Books, which will save you from depression

• Books, which will save you from depression

Gnawing sadness, depression and choking you do not know how to deal with this ?! Perhaps you should change tactics. There is such a case of a small list of books that will not only entertain, but also to carry away for themselves, away from any trouble.

Books, which will save you from depression Books, which will save you from depression

1) "Monday begins on Saturday" by Strugatsky brothers.

It's an amazing book from world famous Russian science fiction writers was able to win the hearts of readers, becoming one of the top best sellers of his time. In his book Strugatsky brothers talk about the bizarre twists and turns of a young programmer, Alexander Privalov, who decided to make a trip in a rented car, in the central part of Russia. Soon, the main character suddenly gets into the mysterious, a provincial town, where he was awaiting the amazing and sometimes terrible things, which are quite difficult to explain in terms of conventional science.

Books, which will save you from depression

2) "The Cider House Rules" by John Irving.

No wonder John Irving is rightly considered a classic of American literature. In his novel, he is perfectly able to describe the life of a family, which is absurd our time trying to create a harmony and balance between the material and the invaluable.

Books, which will save you from depression

3) The famous "Three Men in a Boat" by Jerome K. Jerome.

This incredible English satirist like embodied all his talent comedian on the creation of such a masterpiece. Three true gentlemen, traveling on the Thames, faced with truly interesting adventures, where the ball is ruled by comic situations. But this does not prevent them from going out of a difficult situation with her head held high, without losing their dignity.

Books, which will save you from depression

4) Another incredible masterpiece - "As long as I'm alive," Jenny Downham.

This touching story tells the story of a sixteen year old girl, who in their desire to achieve more than its peers, creates "a" wish list. And in spite of everything, it is certainly obliged to make it a reality. After all, its main motive - to get it all while she was still alive. Perhaps there is not the kind of person who would this amazing story is not touched to the core.

Books, which will save you from depression

5) The next masterpiece on our list can be called "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams.

The popularity of this book is undeniable. Even freestyle its film adaptation has been approved by the skeptics. A fun team of adventurers furrows space open spaces in the eternal search for happiness, adventure, and of course, cocktails "Pangalaktichesky Gryzloder". And keep them from this universe imposed mission to save all beings in the galaxy. But do not be upset. This is not an easy adventure fiction. Under wrappers sarcasm and skepticism are hidden questions of life, the meaning of life and other difficult questions, the answers to which are trying to find here by Douglas Adams.

Books, which will save you from depression

6) "It is naive. Super "by Erlend Loe.

"It is naive. Super "- a delightful story of a boy of thirteen, who in his early years, had already begun to feel the acute crisis of his life. And make no mistake about him. Irony and external, easy "primitivism" just the tip of the iceberg. After all, if you look closely, you will see the full images that are trying to splash out on paper Erlend Loe. That he certainly succeeded. Otherwise, his work would not have been translated into dozens of languages. Readers from around the world have appreciated this work.

Books, which will save you from depression

7) can not be on our list "of antidepressants," not to mention the "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

This is where the real leadership of the "restoration" itself. Elizabeth managed to bright, saturated, and most importantly, optimistic portray the transformation of events and people. Woman who was all of a sudden, overnight, it is "all" loses. On-site career, nice home and a strong family only ashes and ruin. And not to go

crazy about experiences, Gilbert decided on the very very radical solution. She gives one and all, sells the property, tearing relationships and embarks on a journey to meet your happiness. Here you will find all the storm of emotions that may overcome you. Joy, excitement, bitterness worry. The heroine of the novel did not break under the burdens of adversity, she was able not only to survive, and to survive, but also was able to find and "yourself" and your desired happiness.

Books, which will save you from depression

8) And finally, I would like to finish the list of Ray Bradbury - "A Medicine for Melancholy".

This is a fascinating creature seemed to tell us that all is not lost, there is still hope. A touching story, full of kindness and sadness, the wonders and excitement. Even the title of the book speaks for itself. If you are overcome by depression or melancholy, the "Medicine for Melancholy" will be for you the best "medicine".