the landing on the moon, of deliberately concealing the traces of alien life and even in the embezzlement of millions in the "invention" of the space pen. Although NASA has a countless group of experts and public relations department, who tirelessly debunk these myths, for many years, the agency really is silent about a few dirty little secrets, about which the public found out by accident.

1. Random overwrite the original film "Apollo 11"

10 impartial NASA secrets that no one guesses

Records with "Apollo 11"

Conspiracy theorists accuse NASA of falsifying landing on the moon, from the day when the staff of the mission "Apollo 11" appeared on the air. Thus, when in 2006, NASA has recognized that it can not find the original video recordings landing in 1969, suspicions that it all - a great deception, broke out with renewed vigor. The search for the missing films continues as NASA hopes to using new technologies to improve video quality, compared with those who was shot 48 years ago. However, today the majority of NASA experts believe that the tape had long since been overwritten, ie. E. Their original contents had been erased. The culprit for this is the reduction of the budget. In the 1960s - 1970s, it was a standard procedure - re-used video tapes and tape reels after a certain number of years of storage.

2. Secret hiring of former Nazi scientists after World War II

10 impartial NASA secrets that no one guesses

NASA and the Nazis.

Those who have not skipped the story in school, well aware that after the Second World War, the world was a very tense situation prevailed and a complete mess. Against the backdrop of the chaos, the CIA is working hard on the so-called "Operation Paper Clip" - a secret project to attract the US space and military technologies of Germany, and the Nazi scientists. The official purpose of the operation was to prevent the outflow of Nazi scientists in the Soviet Union. The report indicates that the document was drawn up in Germany, known as the "List Osenberg" - directory of scientists and engineers who worked for the Nazis. US subsequently transported more than 1,600 of these German scientists and their families to America, where they worked on projects such as the supersonic missiles, nerve gas and guided missiles.

3. Sex on the stolen moon rocks and a meteorite from Mars

10 impartial NASA secrets that no one guesses

A strange incident.

In 2002, NASA intern named Ted Roberts wanted to impress his girlfriend. Taking with him another man, they entered the Johnson Space Center and carried out more than 270 kg of lunar rocks. Further partners tried to sell the stones on the black market, where they were valued at $ 21 million, but this young couple of stones scattered on the bed and began to love them. Three interns were eventually caught and pleaded guilty, and Roberts was sentenced to eight years in prison. So great punishment proceeded because the stones have been contaminated and become useless for research. What is interesting in prison Roberts developed a theory that could unite relativity and quantum mechanics Einstein.

4. A ban on insurance astronauts "Apollo 11"

10 impartial NASA secrets that no one guesses

And no insurance!

A few months before the launch of the legendary "Apollo 11," Neil Armstrong and his crew have done hundreds of autographs, sealed them in envelopes and ordered delivery to relatives after a certain time, so that they could sell them in the event of a disaster during the flight. A reason for this was that the NASA astronauts refused to issue a life insurance policy. Moreover, NASA has prepared a communication plan with gap "Apollo-11", if the "stuck" on the Moon. Even recently at NASA is no special insurance for astronauts. When the Challenger exploded in mid-flight, the families of the victims received the standard federal insurance benefits, but no more.

5. Postkosmicheskie depression

10 impartial NASA secrets that no one guesses

Buzz Aldrin -; Space victim.

NASA astronaut training program is extremely complex. In addition to decades of academic and vocational training, candidates must also have specific innate physical characteristics. And this is not to mention the insane competition. Since the start of the program for a total of 257 was prepared by astronauts. E., Given the number of candidates, even if the person meets the required criteria, the chance that he will choose, is only 0, 8 percent. But what happens after the flight?

After the return of "Apollo 11" Buzz Aldrin is very difficult to return to everyday life. He left NASA's, divorced, married, divorced again, suffered from depression and alcoholism, unsuccessfully tried to work on the Air Force and worked as a salesman of Cadillac. Fortunately, today Aldrin does not drink, he married again and living a happy life. In other astronauts often also had similar fates. Lisa Nowak was charged with attempted murder following an attack on the supposed passion for her boyfriend. Jim Irwin after returning from space devoted his life to the search for Noah's ark.

6. Some former astronauts succeeded

10 impartial NASA secrets that no one guesses

Buzz Aldrin - a man who had not easy.

But all is not bleak for former astronauts. For example, John Glenn became the senator of Ohio (and spent quarter of a century), and even ran for president in 1984, Story Musgrave worked as a concept artist for Walt Disney artists team and owns the sculpture company in California, Scott Parazynski conquered Everest .

7. NASA astronauts drink their own urine

Scientists have developed a recycling system for astronauts and sweat condensation, urine, wash water and moisture from the breath of the crew of the spacecraft. This is all transformed into the drinking water. The system processes about 6000 liters of water for the ISS every year. What is interesting Russian cosmonauts aboard the ISS refused to drink urine, recycled water. Also, astronauts are taught how to go to the toilet in zero gravity.

8. eccentricities in space and pacificatory tape

10 impartial NASA secrets that no one guesses

Now I understand why on-board tape.

Everyone knows how it is sometimes difficult to tolerate roommate. Now, one has only to imagine - for months the astronauts have to endure the most leading out of the habit of his colleagues, and it is impossible to escape anywhere. The NASA has a special instruction in the event that an astronaut will begin frankly "kink" in the mission. In such a case, "the crew must bind his wrists and ankles with duct tape, fix the pump head and tranquilizers if necessary."

9. The use of whale oil in satellites

10 impartial NASA secrets that no one guesses

whale oil in space.

This myth originated is generated when The History Channel aired a four-episode mini-series "America: our history." The documentary asserts that "even today, NASA is using whale oil, and the Hubble Space Telescope is working on it." NASA immediately reacted to the documentary film, claiming that it was not the substance is used in the telescope. However, the speculation continues as whale oil does possess unique properties: it does not freeze at temperatures below zero, stores density even at extremely high pressures and can not be replaced by any known natural substance. The International Whaling Commission banned commercial whaling in 1986, in connection with a threat to their population.

10. NASA does not know anything about women

10 impartial NASA secrets that no one guesses

Sally Ride.

It's no secret that NASA work mostly men, but the involvement of women in the space program has been steadily improving over time. In particular, the agency funded outreach programs targeted at women and girls. But sometimes it comes to the ridiculous. When in 1983 the first American woman in space Sally Ride was supposed to go, the experts who prepared the flight, in all seriousness asked her, there will be enough of Sally tampons 100 for seven days, which it will hold in orbit.